Grab your tinfoil hats! Grab your BookIt reading log! Grab your EMF detectors and your cameras! Grab a sweater and light jacket but wear a tank top underneath your sweater because you know with weather like this you’re either going to be uncomfortably warm or a little bit cold! Grab your Fanboy Kevs and your Paulys! Grab your hand sanitizer and diarrhea medicine and GTFO because THERE’S A HAUNTED BATHROOM IN A PIZZA HUT ON LONG ISLAND!!!

Pauly describes the grisly details in his YouTube video, via Gothamist:

“According to a recent investigation by the Long Island Paranormal Investigators, they determined that a while ago, when this restaurant was a Jack In The Box, a man or a woman either committed suicide or was murdered in the bathroom. Supposedly, when you’re in the bathrooms at a Pizza Hut, you will feel cold spots and hear whispering.”

Fast food chains may change, but the chains which hold ghosts to this Earthly unresting ground remain, coldly and spookily, forever. Pauly and his friend Fanboy Kev take us into the restaurant and capture the details for themselves. Please be warned that this video contains some SPOOKY content, e.g. men standing in darkened bathrooms alone and audibly counting to five, a story about pots falling off of shelves, and the pièce de résistance — a womanly ghost figure crudely drawn on top of in the corner of the bathroom, by the toilet.

Out of fear, of course, I laughed more at this video than any video in recent memory. It’s hard to believe that Pauly and Fanboy Kev didn’t alter the video, given the clear evidence it provides, but they seem trustworthy and I do trust that they did not. Let’s run over it one more time:

Chilling. And so cruel that the ghost has chosen to haunt a bathroom that everyone definitely needs to use, like, immediately. (Thanks for the tip, Alison!)

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  1. I love concrete evidence like “I had the feeling I was being watched.” Really hard not to believe after that.

  2. well now I just want a pizza.

  3. they determined that a while ago, when this restaurant was a Jack In The Box, a man or a woman either committed suicide or was murdered in the bathroom…

    “At some point in the past, we don’t know exactly when, a person who might have been a man but also might have been a woman may or may not have died here, and there may or may not have been foul play involved. We’re still investigating whether they were going number 1 or number 2. Therefore, ghosts.”

  4. I know that ghost is real because I can’t even see it. It’s call logic, and it is airtight, and also you’re welcome.

  5. You guys, it didn’t stop there. Recently patrons have reported multiple instances of an almost fully corporeal figure in the women’s bathroom, waving a camera phone around and flicking the lights on and off, annoyingly.

  6. Can you imagine a more depressing place to die than a Jack in the Box bathroom?

  7. Ooh, this gives me a flimsy excuse to post a link to the creepiest thing I’ve read recently, and possibly ever: It’s about an unsolved mass murder in Germany that is TOTALLY REAL–I looked it up to make sure–and bizarre and terrifying and I don’t know how I’d never heard of it before.

    Warning: there are black and white photos of the bodies of the victims at that link, including a child. They’re not super graphic but pretty disturbing, and I didn’t want to just spring that on people.

  8. So the ghost is at the Pizza Hut, but not the Taco Bell?

  9. Maybe he felt he was being watched because some perv actually put a hidden camera there.

    And if it is haunted, it’s the ghost of pizza farts.

  10. “Supposedly, when you’re in the bathrooms at a Pizza Hut, you will feel cold spots and hear whispering.”

    Weird. Explosive diarrhea for me.

  11. “Long Island Medium Pepperoni Pizza”

  12. “Supposedly, when you’re in the bathrooms at a Pizza Hut, you will feel cold spots and hear whispering.”

    I don’t want to be the one to have to tell you about the special employee glory hole into the pizza hut bathroom, but let’s just say that it can be accessed from within the walk-in freezer and Jim needs to keep his fucking mouth shut when he’s in there because he is seriously blowing our cover.

  13. I went ghost hunting over the weekend, you guys. I held the EMF readers in the places where murders took place. I saw orbs in photographs. I got chills, guys. CHILLS. I also had pizza before ghost hunting. I DON’T KNOW IF THAT IS A COINCIDENCE OR NOT. Also, technically, I had a salad and some pasta, but SOME OF MY FRIENDS HAD PIZZA. #facts

    • I would have pizza after a ghost hunt, because pizza is my stomach’s comfort blanket.

    • If I were you, I would have been saying, “Houston, did I mention that I have a bad feeling about this mission?” over and over until my friends murdered me in the murder house.

    • I didn’t tell Artdork this, but when we went to the Lizzie Borden house last weekend, I DEF felt a cold breeze along my legs by where her step-mother got murdered. I DID NOT LIKE THAT. AND! The ghost of Lizzie’s dad made us get lost multiple times. (IT WAS HIM, IT’S NOT BECAUSE WE’RE WOMEN DRIVERS, YOU SEXISTS!!!)

  14. One time, when I worked at a chain coffee shop between the homeless shelter and where all the AA/NA meetings were, someone exploded a crack pipe in our women’s bathroom and I had to clean it up. I wonder if its spectre is still there, 8 years later.

  15. A friend of mine experienced two bathroom ghosts. The first just manifested as an increasingly unhappy spirit in the bathroom of her apartment, and she consulted a medium who asked her, “Do you keep a plug in the sink drain?” She said yes, and the medium said don’t leave it in there when you’re not using it; ghost uses the pipe to come and go and feels trapped. She stopped plugging the drain that helped.

    The second bathroom haunting was in a store along a lonely highway. It was late at night and the place was dead. She said the ladies’ room was a one-person deal but it was enormous, and she immediately understood it had once been some other room, repurposed into a toilet. She felt a tingle of misgiving. But this quickly developed — as was peeing, she had a sudden feeling of utter, absolute dread that quickly became full terror. She had a vision of the room lined with sharp metal hooks — rows of hooks along the walls — and felt that something horrible had happened to a woman in here. She ran out in a panic without washing her hands, belt not even buckled, unable to look up for fear she’d actually see the hooks. And as she ran out of the store she saw the clerk behind the counter glance her way with a look on his face of no surprise whatsoever — just “Well, there goes another one.”

    Back in the car, she felt so overwhelmed she started to cry. She was traveling with a girlfriend who was of a very scientific, doubting mindset, and even Science Girl looked shaken. “I just wanted to leave that bathroom,” Science Girl said, “it felt… wrong.” And my friend shouted WHY DIDN’T YOU WARN ME.

    That happened.

  16. Pizza Hut always haunts me the day after.

  17. I am so honored to receive a credit for the tip on this absolutely terrifying video clip that is indisputable proof of a life hereafter.

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