“That was a nice, flat, and stable rope jump”?! That’s what you say when your friend NARROWLY ESCAPES DEATH? Nah-uh. That was a dangerous, pointless stunt that SOMEHOW did not end in tragedy. What’s with all of the need for danger, kids? Did you run out of stuff to watch on Netflix? They just put some new stuff up there, you should go check it out! Did you know that the Salinger documentary that pretty much just came out in theaters is already available to stream? It’s nuts. Now that is an exciting time to be had, if you ask me! BE CAREFUl. (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. It seems like something NBC would air to f___ with lovers of fine tv. “Parks and Rec won’t be on tonight. But stay tuned to our new reality show, So You Think You Can Pendulum?

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  2. I forgot about this gif, guys! What a great gif!

  3. I dunno, watching Salinger seems riskier

  4. That’s exactly how I would have handled the situation, but with a lot more uncontrollable sobbing and involuntary pooping.

  5. Was this a grad student art project about the fiscal cliff?

  6. Nope. That was the only word traversing through my mind as I watched this.

  7. Yes, it is terrifying, but imagine the eco-friendly commute alternatives.


  9. seriously, this is dangerous. People get hurt! I once thought to demonstrate my inner Amazonian qualities by going rock climbing with a bunch of guys. I was wearing a rope and harness and got ALMOST to the top of a REALLY HIGH CLIFF, when my fingers slipped and went swinging waaaaaay out into space because the guys, who were supposed to be holding/monitoring the rope while I was on belay got distracted… probably talking about football.. Anyway, after I swung out and down, I then came swinging back into the rock wall. I broke my foot and was bruised all the way down my body, but I learned a valuable lesson: don’t do stupid things like jump off high cliffs ……

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