Awwww jeeze. The son explains that he had never done well in school, and neither his father nor his teachers expected him to pass. THERE IS SOME JOY IN THIS COLD, DARK (BEAUTIFUL TODAY, ACTUALLY) WORLD! (UNLESS THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT!) (IN THAT CASE, WELL, WORLD BUSINESS AS USUAL!) (Via Gawker.)

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  1. I didn’t watch this video so I can only assume that if I did, I wouldn’t have such a cynical reaction…but here goes.

    “The day I passed maths? Guess next we’ll be working on grammar…”

  2. I really like that wall paint color and am totally digging the chandelier and storage box/shelf thing on the wall, so this great Pottery Barn / West Elm viral marketing 100 percent worked on my yuppie self. The kitchen island is really lovely too.

  3. I used this earlier today but I’m going to use it again, goddammit!

  4. A Father’s Reaction to His Son Passing Meth

  5. Great, touching moment.


  6. Exactly how dumb did they think this kid was?

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