Don’t you just wish that NBC were exclusively the The Voice channel? Or actually, since we’re wishing for things, don’t you wish that you could tune your eyes to The Voice for good, so you wouldn’t have to waste your time looking at other stuff — like your apartment, or your reflection, or the food you’re eating, or outside, or your coworkers? And when you went to sleep, don’t you wish that instead of dreaming you could watch reruns of The Voice? And when you spoke, don’t you wish that audio from The Voice came out? And everyone would just leave you alone to watch The Voice through your eyes in a dirty old closet somewhere? Ugh, me too. At least we’ll get to watch it instead of Parks and Recreation for a few weeks, starting this Thursday! From TVLine:

The next three episodes of Parks and Recreation — including a Halloween-themed outing that was to air Oct. 31 — are being preempted, NBC confirmed with its latest scheduling alert.

The Voice‘s Battle Rounds this week will spill over into Thursday’s 8 o’clock hour, bumping Tatiana Masalany’s second Parks appearance and filling the void left by the now-cancelled Welcome to the Family. Then on Halloween night, NBC will air a holiday-themed Saturday Night Live special.

Parks and Recreation will then be replaced with The Voice‘s results shows until November 14th and 21st, when NBC will air two Parks episodes back-to-back. Then the show will go away again and, as of now, return with Community on January 9th. While it does make sense, since it has been proven that the amount of people who watch Parks and Recreation now will be the amount of people who watch Parks and Recreation forever, and that amount of people is not a particularly large amount of people, and NBC has to try to ramp up the show that will receive neither viewers nor critical acclaim (Sean Saves the World), it also SUUUUUUUUUUUXXXXXXXX. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. OUR SHOW JUST CAME BACK AND WE LOVE OUR SHOW! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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  1. I know this might be unpopular opinion, but I really think the show should end this year. I think they’re in a good place to wrap up storylines and let the show go out on top. Or at least not too far at the bottom (ala the Office). I love Parks so much, but it’s starting to feel a little stale and I’d rather enjoy the good episodes than have a pile of turds mixed in.

    • but also: the Princess Bride couples costume is the best thing ever.


        Also, when I was just looking at Leslie’s costume, I thought she was Cersei Lannister for a sec.

    • Honestly, I think it could’ve ended last season. Good show, good run, but maybe its time to say bye!

    • I’d be okay with Parks ending this year as long as they’re told it’s the last season and were allowed to craft a final episode. That’s all I ask! I don’t want it to become The Office, but it would be sad to not give a show I do love a proper wrap-up.

      Leslie and Ben’s costumes are too cute! Why can’t I have them on Hallowe’en?!

    • No, it’s a valid opinion. Also, from a business perspective, I do understand that P&R isn’t exactly a ratings darling, and the network has to do what it can to make sure people are watching.

      That being said, NBC is still a giant pile of whale crap.

    • I think the show has explored every corner. It’s fine if it ends.

      That show came out at the height of the mockumentary trend in sitcoms. If it were pitched today, it probably would’ve ended up on Netflix, which would actually be perfect.

  2. Does. Not. Compute.

  3. Doesn’t NBC do this horrible garbage scheduling every year though? It’s baseball/football/reality singing contest season, all our shows are leaving us.


    • Ahhhh I forgot Sleepy Hollow was gone until November!!!! I even thought earlier that I couldn’t wait to watch and read Carmen’s recap tomorrow BOOOO HISSSSSSS

    • I truly don’t understand greenlighting a spooky show based on a Hallowe’en tale and then pulling it off the air for most of October! I don’t care what quarterback is going to be drafted to Shakira’s dance squad, that makes NO SENSE.

      • Why in the world would they do that? Is that show not getting the rating they were hoping for? Were they hoping for The Voice-sized ratings? Because I hope they realize that people put that on and they don’t pay attention to anything but the auditions and that’s it. Whereas us Sleepy Hollow viewers watch the show, all of it, and even pay attention to the commercials for a bit before realizing we don’t need to. I suppose NBC are the professionals here so I don’t know what I’m talking about but the logic in this isn’t there!

        I can’t believe there won’t be Sleepy Hollow for three weeks!!!!

      • Are you kidding me it makes perfect sense. Having Sleepy Hollow on during Halloween would encourage ghosts to do more tricks, it would be a disservice to the public, the season would just be too haunted, I mean come on are you even thinking about this???

    • This is why I hate sports, specifically baseball. Literally why. I’d probably dislike sports overall and highly dislike baseball, but messing with my stories is just not okay. You are on WATCH, SPORTS.

      Also: when this show mostly gets its ratings online and on-demand, why not release those episodes on those mediums and rerun the aired shows after the World Series? Or eliminate the World Series for just TV episodes of shows I like … or just b-roll of Ichabod discovering new technologies for 3-4 hours a day for 3 weeks.

      • Baffled Shirtless Ichabod Learning About Modern Hygiene mini-sodes, please!

      • You hate he aspect of my life that brings me the most joy right now. The Red Sox being in the World Series is the most sucessful thing I have going for me, my biggest accomplishment in the last two years.

        • Shouldn’t you be in training for your sports team? Or do you type as you run around bases?

          • One does not have to be on the team to say “we” or to take pride in the accomplishments. Also, I went for a run today, wearing a Sox shirt from the World Series in 04, and when I wore my other one running the day the beat Detroit, they won, so I have more than done my part for now.

  5. NBC always allows themselves the option to just put The Voice on in the place of whatever show they decided to cancel and then reshuffle the whole schedule later in the year. Apparently they just don’t treat Parks & Rec with the same reverence we do. Why don’t they just fuckin’ preempt Revolution??? That show sucks! Or maybe put it on instead of the two cancelled show and put P&R on at 9? Why make us suffer because 90% of the shows they buy suck balls.

    • I always imagine these tv studio executive board meetings where one of the senior execs stands up to make an impassioned plea that for once they put aside concerns of money in order to back a show that has some semblance of actual storytelling and humanity or maybe promotes important messages rather than one that just appeals to the widest demographic based on some lowest common denominator shtick. Then he is like “Just kidding. My only forms of entertainment are cocaine and hunting other humans for sport. I don’t even know the difference between most of this crap. More cash, please!”

      • My boyfriend and I were jonesing for some good cop show drama when we finished The Wire, so I suggested we watch the original Wire, Homicide: Life on the Streets. It’s really amazing that NBC ran that show for seven seasons despite it being an interesting, ground-breaking show that always had crap ratings. Would never happen today.

    • I look back on the few weeks that I watched three episodes of Revolution and realize I was in a terrible depression but wouldn’t admit it.

  6. You guys, I love The Voice. I do. I do not watch any other singing competition, but I love this one. I think the judges are so kind to the auditioners. And last week, Blake Shelton “saved” a gay kid by adding him to his team when he was kicked off another judge’s team. Blake loved his voice and joked that he was jealous the kid flirted with Adam Levine more than him. Then he hugged him. I cried as I fantasized about all of the middle-of-the-country (generalization) anti-gay folk whose staunch bigotry may have been swayed or at least shaken for a moment because their big, masculine country idol made this gesture. I stand by this.

  7. This just Parks and Wrecked my whole day. :(

  8. I have half a mind to downvote all of you Parks and Rec should end this year people but there are several of you and I’m too sad.

  9. On a hiatus all kinds of crazy shit can happen.

  10. I have no opinion on this news, but I am distraught over the fact that I’ve had to look at the Thom York Nipple Eye tattoo picture like 4 times today because of that stupid thumbnail. DON’T LIKE

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