• Videogum Movie Club Reminder: The waarld neeaads to kneeerrw! Let’s all go see The Fifth Estate this weekend and then come back and talk about it on Monday!
  • Uh-oh. It looks like Vanity Fair is trying to find out whether or not Gwyneth Paltrow cheated on Chris Martin a bunch of years ago with some billionaire. Mind your own business, Vanity Fair! -Dlisted
  • Want to see the football jerseys that are going to be used in the Batman Vs. Superman movie? They look like football jerseys! (PS: It’s insane how poorly my fantasy football team is doing.) -/Film
  • Chris Pratt says that Rocket Raccoon is “probably the best character” in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. -NextMovie
  • Lots of blogs today are talking about how a reporter in Mexico City asked Alfonso Cuarón what it was like to film a movie in space as if it was a geniune question, but that guy was a comedian. So. What’s up, guys? Pretty good Q, though! -FilmDrunk
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  1. I was going to say I’m going to see 12 Years a Slave this weekend instead of The Fifth Estate because I like Chiwetel Ejiofor more than Benedict Cumberbatch but then I remembered that Benedict Cumberbatch is also in 12 Years a Slave and also that the real reason I am not seeing The Fifth Estate is because I think it looks silly. #coolstory

  2. I’m supposed to start repaying Artdork for seeing 1D3D with me by seeing Fifth Estate with her but she’s out of town this weekend noooooooooooo!

  3. You guys I want to see FIFTH ESTATE. I’m gonna try. I’m definitely seeing Kill Your Darlings because my friend is friends with someone who worked on the movie or something and we’re going to a screening at Lincoln Center. Is it out yet? I”m so bad. I really just want to go home and smoke weed and watch V/H/S 2…OMG I’m a loser.

  4. I am a little worried that no one hopped into tinychat today. Is everyone okay? Want to talk about it? Good. Get in there!

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