Maybe practice a little bit every day? An elephant never forgets, right? So you have that going for you! Ahahah. And I can already tell that you have an ear for it! LOL. LMFAO. Ahah. No, but seriously, you’re really bad at playing piano and you need to practice. (Via Cheezburger.)

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  2. I did not enjoy the video because I was angry about the chain around the elephant’s neck.

  3. He might play horribly, but you could record that junk and sell it for cash dollars. People would buy it. They would keep it for themselves or give it as gifts. Their friends would be upset at first and then they would laugh and play it once and tell people they had a CD of piano music played by an elephant.

    We had an elephant in our zoo that could “paint”. He would grab a brush that someone else dipped in paint and then the elephant would whip it around on a canvas a few times. These paintings would sell for considerably more than something I would paint and sell. And it was all because people like to have things in the their home that were made by elephants.

    It’s almost enough to make me want to buy and care for an elephant, because I bet you could quickly make a huge profit on that investment in very little time.

  4. This sounds terrible because the piano is designed for human fingers. Give that elephant some musical logs and an oversized splash bucket and LOOK OUT. Elephant rock and roll.*

    Still only sounds good to elephants.

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