Is he okay? Haha, I know it’s funny, but like — should we call him a cab? Do you think he’d drink any water if I got him some? I’ll go get him some just in case. Keep your eye on him, I’ll be right back. (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. Looks like the Robot Uprising won’t be starting until at least after noon tomorrow.

  2. Fine, fine, good job, robot. Now lets see you figure out 20% on a 126.23$ tab split four ways.

  3. Six. Dollars. And. Thirty. One. Cents.

  4. drunkie here probably shot and/or edited the damn video too, missing some right channel audio

  5. It needs a face! Because all the facial expressions would make me less like to cower in terror from a drunk droid

  6. So when our cars are robots that drive themselves, is this the test they’ll have to pass when they get pulled over? By robotcop?

  7. I’m glad that I think it’s kind of cool because I just remembered I’m/we’re paying for it.

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