Oh no, Michael Bay got punched in the face in Hong Kong! Two brothers approached him and demanded HK$100,000 ($12,900), an argument broke out, and the eldest of the two struck him in the face! EEK! From the Hollywood Reporter, “Both brothers were arrested on suspicion of blackmail and assault. Bay is said to have sustained injuries to his face, but nothing serious enough to warrant a hospital visit. He resumed shooting after the incident.” Aww, MICHAEL! I hope this get well soon card helps!

Our poor baby. Get well soon!

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  1. “Keep up the work” made me actually LOL.

  2. Are we sure they weren’t two Teenage Mutant Ninja Brothers?

  3. the production was attacked by a man, allegedly under the influence of some sort of narcotic, who was wielding an air-conditioning unit as a weapon

    With a plan like that, how could things have gone wrong?

  4. I usually advocate against reading the comments of news articles, but THR comments on this piece are actually pretty funny. My favorite: “Michael Bay! You deserved it! You make movies without script!” Great point, aLEX.

  5. More like Michael “Doesn’t” Bay-l.

  6. Aladdin is a nice touch.

  7. In the ICU, the best thing the doctors could come up with for treatment was exploding every piece of medical equipment in the room with C4 and hoping that the badass show would make him feel so hyped up that the rush of adrenaline would heal his face. It worked, of course.

  8. Damn it. I was told these guys were the best. What a disaster.

  9. Hang in there, Bay-by!

  10. the knights of prosperity have really fallen on hard times. (i’m the only person in the world who remembers the knights of prosperity, right?)

  11. Optimus Crime

  12. This is a bad week to be a terrible producer.

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