Earlier this month, you might remember that Damon Lindelof wrote a piece about Breaking Bad‘s final episode for the Hollywood Reporter that was less a piece about Breaking Bad‘s final episode and more a piece about how he was retiring from defending Lost‘s final episode, specifically on Twitter. It was a very reasonable thing to decide to do! Relax, my man. Enjoy your life. It looks like he has taken his promise a step further and quit Twitter altogether. Also very reasonable! From the LA Times:

Damon Lindelof to Twitter: I’m outta here.

The former “Lost” executive producer, who became one of the wittiest TV industry people on Twitter, abruptly exited the microblogging platform sometime this week.

“After much thought and deliberation, I’ve decided t-,” Lindelof wrote in his last tweet on Monday, according to Variety. His @damonlindelof account no longer exists on the service.

Showtracker asked Lindelof for comment, but he declined via email.

Haha, “I’m outta here.” This is good — WE SHOULD ALL BE SO LUCKY AS TO QUIT TWITTER — and obviously very important. I heard that there was maybe something going on with the government but I blocked my ears and shut my eyes real tight and slowly crawled away to find a safe spot to hide, because no one is going to convince me that there is ANYTHING I should be thinking about other than how Damon Lindelof is no longer on Twitter. R.I.P. @damonlindelof. But we can’t say goodbye — not just yet. Not without a fitting tribute.


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  1. What would I do if quit Twitter? Write letters harrassing Donald Trump?

  2. Wait, you mean we can quit Twitter???!?

  3. Maybe his account isn’t dead. Maybe it’s just…


  4. More like Damon Lindle (I just shut my Twitter feed)off ( so don’t tweet me.)

    Gross, I’m working from home and am distracted by tv I shouldn’t be watching. I’ll do better.

  5. I give it three days before he wakes up in the middle of the night and shouts “I HAVE TO GO BACK!”

  6. I love when people say they’re quitting Twitter, because that’s just a funny little lie.

  7. Ug, why would anyone miss Ross THE MOST?

  8. Now I can’t tweet him how I wish I quit Lost after season 4.

  9. Damn you Kelly for including Michael and Jim’s goodbye from The Office! Now I’m not gonna get anything done today because MY EMOTIONS!

  10. “See you on another micro-blogging platform, brother.” @therealdesmond

  11. “Damon Lindelof’s Twitter account was five years old. It is survived by Chuck Lorre’s Tumblr.”

  12. Lindelof knows he got away with murder by parlaying “Lost” into an actual career. He and Cuse were always total hacks. I will never forget their shit-eating grins during the lead-in to the “Lost” finale. Fuck those guys right in their millionaire faces.

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