WHAT IS THIS OTHER DOG? Boo’s Facebook page says, “buddy and i stopped by the CNN / Anderson Cooper 360 office to say hi to our friend, Anderson Cooper!” Uh, Buddy? I’m not sure I’m okay with knowing the amount of Internet famous dogs and cats that I know already, and now you’re telling me that I’m supposed to know another one, just because he’s Boo’s cute friend? Give me a break. As if. As if I’m going to spend any time other than all of this time I am already spending on some NOBUDDY. That’s for you to do! We all know what Anderson Cooper is thinking. (“This is what I do now!”) We all know what Boo is thinking. (“You know who I am, doesn’t that make you question a lot of things about the way you’re spending the time you’ve been given?”) But what is “BUDDY” THINKING?!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and the ability to go outside and take a deep breath. (Image via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. I always knew legalizing gay marriage would lead to a man marrying dogs! :-(

  2. I don’t have a caption for this because I keep thinking about the name, Anderson “Pooper Scooper” Cooper.

  3. They clearly do not know how to treat stars if they’re forcing Boo to share a chair with his friend.

  4. I’m not saying this segment is a dog, but it’s definitely a fluff piece.

  5. That’s nice, but I like my news local.

  6. “Great, and me with this butcher job of a haircut.” –Buddy.

    Or is that Boo?

  7. I can’t believe Kelly didn’t call him BooooOOooooOOooo the dog.

  8. How are these dogs famous? Did they save an old lady from dying alone in her apartment? Are they famous because they are cute? I happen to know a handful of dogs much cuter and that can do something with their lives (i.e.: Dayton, the dog at work, goes to Children’s Hospital to provide “dog therapy” to cancer patients. Dayton gives his standard unconditional love to these children and they feel less pessimistic about their situation, I assume!).

    At least Grumpy Cat makes us all hate Mondays in solidarity!

  9. one of them is The Mole.

  10. The best part about internet famous pets is they don’t even know what an internet IS!

  11. I heard fame has gone to his head and Boo now demands to have all green Greenies removed from his bowl of Greenies.

  12. Anderson Cooper pictured with his news media rivals Glenn Bark and “German” Shep Smith.

  13. I want to take all three of them home and chew on their faces.

  14. Buddy is thinking “Can I have a cookie?”

    Or maybe that’s just what I’m thinking and I’m projecting it onto Buddy.

  15. Anderson *Booper* (boops doggies on the nose until everyone in America contracts a massive case of Type 2 Cute-abetes.)

  16. one of them is definitely The Mole.

    • i posted this again because i posted it last night and nothing happened and i got scared and i never know what’s going on in the world so sorry sue me.

  17. “Who’s the worldwide leader in news? Yes you are! Yes you are!”

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