The Internet is a garbage dump, but even in the most disgusting garbage dumps you can sometimes find a bit of treasure.* Why this treasure has a Peter Griffin head drawn on the white board behind it I don’t know, but it is perfect and beautiful nonetheless. Thank you, treasure! You’re the best! (Via LiveLeak.)

*Not true.
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  1. I think it always makes me feel better when anyone, myself included, sings the ♫ AAAAA-AAAAAH ♫ part.

  2. This video is like a spider inside my dreams.

  3. Too bad they didn’t make fun of Sweet Dee at the end. Otherwise perfect.

  4. Did anyone else hear a man that sounded like he was in an echo chamber saying ‘Could it be a mouth (or mouse) dream’ over and over? I thought it was part of the video but then I paused it and it kept going. Even spookier, it repeated one more time after I closed all my tabs.

    • Ug, it’s that damn McDonald’s ad, which is the bane of my existence. It has extra-sensitive hovering detection capabilities.

  5. Too bad Seth Macfarlane tainted the whiteboard, spoils the charm a bit.

    • the slightly off drawing of peter griffin actually enhanced the charm for me, made me think about elementary schools in japan spending time studying up on stupid american tv shows

      “okay class today we will be making macaroni pictures of your favorite Friend”

  6. The 29 people who down-voted this video on YouTube are monsters.

  7. Ahhhahakay this was the best/most adorable way to start off the day. Though here’s hoping those kids weren’t as high off paint as Charlie was when he wrote this.

  8. This is why the Japanese educational system is so much better than the American one – they teach the classics.

  9. I seriously love the song Day Man. I genuinely feel that it is a moment of supreme genius and that Bowie could actually have recorded it and released it as a B side to something in 1970 and today we’d all be like, “Day Man, AhhhAHHH.”

    There is never enough Day Man.

  10. When my neighbor finished her undergraduate degree, she got a lucrative job in Japan for a few years teaching English to school kids (it gave her enough money to pay for a big chunk of med school). They hire lots of graduates (even those with no specialized language training or teaching skills).

    Gotta be some transplanted IASIP fan teaching these kids. And I would love to see the Family Guy lesson block!

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