• While on talk show tour to promote Gravity and Captain Phillips, Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks were on the UK’s The Jonathan Ross Show together, and together they recreated the playing-chopsticks-on-a-giant-floor-piano scene from Big. They have fun. -/Film
  • Oh no! Big sad news, guys. Are you sitting down? It looks like the Stretch Armstrong movie — after what feels like a lifetime of ups and downs — has lost its studio backer. I’m not sure how much more my heart can take! -FilmDrunk
  • OH NO AGAIN! Fox has opted to not do more than the seven episodes of Us & Them — the Alexis Bledel and Jason Ritter version of Gavin and Stacy – that have already been filmed, and the actors have been freed to take other jobs. What does this mean for Ray Romano on Parenthood?! -Deadline
  • Hey, remember how Jenny McCarthy is on The View now? It turns out that people don’t like her too much! -Dlisted
  • Instead of seeing The Fifth Estate, Julian Assange thinks you should watch There Will Be Blood. Uhh, does Benedict Cumberbatch say “the world needs to know” in a funny way that you can immitate to your friends over and over in that movie? I don’t think so, Julian! -NextMovie
  • And finally: a David and Gillian AMA. -Reddit
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  1. Speaking of B.Cumbs, it seems that he FINALLY got a stylist and is looking hella sharp: http://tomandlorenzo.com/2013/10/benedict-cumberbatch-at-the-the-fifth-estate-screening.html

  2. Remember when Jenny McCarthy said that vaccines caused her kid’s autism and then it turned out her kid never had autism and now a bunch of kids are in needless danger because their moms listened to someone who got famous for taking her clothes off?

    • That was so funny!
      Unpopular opinion: if you’re dumb enough to NOT vaccinate your kids, maybe you deserve having a kid with measles (or whatever).

      • We actually had our pediatrician refuse to see our son anymore because we would not let him get vaccinated. But we’re not monsters, I promise! At least, not the bad kind! He got every vaccination except for chicken pox. It just seems so unnecessary! There’s already a natural vaccine against chicken pox. It’s called getting chicken pox once!

        • Wait why would they try to give that to him when he so little? I had to get it as a teen bc i never got the pox.

        • Vaccinations are not about you or your child. When you get vaccinated, you are protecting yourself, sure, but just as importantly you are protecting the millions of fellow citizens with compromised immune systems — those suffering from cancer, HIV, even the elderly or very young. People who cannot protect themselves and would kill for the chance to get a two second prick of the skin in exchange for protection.

          Vaccination keeps hundreds of millions of people able to live in close proximity without a massive, sudden die-out.

          You think we’re all living longer by accident? Because of iPods?

          • I largely agree with you! Which is why he got every vaccination except for chicken pox, which is not a particularly dangerous disease in children. If he gets older and never gets the disease, I’ll get him vaccinated fo sho.

    • I always thought they just hated her like the rest of us.

      • I remember when she was on that dating show on MTV – Singled Out – and I was like I hate her so much, but at least this will be all she’ll do and I’ll never see her again.

    • I only take medical advice from Carmen Electra, thank you very much.

  3. I try not to ship real people, but that Gillian/David AMA is making it real difficult.

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