It’s Tim Allen’s world, the rest of us are just listening to him grunt nonstop for fifteen minutes in it. (Previously.) (Via DeathAndTaxes.)

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  1. I made it 2 seconds in. Maybe you can last longer, BUT AT WHAT COST TO YOUR SOUL?

  2. Baby Taran Noah Smith makes me sad.

  3. You know when you look back at something you once loved and it makes you feel like your younger self was a completely separate human being and also one that you could never get along with?

  4. Sitcoms in the 90s were so different and so great.

    Home Improvement Halloween episodes were so great, remember?

  5. It’s weird how there are hardly any family sitcoms on anymore. (Or…any, really? Even Modern Family is geared toward adults). Most of them weren’t very good, because kids are dumb, but watching them with my parents and brother was such a huge part of my childhood. What do parents even do with their children on weeknights now? TALK to them or something? What a nightmare.

  6. where is koko

  7. anyone else find this not only annoying but gross?

  8. I’m enjoying the pleasant evening tonight with the window open, and when I started playing this, my neighbor’s dog started barking.

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