• Public Marriage Proposals: X-Files ComicCon edition. -Vulture
  • Brie Larson, Paget Brewster, Robert Patrick, Ben Folds and Kumail Nanjiani have been added to the list of guest stars that will appear on the fifth season of Community, whenever it returns to NBC. -Zap2It
  • Speaking of (speaking of NBC), Meg Ryan is going to star and executive-produce a new series for NBC in which she’ll play ”a sunny, devoted and desperately non-confrontational single mom.” Okay. Hello, Meg Ryan! -Dlisted
  • Here’s your first look at Disney’s “Avatar Land,” which has a projected opening date of the year 2017. I wonder what our lives will be like then. Will we even still be alive? I wonder what the 2017 iPhone will look like. -/Film
  • Do you want to pay $299 for a personalized voicemail message from one of your favorite CELEBS? You can, maybe, as part of this Autism Speaks fundraiser. Bryan Cranston is one of them — I’d have him say, “My name is Bryan Cranston. I played ‘Jesse’ on Breaking Bad. Leave a message, b-words!” -FilmDrunk
  • Comedy Bang Bang has been renewed for a third season on IFC. Hey, great! -Splitsider
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  1. While I can’t even begin to adequately express how little I care about Avatar, I’ll admit that if I was already in Disney World for whatever reason (it would be a food or food-adjacent reason, I’m sure), I’d probably go see Avatar Land, and I’d probably enjoy it, because it looks like it will be pretty.

    Assuming I’m still alive, of course.

    • People will be going to Disney World in 2017 for vastly different reasons than they do now, I suspect. I’m thinking the main one will be, “We’ve heard rumors of a encampment of survivors there. Maybe that’s all it is—rumor—but it’s the best we got.”

  2. Wow, it’s only been 2 weeks and Kelly’s already forgotten who played Jesse.

  3. I predict Avatar Land will be gorgeous to look at, but all the rides will be exactly the same as Magic Kingdom.

  4. “HEY let’s get a new X-Files movie, eh??” – me, and only me

    • I’d love a new X-Files movie, but only if it actually deals with the real narrative of the series. I still haven’t seen the 2nd movie since I was told it had nothing to do with aliens.

      • Yeah, the second movie was kind of stand-alone, but still effectively thrilling for me. I just love the characters so much and wanna see them interact some more!

  5. Have you guys all watched the first season of The Fall? Gillian Anderson is a stone-cold fox in that series.

  6. The Avatarland model looks good but that 600 ft super realistic James Cameron is going to terrify the kids.

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