• The title of this blog post is “Twitter to sell movie tickets through Fandango.” What does that mean? I don’t know! A little bird is going to pop up like the Word paperclip whenever you go to Fandango.com? ??? Beats me! Click to find out! -/Film
  • Does Alexander Skarsgard ever wear clothes anymore or no? JW. -Dlisted
  • Haha, did you know that Rick Santorum is a movie producer now? He is! Want to see a trailer for a movie he produced? It’s not as ridiculous as you’d think it might be, but it is about God stuff, which you knew it must be. -DeathAndTaxes
  • Hey, Bob Odenkirk is going to be on FX’s Fargo TV show! This TV show is starting to sound pretty good! -Splitsider
  • Paul Feig wants to make a gay rom-com and he wants Channing Tatum to star in it. It’s just like want, want, want with this guy! -CinemaBlend
  • And finally, speaking of dudes making movies, in an interview with Collider, Jonathan Levine talked about how he’s written a Christmas stoner movie for Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to produce. Sounds great, I love Christmas movies. -Collider
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  1. Yes please to a gay rom-com. And many more to come, with not Channing Tatum (no offense Channing Tatum but you are not my cup of gay tea!) in the future, hopefully! Also that whole article was nice. Who knew Mr. Pool would turn out to be such a cool dude?

    • I’d be pretty into a gay rom-com with Paul Feig.

    • In an interview he (Paul Feig, not Channing Tatum) was talking about showing his son Splash because something something strong female characters (I am paraphrasing… quite poorly, apologies). In closing, I’m really happy that he is continuing his awesome…ness.

      Gah not worded well at all. Long day. I do apologize. Paul Feig is great!

  2. Why are people still making Christmas movies, we already have A Christmas Story and Die Hard.

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