BILLY ON THE SHOW! Billy Eichner’s “Craig” was the only Eagleton doppleganger left in the “maybe” column at the conclusion of last night’s episode, so I hope that means that he will be back next week, and then the week after, and then every episode until the show is dead. Gimme that #CRAIG. It was the second week in a row featuring an unbearable Leslie acting clearly in the wrong, which should serve to balance out her too-good-to-be-true wins, but for me just paints her as a complete lunatic. Get that lunatic out of office! And burn Pawnee to the ground while you’re at it, it seems disgusting! SAVE CRAIG! Sam Elliott was a treat. June Diane Raphael’s Tynnyfer was a treat, as was April’s Tynnyfer-like personality change. I can’t wait for Chris and Ann to move somewhere else, no one should live in Pawnee. (It seems disgusting! Again!) Aside from how I honestly do think Leslie’s personality swings should be kept more in check, it was an enjoyable episode. That show is pretty much always very enjoyable. #Craig. Speaking of enjoyable episodes, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia celebrated their 100th episode this past week, and it was also enjoyable! It showed each member of the gang’s dream scenario in getting out of a robbery at a local convenience store, each featuring what we’ve come to know as the characters’ (often disturbing) hopes and fears. Charlie’s Ratatouille-meets-Up Pixar dream — which showed him saving the waitress from the robber, making her his bride (as swarm of rats construct her wedding dress), having a bunch of children (little waitresses and little janitors), growing old, and being by her bedside when she died, left alone to float away in his Up balloon house — was legitimately sweet and touching, and even funnier for it. And the final beat, when they all came to and decided to also rob the store and run away? Get out of town. Very good. Let’s take a jump and then talk about other shows.

I forgot to talk about Bob’s Burgers last week, which is nuts. TO CATCH UP: It continues to be one of the best shows. The Halloween episode this past Sunday was great. Millie’s contrast with Louise was great. All of the smaller characters were great. Bob and Linda going trick-or-treating in the costume and being found out was great. Great show! What else? New Girl — can you imagine if you had a best friend and roommate who was actively, and nearly successfully, trying to mess with your relationship? Especially if you were Nick and had nearly nothing else going well in your life?! Especially after, if you were Jess, he had just cheated on YOUR best friend and broke her heart? CAN YOU IMAGINE IF YOU WERE WINSTON AND KEPT BEING THROWN WEIRD SIDE-PLOTS THAT DON’T ADVANCE YOUR CHARACTER’S STORY?! Otherwise it was a very funny episode and I liked it. LOL. I especially like how Jess doesn’t act like a weird child about sex stuff anymore. NEXT. I finally watched The Michael J. Fox Show. It’s not bad! And it is so much better than those two shows that come between it and Parks and Recreation! Brooklyn Nine-Nine had what I think was its weakest episode. (PS: Hi Waitress!) The Mindy Project was weird and has lost the footing it had seemed to have gained in its first episodes. The League, as usually, was a bit much for me. BUT WHAT DID YOU THINK?!

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  1. The thought of actually having to be in front of my TV at a certain time last night seemed so completely impossible and inhumane that I just skipped Parks and Rec so I’ll have to catch up on that. I liked New Girl but I want to punch Schmidt’s face still. And as much as the idea of a cat subplot appeals to me as a human, those two cats were not especially cute, no T no shade. The Mindy Project was dumb and I wanted to slap both Mindy and Morgan. I don’t really remember what Brooklyn Nine-Nine was about this week but I think I liked it? It obviously left a big impression.

    • I agree with your New Girl and Mindy Project comments. Mindy and Morgan was really frustrating and confusing. I wish Winston would just get rid of the roommates and hang out with his cat, I would watch that show.

  2. #CRAIG!!!!

    Oh my god. “WHO EVEN ARE YOU???” had us rolling soooo hard. He is so intense! I hope that they use him in moderation, like when you sub honey in a recipe instead of sugar. A little goes a long way of #CRAIG.

    I’m also happy that the fake-Tynnyfer April gave us a little break from April’s schtick, which for some reason has been grating on me this year. I’m sure they’ll figure it out. They always figure it out and I’m always just like “Awwwwwww.” That show is great!

  3. Eastbound and Down had one of its best episodes ever this week. Stevie was in top form and Ken Marino showed why it was a good idea to cast him in the show.

  4. The Winston sub-plot might have hit a little close to home.

  5. Charlie and Sweet Dee’s fantasies were my favorite.

  6. NEW GIRL. It was funny and weird, sometimes I laugh a little too hard at that show. I don’t remember why I laughed so hard, but I laughed quite a few times.

    Also, if a dude started eating my birth control I’m pretty sure I would start punching him really hard. They don’t give you extras! That’s just fucked up, Schmidt. Jess was way too calm for that one. Unrealistic reaction right there.

  7. I missed all the funny shows this week because of Happy Halloween Happy Hour, but I did catch Bob’s Burgers. I enjoyed the idea of a psychotic classmate-stalker and Louise’s furnishings in her fort-partment.

    Also, I discovered this last night, and it makes me appreciate the behind-the-scenes action for the show so much more.

  8. I didn’t see the Thursday shows last night because I went to the symphony meeeeeeeeeeh faaaancy! But I really liked Bob’s Burgers on Sunday, obvi. Andy or Ollie not realizing that they looked alike was hilarious, and I love Molly Shannon quite a bit, so that was great.
    I’ve heard a lot of complaining on the internet that Brooklyn Nine Nine wasn’t good this week, but I didn’t mind it. I laughed a lot, and really liked all the different ways people “couldn’t read” Andre Braugher until Scully (right? not sure of names yet) got completely yelled at and still claimed he couldn’t read him. Laffs from Flanny.
    Also, the symphony was lovely, although we left at intermission.

  9. To be honest, I think Bob’s Burgers is the only episode I enjoyed this week. As enjoyable as the dopplegangers were, P&R was still pretty tepid, which, like Kelly mentioned, was largely due to Leslie’s ridiculous antics (which was emphasized by showing Ben and Chris’s amicable exchange over the same topic). Ugh, and FUCK Schmidt. I just couldn’t with his ridiculous bullshit when HE IS THE ONE WHO GOT HIMSELF INTO THAT SITUATION. Fortunately it looks like he’s done with that nonsense. And yeah, Brooklyn Nine Nine could have been better. I’ll just chalk this up to being an off week and am fully confident all shows will return to form soon.

    • Jess’s line “you did a bad thing, deal with it” was kind of the most perfect reaction to Schmidt’s bullshit. I am also hoping this means we’re done with that story line.

  10. Samesies, regarding the slight disappointment that Leslie was a little crazy this week (as in more crazy crazy, less awesome and oddly inspirational crazy). Loved Craig (CRAIG!!) and the escapades of Tynnyfer and April. Also if I lived in Eagleton, I’m fairly certain that every waking moment would be xanax o’ clock, amiright?

  11. Parks and Recreation should get a spin off where Bily Eichner just yells at phone people while Sam Elliott does yoga in the background. You are welcome for all the ratings, NBC.

  12. Parks & Rec is just a great show that has a lot of funny moments!
    Bob’s Burgers was terrific this week! I laughed so much even though Aziz always just plays some version of himself (it always works!)
    New Girl was also great and The Captain is one of many terrific sex jokes!

    Those are the three shows we talk about, huh?

  13. Bob’s Burgers was the only one I watched, but it was excellent, as usual. I love Aziz as Randy, and Randy in general. The kids’ reaction to almost being crushed to death was perfect, and I always love seeing the mean old art supplies store people.

  14. I’m not the only one who spent my time watching Parks and Rec marveling at Sam Elliot’s gorgeous locks am I?

    Also, to this day, I still can’t see him without thinking of Road House and silently saying to myself Dalton!

  15. Was anyone else offput by the sexual elements in New Girl and Mindy Project this week? (Moreso Mindy Project.)

    The New Girl plot just seemed too close the borderline of some kind of sexual assault for me to enjoy it. Like it was weirdly non-consensual while still being consensual in that neither Nick nor Jess WANTED to perform that sex act and were only tricked into doing it by Schmidt? I don’t know if there’s a term for that but it made me feel uncomfortable, especially seeing how uncomfortable the characters (esp. Nick) were with doing it. I know, I know, I’m reading too much into it.

    Mindy Project had straight up sexual assault and blackmail which UCK.

  16. The Michael J. Fox show is so much funnier than it has any right to be, which is to say that show is actually very funny. I was honestly looking forward to watching it last night. The jokes hit the right notes, it’s not sappy (unless it’s making fun of sappy), and I really enjoy dynamics of the lot — even the grating little boy, who won me over with his “my fault, I’m sorry” life lesson. Marie is GREAT in this. The hockey / pottery jokes were really good and I love how terrified they are of their children.

    Also: Elementary is so good this year. Holy crap. And they did a nod to Cumberbatch with a Wikileaks / Snowden / Anonymous type plot last night. Plus, it might not be Sherlock, but it is Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller being best friends and solving puzzles — sometimes art heists and math-riddles! And the writers are in a writer feud with the writers of Sleepy Hollow so that’s great too.

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