First of all, gross. Mind your own business. How Coach Taylor and Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights conduct themselves in the privacy of their own bedroom does not concern you, and should take up NONE of your dumpster thoughts. Don’t you have your own stuff to worry about? You pervert. What if you’re on a Truman Show-like TV show right now, and the audience is wondering about why they don’t get to see any of YOUR sex scenes? And now they’re jumping to conclusions about it? (PS: Did you read this?) (It’s nuts!) Second of all, Connie Britton was on Watch What Happens Live this week and gave an answer. But that doesn’t get you off of the hook for asking! From Lainey Gossip:

“In the second episode ever, they wrote us a big sex scene that opened the episode. And [Kyle Chandler] was so uncomfortable with it and it was so terrible that it was cut out of the show and we never had a sex scene again for the rest of Friday Night Lights.”

Hahaha. SO THERE’S YOUR ANSWER, PERVERTS! Just the simple fact of an actor being visibly uncomfortable enough that the type of scene was never even attempted again. What else do you freaks what to know? Why we haven’t ever gotten to see a sex scene between Homer and Marge? Why we never got to see a sex scene between the parents from Freaks and Geeks? Oh, you make me sick.

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  1. Um, because no one wants to watch their parents have sex?

  2. They were probably going to do the Captain

  3. Was it so fanfic could go absolutely crazy?

  4. I thought it was just part of the running gag that every time they got time alone for a date or a glass of wine on the couch, the phone would ring and Coach or Tami were called away to intervene in the life of a Troubled Child while the other one looked at them with disappointment before finally nodding and saying “yes, go do the right thing and Make A Difference.”

  5. So it wasn’t that Tami got destroyed down there by Gracie Belle’s giant head?

  6. I mean, there aren’t ZERO sex related scenes between Homer and Marge

  7. I just read that New Yorker article. Wowie!!

    • Sorry I accidentally submitted before finishing…The description of our smartphones as a “tiny Times Square in our pockets” was really stunning. I never considered the implications of the chaos of the internet for people predisposed to mental illness, at least not in those terms.

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