• Scott C.’s Great Showdowns does Midnight In Paris. -GreatShowdowns
  • Just in time for me to remind you that the Videogum SpooOOooOky Movie Club selection we’ll be discussing tomorrow is Cabin In the Woods, here is a supercut of a bunch of spooooOOoky movie fake-outs where it turns out that the spooOOookiness was just a cat! -BlameItOn
  • /Film talked to Adam Scott about his role in A.C.O.D. Would you like to read it? You should! -/Film
  • Peter Dinklage is going to star in a Bad Santa-esque raunchy R-rated comedy about a guy who thinks he’s a leprechaun. Make that money, Peter Dinklage. -FilmDrunk
  • Hugh Jackman’s former producing partner (on X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Deception) John Palermo posted a bunch of racist and homophobic shit on Facebook. What is wrong with people? We should all stop going online. -Dlisted
  • MIT researchers recently created self-assembling modular robots, and here is a video about it. Goodbye, Earth! -DeathAndTaxes
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  1. Hahahaha, how did that cat get in the medicine cabinet? Perfect, loved that supercut.

    • “If I fits, I sits…and waits” Feline Acting Adage

      • Also, Gollum.

        • Gollum has thumbs! He can open a medicine cabinet. How did the cat open the medicine cabinet, get himself all tucked away in there, and then close the door again! Shh, I don’t want to think too hard about it! I just want to believe it’s cat magic.

          • Cat magic is a real and wonderous thing…

          • I have literally been thinking about Cat Magic (and 1D) since I posted that comment.

          • I have the kind of medicine cabinet that you just have to push to open it, and then push it again to close. It works with magnets, probably? I’ve never investigated; I’ve always assumed magnets.

            Anywho, a cat 4 SURE has the strength to push the door enough to pop it open. Then, if its tail caught the door when jumping it, it could have pulled it closed enough to catch the magnet? This is my best theory.

            My 2nd best theory is that a younger brother put the cat in the medicine cabinet to scare the next person that opened it.

          • Also, I doubted the veracity of the statement that Gollum has thumbs. Don’t ask me why, I’ve never even seen any of those movies! I’m just feeling very argumentative today!

            Anyway, I did some research, and it led me to a fanfiction called “Where The Precious Goes.” YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHERE IT GOES! I’m just going to take your word on the whole thumb thing.


  2. I thought the movie club was on Friday?! Welp, season 2 of Archer will wait until the weekend.

  3. My 18 lb cat does this thing where he headbutts you when he wants cuddles. The first time he did it to my 5lb dog, Canela, she started shaking and whimpering. I laughed, but if a cat 3 times my size had done that I would have $#4T.

  4. I’m confused about Oliver Stone’s rant (which anyway sounds awful close to “this is what’s wrong with kids these days” territory). He thinks that the ending of Breaking Bad would have been laughed off of the screen if it were in a movie? But he also thinks that people love movies that show unrealistic violence? Which one is it?! Does it just depend on the point he’s trying to make?

    Anyway, if you’re going to start targeting things for being unrealistic, you could probably find a lot LESS realism than Breaking Bad, and a lot MORE than superhero movies, which aren’t supposed to be realistic anyway that is the whole point Oliver Stone! Learn to structure an argument, old man!

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