The number one video in this countdown has made me want a dog more than any animal video in the Petting Zoo count down has in recent memory. EXCITING ENOUGH FOR YOU?! “Oooh, I can’t wait until she stops talking so I can click through and watch the video she’s talking about!” you’re probably thinking. “Ooooohh, she doesn’t even have anything to say! And, you know, I don’t even want her to say anything! I just came here for the animal videos, so I am getting very excited for the moment when she stops with all of the nonsense rambling and just lets us watch the videos she put together in this, I’m sure, perfect list for us today,” you’re thinking. “OOohh, when will she stop?” Well, fine, okay! I GET THE MESSAGE. I’ll stop now. We have some great videos for you, including a video of micro piglets bathing, and a video of a VERY tough white lion cub that I think you’re going to enjoy very much, so let’s get to it!

10. Sleepy Pup Falls Asleep

9. Dalmatian Dream

8. Bird And Puppy Kisses

7. Three Baby Micro Pigs Get A Bath


5. The Jumping Italian Grey Hound

4. Bull Terrier And A Crab

3. Baby Elephant Sleeps On Mother’s Food

2. White Lion Cub Debuts At Serbia Zoo

1. Dog Must Have His Hand Held While Owner Drives

Comments (21)
  1. Nice Chevy product placement on that #1 video. I would mos def buy a Chevy if it came with that little dog.

  2. This journalist had an experience that was similar to the puppy in the video that is titled “Bull Terrier and a Crab,” while on a trip to the beach that can only be described as uncomfortable.

  3. Not enough cats! To make up for it, here is a kitten cam that I have become obsessed with. The mom cat had one baby and then adopted three kittens from a really big litter at the same shelter and now this dude is fostering them and they are THE CUTEST. And they’re all named after fictional robots.

  4. Very cute, number 4 but please be careful not to get pinched!
    Don’t worry, number 1, I have a friend who drives like that too.

  5. Crabs look like they’re constantly shouting “Come at me, bro!” in their crab language no one else can hear.

  6. ♫ Na na na na na na na na na na na catfail ♫

  7. That lion cub sounds like a sheep. the lion and the lamb have reversed roles.

  8. “I didn’t go through eight hours of elephant labor so you could sleep in my dinner young man!”

  9. Oh good, so I’m not the only person who films myself washing dishes?

  10. BONUS in the #1 video = Daft Punk!

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