• Will Ferrell made 70 different ads for Durango as Ron Burgundy. That is too many ads. That’s all I have to say about that. Well, that and buy a Durango, I guess! #Durango4Car -Splitsider
  • Fox and Friends hosts fell for a satirical blog post that stated that Barak Obama was personally funding a Muslim museum and reported it on TV as fact.  Very cool dudes over there! Must be all that tech. -DeathAndTaxes
  • Tom Hanks has Type 2 diabetes, and ALSO a Twitter account. Did you know he had a Twitter account?! I didn’t! -Dlisted
  • Here are the nine greatest, according to NextMovie, full-episode TV tributes to movies. Don’t you wish google could just tap into all of our brains and produce a real list of the greatest full-episode TV tributes to movies based on everyone’s real feelings? -NextMovie
  • Have you seen this telekinesis coffee shop prank ad for Carrie? I would kind of like it if this prank had been pulled on me because then you’d have something to talk about if you were stuck with an acquaintance. “Ohmygod, did I tell you about this thing?” -FilmDrunk
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  1. After watching the telekinesis ad, all I could think about was how lucky nobody had a gun on them in real life.

  2. I read that Dodge doesn’t have much of an advertising budget compared to the other car companies, so they traded with Will Ferrell for Ron Burgundy promotion. “Hey Will, hows about you promote Durango and also your new movie! And we will let you!” Is I guess how that meeting went?

  3. I saw one of those Ron Burgundy Durango ads and it made me more excited to see Anchorman 2 than any actual previews. I’m worried about myself.

  4. To be fair, do we have any proof that Obama ISN’T funding Muslim museums out of his own pocket?

  5. The FilmDrunk writeup about the Carrie prank is refreshingly sensible: ““Non-consensual advertising” would be a better name for it. And the worst part is how excited they get about it and what geniuses they think they all are.”

  6. That TV tribute to movie list was bullshit. Psych’s Bollywood episode should also be on there (and probably other episodes) and South Park’s Asspen as well.

    • Yeah, when I saw Pysch on there I thought, “This whole list should just be Psych episodes.”

    • But that wasn’t a tribute to one specific movie, as far as I know. Honestly, though, you could just do a list of the best Psych tributes. My personal opinion:

      -The Twin Peaks episode
      -The Clue episode (because I adore that movie)
      -The vampire episode with Kristy Swanson and Corey Feldman
      -the time they got Danny Glover to say that he’s getting to old for this stuff (stuff because TV).

      I probably missed a whole bunch.

      • Um art heists with Wesley? When Juliette dated Richard Alpert? When aliens were visiting and they were with Freddie Prinze Jr.? The Hangover episode was awesome. The one where they join a cult. Basically every episode. The episode with Ted McGinley and Shawn’s hair crush. The modeling episode.

        The vampire one is my favorite, but it was not specific to a single movie. Twin Peaks is a close second, but doesn’t technically count since it was a tribute to a TV show.

  7. Oh, Tucker Carlson, the more things change, the more you stay a real-life version of Martin Short’s Clifford

  8. The adorable thing about Tom Hanks’ Twitter account is that he signs every one of his tweets, like a mom on Facebook.

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