I like this one better than the other one! (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. Any schmo can look good wearing a top hat and a mustache. But can he look awesome with sweatpants and a 10-year old t-shirt? I didn’t think so.

  2. Very fancy, snake!
    He looks a little like this guy:

  3. I was thinking that “You realize I’ll murder you in your sleep for this” would be a better caption than “like a sir”, but what do I know? I don’t even own a regular snake, let alone a top-hatted one.

  4. ♫Puttin’ on the Ritzsssss♫

  5. It looks like he’s wearing a tiny Oreo on his head.

  6. Call me when that snake is wearing a coat and glasses or feeding a baby!

  7. I feel like the paper towel is beneath him. That snake is cloth napkins all the way, man.

  8. Awww, disgusting

  9. I like how small and manageable he is! I tell you what, he’s not going to bust down the door and come at you in the middle of the night. He might slide under the door and then up your bed post and under your sheets and curl around a couple of your fingers, but nothing super scary!

  10. No no no no no I cannot sit at my desk looking at the S. I cannot even type the full word S. I am not sitting with my feet off the ground in case Mr. Top hat comes slithering by…

  11. This is adorable! …Maybe I’m mean to animals. I love when they’re dressed up.

  12. Good snake video.

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