The government shutdown has entered its seventh day, the United States is ten days away from defaulting on its loans and John Boehner continues to insist that the House will not pass an increase in the debt limit without a “compromise” from President Obama on the Affordable Care Act, rich people legitimately just do not care about anyone else, my Internet keeps going out, and to top it all off it’s MONDAY. The first day of the week! Uggghh, is there anything worse than Mondays?! Luckily we have a new clip from radio personality Alex Jones to bring some clarity and insight into, at least, the Affordable Care Act. His somber illustration of mental health gone unchecked for too long it difficult to watch, but makes a powerful point. As we know, having access to preventive care can save one from a lot of grief, pain, and money owed if illness are treated early rather than allowed to worsen. The mental healthcare system in the United States is broken, but the Affordable Care Act creates more mandated coverage for mental health, and requires insurers to include mental health treatments in their benefit packages. It is a step in the right direction, and Mr. Jones, a person whom people listen to and believe in and take seriously!, (your boyfriend), makes that point quite clearly.

Honestly, is he okay? I don’t think he is okay! Will someone check on him? (Very cool, extra vague shout-out to homosexuals, by the way. Point 4sure articulated, and taken!) #fluoride (Via Death&Taxes.)

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  1. I could only do 45 seconds of that. How far did you monsters get?

  2. Are we sure he didn’t just take his Alex Jones mask off?

  3. I can’t wait until the remake of this video with Scott Wolfe, that’ll probably be great.

  4. The Gorn has stooped to a new low.

    • Pretty ironic that he’s against Obamacare, considering the Metrons fixed him free of charge after he a took a diamond cannonball to the chest on Cestus 3. I AM NOT A NERD.

  5. Seriousgum for a second — The Daniel Goleman NYT article is interesting particularly in relation to a piece on today by Michael Lind, about how people misunderstand who the Tea Party is. According to Lind, they’re not ignorant buffoons, but are above average in eductation and wealth, and are leaders in their communities (“the local notables,” “lords of the local car dealership, country club and chamber of commerce.”) It’s important to understand that they’re motivated by the diminishing power of white local wealth in the face of demographic changes, and are struggling to hold on to it by dismantelling federal gov’t., just as they did after the civil war, etc.. They very much do not care about poor folks, or brown folks, and are acting rationally to protect what they see as their self interest.

    • This may be true – but they are certainly rallying a lot of dumb folks.

    • so they’re the Larry the Cable Guys of politics? (cue George Costanza shouting “that’s all for me folks!” and exiting)

    • Oh, I think we understand who the Tea Party is very well. We understand you can’t actually say “they’re not ignorant buffoons” if you then go on to say they are “motivated by the diminishing power of white local wealth in the face of demographic changes.” Because another name for someone who is motivated by making sure “whites” have power is “white supremacist.” Pretty much by definition, Michael Lind, whoever you are! Look it up before you write another article! And who becomes a white supremacist who isn’t a sad little ignorant buffoon? No one. The Tea Party is 100% ignorant buffoons, and let me also add they are “delusional assholes,” and you’re a pinhead.

      • No, no. Lind’s point is exactly that: they’re motivated by race, and are in fact racists. They’re just not toothless rednecks, though, but many of them are educated and wealthy. Maybe I’m preaching to the choir, but it’s important to note that the Tea Party is not about “small government,” or “individual liberty” and their leaders don’t really believe it is, any more than the white southern plantation owners thought the civil war was about “states rights.” It’s purely about preserving white privilege, and they know that. Of course that makes them evil, but it doesn’t mean their tactics are stupid. If you’re a committed racist, it makes more sense to get involved in local politics and jerrymander districts, and gather enough mass to hold federal governement hostage, than it does to join some trailer park klan klub.

        But you’re right about the pinhead thing. I’m a total pinhead.

  6. The next time I am talking to gay person I’m going to start the conversation with “How’s your homosexuality?”

  7. Why is Obama doing this to us? #dragons

  8. FINALLY we get Illuminati Reptoid coverage. FINALLY.

  9. Can we talk about the fact that his lizard voice sounds an awful lot like Lorelai Gilmore’s Louis Armstrong impression? #factsonly

  10. I am fucking outraged. This is absurd and ignorant. That is not a lizard mask, Kelly. It is clearly a Gorn mask. While tehya re reptilian, they are vastly different frrom the lizard people and the ignorance you display is on part with the ignorance of Alex Jones.

  11. Can’t wait till I have a kid so I can hire Alex Jones for birthday parties.

  12. I’m surprised he didn’t mention that Obama is against global warming because he doesn’t want his enormous antarctic tunnels that lead to the NWO secret under-ice base to be destroyed…A rare miss, lizard man!

  13. As a proud liberal reverse racist I would have been against Obamacare a loooooong time ago if I knew it was a pudgy white man that is weirdly polite about its homophobia.

  14. Thanks for being the best, Kelly.

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