See who’s trippin’ over her own two feet, racin’ to the televison, tryin’ to get her eyeballs on this red hot story! Breaking Bad shmaking bad, real murder is where it’s at! GIMME! It looks like we’ve almost completely lost sight of the meaning behind everything we’re saying and doing, let’s race to that finish line and jump right off of that Oh No cliff, hurry hurry hurry! TONITE @ NIGHTMARE TIME! (Via Philebrity.)

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  1. She screwed up pretty badly, but I don’t think this was Tweeted with malice aforethought. #lawjokes

  2. Thought Ron Howard’s “Backdraft” was hot? @FOX29philly See who’s back doing drafts of her resume because Joyce Evans has been fired

    • This is a gem too:

      I know you wanna see it.@FOX29philly How DO you fix earlobes stretched wide open by those heavy gauges. Ooh Wee! Tonite on Fox29NewsAt 10

    • She’s totally giving Nancy Grace’s tweets are run for their money!

      Blond Beauty vanishes in Aruba! join us tonight to learn more.

      Count down is on for #caseyanthony to get out of jail. What is she going to do next? Where will she live? Back at home? I doubt it.

      “Top Model” Designer Gets 59 Years to Life in Prison – Let’s celebrate this justice!

    • Are you this person’s waterfather?

  3. Man, there is no hope for humanity.

  4. don’t make fun of me for this guys, but all of the above screen grabs that look like her tweets? Are they real? They can’t be real, right? This is bonkers.

  5. I hope she and Billy Zane get married and start a joint Twitter account.

  6. Joyce Evans ‏@JoyceEvansFox29 21 Jul
    Bullets fly on a playground!! A masked man too. It’s not a movie @FOX29philly Get details when you join me tonight at 10pm

    Joyce Evans ‏@JoyceEvansFox29 9 Jul
    How far would you go to stop your thighs from rubbing together? @FOX29philly the skinny on Thigh Gap tonight at 10pm

    Joyce Evans ‏@JoyceEvansFox29 14 Apr
    A strange find, gangsta road rage, WILD WEST and all the rest @FOX29philly If you can’t steal it SWALLOW IT! See what I mean TONITE AT 10

    Today is a good day.

  7. She’s like a modern day Kent Brockman!

    “I’m Kent Brockman. On the 11:00 news tonight, a certain kind of soft drink has been found to be lethal. We won’t tell you which one until after sports and the weather with Funny Sonny Storm.”

  8. To give you guys a full mental picture of the Fox29 news game here, another Fox 29 reporter cthought the best way to report about a story where four local high school teachers were caught having inappropriate relationships with students in the same school, was by ruminating on the environment created in a school when teen are sexting each other too much.

    So, yeah.

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