“Hmmm…I think it’s very interesting,” said one baby. “Oh you do not,” said another. (Via Gothamist.)

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  1. They all have to wear the same shirts.

    Like an army.

    Just like O-bummer is trying to do. Turning this country into a Nazi communist state.

  2. What’s even worse is the guy behind them who doesn’t know how to take video in landscape.

  3. I love it when they all have to hold a string.

    • I’m pretty sure they aren’t holding that string but are handcuffed to it.

    • My kids are too old for the rope, so I use it as a group punishment. “Well, there was some shoving and swearing today, so looks like we’re all getting strapped into the rope at the park.” (our rope has adjustable bits that clip around their waists instead of just holding on)

  4. there was a group of little tiny babies on a field trip on my bus to work bus yesterday, and they were very cute but they made everybody mad and they made me late for work.

  5. I have a hunch this would be sort of traumatizing, but I really have nothing to bass it on.

  6. That dude and all those children are part of an art installation called Things SpecialK Sees on an Average Walk to the Subway

  7. There’s a couple daycares by my house. One time I was walking my 5lb brindle Pom Chi and I waled past a line of rope kids. They all started saying yelling stuff like, puppy, doggy, and the such. Then a little girl just went, “NOOOOO, that nawt a dawg, is a CAWT!”

  8. I was more disturbed by how many of those children appeared to not be wearing pants! What is this, Tiny Toons?

  9. “Ha, I remember when I use to act like that” – Those Kids

  10. And one day, all those kids will grow up to hate art and become accountants.

  11. “Look mama that guy called the heroin hotline on Abbie Hoffman” – one of those kids

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