• Law & Order aired their Paula Deen/Trayvon Martin crossover episode last night. Did you watch it? I was unable to watch it, but it looks like it was, ah, something! -BuzzFeed
  • Top Chef is back, which means Top Chef recaps are back! Here is Dave Holmes’s. -Grubstreet
  • David Tennant is going to repriese his role in the US version of Broadchurch, coming to Fox, but in this version he’s going to have an American accent. Phew! That would’ve been confusing! -/Film
  • Samuel L. Jackson says that our girl Elizabeth Olsen will appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Good for her! I wish we could all be in an Avengers movie, think of how much money we’d make! -ComingSoon
  • Please watch and enjoy Judd Apatow and Maria Bamford remembering the ’90s together, in honor of Vanity Fair‘s 100th maggiversary. -VanityFair
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  1. I didn’t realize Top Chef was back, and I think I’m going to not mention that to my fiance and see how long I can avoid watching it. That was a fun recap though.

  2. I’ve watched three episodes of Broadchurch so far and now you tell me that I’m going to have to watch a remake too and be super bummed out twice?!?

  3. 10 Reaction gifs of Pop Culture Trivializing Complex Social Issues Buzzfeed

  4. I can’t NOT comment on the 1D shout-out in the Top Chef recap, and I will also say I agree. Carrie does look like Louis.

  5. Oh my god in this age of digital connectedness and piracy and dropbox and hulu WHY DO WE NEED AMERICAN VERSIONS OF EVERY SHOW America you are the worst.

  6. We just finished up watching the British version of Broadchurch last night and it was great. I loved that they went further than simply solving the crime in the last episode. I wish David Tenant would keep that fantastic Scotish accent for the American version. Will it be a new story I hope?

  7. That Top Chef recap was awesome. Padma IS the swamp queen! :)

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