Hey, how was your day today? Mine was fine! It’s pretty warm in Brooklyn these days, and it seems like it’s going to be pretty warm for the rest of the week, which isn’t exactly what I’d like. Ah, but no matter HOW much time you spent talking about the weather to people who didn’t care today, your day probably wasn’t nearly as mentally healthy as Damon Lindelof’s! (What?) I’m sure you noticed, but after Breaking Bad‘s finale aired, many people — rather than praise it for itself — praised the way it differed from two other huge, semi-recent season finales — that of The Sopranos and of Lost. While I think that the comparisons to The Sopranos generally focused on how each ending was right for each particular series, there is no doubt that the Lost comparisons were, ah, less flattering. In an essay for The Hollywood Reporter sort of about the season finale of Breaking Bad, Damon Lindelof spent a bit of time talking about that:

Alcoholics are smart enough to not walk into a bar. My bar is Twitter. It’s Comic-Con. It’s anytime someone asks me to write an article even casually relating to Lost.

And what do I do? I jump at the opportunity to acknowledge how many people were dissatisfied with how it ended. I try to be self-deprecating and witty when I do this, but that’s an elaborate (or obvious?) defense mechanism to let people know I’m fully aware of the elephant in the room and I’m perfectly fine with it sitting down on my face and shitting all over me.

And this is how pathetic I’ve become — I’m using an opportunity to put Breaking Bad into the pantheon of best shows ever (where it undeniably belongs) to narcissistically whine about the perceived shortcomings of my own work.

You should read the whole essay (it’s short!) but what it comes down to is that Lindelof has released himself of the pressure to convince others of the merits of Lost‘s ending. He stands by it, but is not going to talk about it anymore. I think that’s great! Y ONLY LIVE O. We should all relieve ourselves of the stress of our perceived shortcomings if they are weighing on us and don’t actually matter, in the grand scheme of things! (If we are murders, though, we should def focus on how bad that is and how we should not be murderers anymore.) So, good. Good for that guy. How about you, though? Good for you guy? HOW WAS YOUR DAY?

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  1. Today a little girl tried to steal a stuffed animal from my work, and her stories about why she was taking it home, and that it was probably hers to begin with, and it’s totally okay, don’t even worry about it, got more and more outlandish, and against my better judgement/experience/professionalism I argued with her for a REALLY long time about it. She was 4, tops.

    I’d say I need a vacation but I already had one so I think I’ll have a drink.

    • What were her arguments? We can’t decide who is right if you don’t specify.

      • -She wanted it.
        -Her sister wanted it and her sister cries when she didn’t get things.
        -She had once “accidentally” taken home a Clifford toy that was ours. So, you know, sometimes things happen.
        -Maybe someone left it here, and they don’t want it anymore.
        -It’s soooooooooooooooooooo cute.
        -It actually already belongs to her, and she knew that WE had one too, and she brought it in so it can meet ours, but she can’t find ours and do I know where it is?
        -I’m just going to go play with this over her for a while.

    • I have one girl in my class (6) who steals and lies constantly. I have to watch her like a hawk or she will steal from the classroom, from other kids, FROM ME. And every time, even when it’s something of mine that she’s taken, she insists that her grandma gave it to her, and she will not back down from this lie. I’m not totally sure how to handle it because they other kids already pick on her so I don’t want to make it a big deal… I sat her down yesterday and had a LONG talk with her, and then a talk with her grandma who happened to pick her up that day, and I am hoping it’s solved :(

      • Oh man, that’s rough. I’ve been in that position with kids before. It’s hard when they just won’t ever ever ever ever admit their lie no matter how stupid it is Maybe adults do this, but not to the same degree, I think people get less ballsy with age. And it’s not as easy as is sounds to just say “I know this isn’t yours. You stole. Give it back.” Working with kids is hard. Thank you for doing it.

        • I’ve had some encounters with adults like that. “Hey, don’t do that!” “I didn’t do that.” “I just saw you do it.” “I didn’t do it.” How do you challenge someone who simply won’t admit whatever it is? At least if they have some sort of creative lie or weaselly way of apologizing, I can figure out how to counter it.

          • I once moved into an apartment that was filthy. The bathroom was moldy, there was loose dog food in the drawers, and it hadn’t even been vacuumed. I didn’t mention any of this to my landlady, I just went on a cleaning binge. Then, when I moved out a year later, she asked me if I’d cleaned the carpets. No, I said, because I couldn’t afford to (which was true, I was very poor). Well, she said, I’ll have to take that out of your safety deposit. “Why?” I asked. “No-one cleaned the carpets before I moved in. The place was a dump.” “That’s not true!” she said. “You know it was spotless!” The audacity of the lie literally took my breath away. If there had been a third party there, maybe I would have understood it, but it was only the two of us and we both knew the truth. So what was the point? Who was she trying to fool? I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream. “Are you fucking serious?” I finally said. She scuttled away from me (using the word “scuttle” seems insulting but she was short and overweight and didn’t wear shoes or socks and didn’t cut her toenails as often as she could have, so it fits) and I had to chase after her to give her my next address, in case there were any legitimate issues to be dealt with.

            In conclusion, choose your fields of battle with more care, adult liars. Or, better yet, grow the fuck up and tell the truth as best you can.

          • Grr, damage deposit, not safety deposit, obvs.

          • Monk: One time I was in an elevator with one other person, and the other person farted very loudly and clearly, and she turned around and gave me the DIRTIEST look and I didn’t know what to do because, uhhh we both know who farted, lady! Similar, but less costly.

          • I blame shaggy

          • I guess replies don’t nest after a while, but this is in response to Spidermonk.

            One of my worst examples was also an apartment manager. She was my upstairs neighbor and had the TV on really loud late at night; I even bought a decibel monitor to prove she was breaking the rules in the building. So, finally I got the stones to complain. I went upstairs and knocked on the door, and she turned down the TV and then came to the door. When I complained about the volume, she said, “I can hardly hear it from here.” I said, “You just turned it down.” And she just totally lied to my face and said she hadn’t.

            The volume situation got better late at night after that, but it just blows my mind when people lie so brazenly.

            And, I don’t know about the law in your state, but, in my state, landlords have to state upfront that they’ll charge for carpet cleaning and such, not that it keeps the cheaters and liars from trying to scam their tenants, but it still helps to know your rights.

      • I say make lemonade: Lower her on a string into a museum and make away with the diamond. She is small enough to fit between the lasers. Tell her if she succeeds, you will let her live. But when you say this, be lying.

        • Maybe rather than let her live, I will let her live with me… because the reason the other kids pick on her (and probably why she steals) is that she constantly has lice and her clothes and shoes are ratty because her family is really trashy, and she lives with her grandparents like every other month because their power keeps getting cut off and she is always talking about her daddy being in court for not paying child support… I just can’t tell if the stealing is for attention, which is easy enough to fix, or because she has nothing compared to these other kids, which is trickier.

  2. My boss is finally out of the hospital, but he’s still not well enough to come back (don’t get pancreatitis, kids, it doesn’t sound fun,) so things at work are really stressful, AND I might be getting a sore throat. I have that almost-but-not-quite sore throat feeling. But otherwise, things are okay. The leaves have all changed and it’s bonkers pretty outside, and I still have some cider left from last weekend.

  3. I am drinking some terrible wine out of a plastic cup right now, but I just heard that someone might be busting open a bottle of Cava in a minute. Sometimes my job has perks. Today was kind of slow, but I had a meeting outside so that’s fine?

    I am going to Kentucky on Friday for a Bourbon extravaganza weekend. I am excited to drink lots of amazing whiskey and then probably have my liver jump out of my body and beg me to stop. Also, apple picking.

  4. I’m sticking to my diet for the most part but today got the better of me and I went to one of those yogurt places where you add your own toppings and I only regret it a little bit. Also I forgot about the John Mayer concert tonight that I promised myself I’d go to, but it’s 2 hours away and I’m just so old and tired and full of despair. Do I drive a total of 4 hours in one evening to see some music when I could stay in town and see Menomea and the Helio Sequence instead? Or better yet, stay home and ice my knee? So many non-problems.

    This week is going slowly, but good freaking lord how is it October already…

  5. im in a tiny office and both of my bosses are leaving so that means i get to basically have risky business in my office for the next two days

  6. My dog ate my debit card.

  7. I have been basically working then taking breaks and adding captions to this picture of my dog. This one says “Shade” – I also added “Judging You” “Work Bitch,” etc.

  8. It started out super shitty. This whole week has been shitty. But then something in me snapped and I might have been short with my boss over an e-mail, but then after that e-mail the tension in my heart was gone and she was nicer and I was nicer and everything worked out. And just now I got home and none of the washers were being used, so I am doing ALL my loads of laundry at the same time.
    Also, I have a phone interview on Monday! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY

  9. My rabbit let me hug him for like three whole minutes.

  10. Today was an excellent day! Nothing awful happened, we got lots done at school today (we played math games and the kids were all SO into it, every single one of them!), and I finished the garbage box I had built for the front of my house, and lugged it out all by myself!! So now I feel like a superhero GIRLS RULE AND BOYS DROOL, I AM SO STRONG!!

  11. Today I learned my reservation for the GRE this weekend was cancelled for no clear reason and I had to reschedule. They made a big deal about not charging me to reschedule, even though they cancelled it? Pretty frustrated with the whole thing, to be honest, but the thing is essentially a voluntary scam I signed up for, so I can’t really complain.

    And I liked both the Lost and the Breaking Bad endings. I sometimes think if Lost had been able to use profanity in the way Breakign Bad did, then people wouldn’t have soured on it so much.

    • Mine is next Wednesday and now you’ve given me something new to get paranoid about!
      Yessssss everything is dumb

      • Directions: Compare Quantity A and Quantity B and select one of the following four answer choices:

        Quantity A
        Signing up for the GRE

        Quantity B
        Being told you can’t take the GRE when you’ve already signed up

        (A) Quantity A is dumber.
        (B) Quantity B is dumber.
        (C) The two quantities are equally dumb.
        (D) The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

    • Good luck! I’ve had to take the GRE twice and it is the worst torture devised by man.

      • I did it twice as well. It is stupid.

      • The GREs make me want to grab all of higher education and shake them and say “NO! NO. You need to get off your ass and think of a REAL way to decide who should be in your graduate program. No more of this bullshit. Get back to work!”

        • I ended up going to grad school and the school knew I took the GRE and didn’t want to see my scores. Well, that was a complete waste of time and money.

  12. My day was bad, I don’t wanna talk about it. Let’s talk about Revenge instead!

    Holy moly, did anybody see that season premiere? I was SO MAD when it was on, but now I think I’m in love with it? It’s probably some sort of Stockholm Syndrome type of thing. I just don’t even understand how it happened. Like, maybe they ended season 2 without knowing where everything was leading? Or else people were maaaaad and made them go back to more of a season 1 style? I don’t know exactly what happened, but they BASICALLY just had Nolan say “It’s a good thing I implemented that secret plan that I never mentioned before to undo all the bad stuff that happened last year, now let’s never speak of it again!” THAT IS NOT EVEN FAR OFF FROM WHAT HE ACTUALLY SAID. It was perfect in every way.

    • I didn’t realize it had started again! I must watch it even though it got really bad last season! Does Nolan wear something ridiculous? Please tell me Nolan wears something ridiculous.

    • Nolan made that episode. And the new photo with a big X on it. I hope it ends with her getting shot and the season caps out at 3 because just tell the story and move on. Then use that extra hour to give me more insane green screen Once Upon a Time madness. Mostly just Lacey hustling everyone at that dirty bar.

    • I’m thrilled that Declan is dead and I like this new, darker Jack Porter. So far I love it, but I’m worried about this Aiden business.

  13. Today is the last day of my mini-vacation and I gave myself three projects to do during my time off and I have accomplished one and a half of them which is actually better than I expected. I had a really, really horrible day right in the middle of it when I was going home to the suburbs to celebrate my mom’s birthday/watch Breaking Bad and I missed my train by literally 30 seconds, like I actually saw it roll away before my eyes, because the brown line took forever for reasons that may or may not have been related to the fact that Transformers 4 was filming downtown at the time, so I’m really mad at Michael Bay right now, like moreso than usual. So because of weekend schedules, the next train wasn’t for two hours so I sat there playing Plants vs. Zombies forever and ever and when I finally got off the train there was nobody there to get me, because apparently my family thought I was taking a different line and therefore my mom was in a completely different city and didn’t have her cell phone so I had to sit at a picnic table for 45 minutes watching a lady doing burpees under a tree by the side of the road before finally being picked up.

    In comparison to that even if I had had to go to work today it would have been a perfectly fine day! I should be practicing for my music class right now because I volunteered to sing one of the songs we’re playing tonight and I will probably embarrass myself, but whatever. I just started watching Broadchurch so I don’t expect to accomplish anything productive for the next while.

  14. I’m pretty sure the world is conspiring to make me get a stuffed pizza. A real one. Also I’m in a super cranky mood because Christmas is already cancelled and a project I was working on got scrapped, or my paycheck for that project got scrapped. So I am going to take a nap and dream of 40 pounds of cheese and spinach imported from Chicago. I love you stuffed pizza. I love you more than certain members of my family that are total assholes and ruined a holiday almost three months before it even started.

    • Don’t worry, even if Christmas i cancelled, you can always watch this:

      • I think I’m going to watch that before my nap. Thank you.

        • I just looked up Super Buddies and found <a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2999390/reviews?ref_=tt_urv"this review:

          It’s Illuminati
          11 August 2013 | by asymonette (United States) – See all my reviews

          what a joke this movie is. Filled with Illuminati trying to kill us with this crap. F__k you Disney go to hell, oh wait you are hell. haha ten lines there is no ten lines this is just pure waste of money if that’s what you call it this film is just pure stupid there is no other explanation for it.

          Do what you have to do with this review I can care less NWO is here and they take down anyones review if they don’t like it or feel the need to be on their precious website. Martial Laws been here since Abe Lincoln so everyone revolt and pretect yourself for whats about to come. Most of us already know.

          Um, the Super Buddies are in the Illuminati???

  15. I sometimes take a walk around 2:00 at work just to clear my computer brain.

    And six weeks ago there was a public notice on this very big, gnarled tree near the water that said a city arborist (wut) had decided the tree was diseased and it was slated to be cut down. Several days later, hand-painted signs went up on the tree. “I’m not sick! Don’t cut me down! I provide shade to the neighborhood” etc, with a Facebook group to join. One day I saw a group gathered around the tree, clearly discussing plans to save it.

    Anyway, they cut it down yesterday. I saw part of the process on my walk. They used a crane and at least four workers and it was very involved.

    Today there was a small pot of flowers someone had left where the tree was.

  16. I think the kids in my class are actually learning something from me! It’s amazing! They’re discussing art, they’re asking questions, they’re using critical thinking skills! The younglings aren’t as bad as I’ve imagined them to be!

    I applied for summer teaching yesterday, so fingers crossed that I get that. I’ve also got my last semester of course work lined out in the spring, so woo! Now I just need to figure out how to fund my dissertation research. London is soooo expensive…ah well.

    • fun fact: you can survive off of potatoes quite easily. It’s how I could afford London. Worth it, because I go to go to the V&A at least once a week.

      • I read that mashed potatoes are even better since milk and butter add extra nutrients, but that could have just been a lie I told myself before eating 17 pounds of mashed potatoes in a sitting.

        I have no regrets.

      • Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll just eat super cheap, and I’ll be doing research in archives and museums so easy access to those kinds of things. It’s just the whole “roof over my head and wifi connection” deals. Plus, I walk everywhere anyway, so that’s not so bad.

    • What’s your dissertation topic?

      • Um, it’s super dull and it’s just in the planning stages at the moment, but I plan on comparing the Art Union movement in the US during the 1840s with similar movements in Britain in the 19th Century. My working theory is that there’s something going on in the Anglo world at this time that making them want to teach the lower classes morals through art. Which conveniently means I’ll need to go to London to do research!

    • Take me with yooooooou.

  17. I am staying at work late which is kind of handy since now I have an reason to not go to my art class and stay home and watch the first two episodes of Sleepy Hollow and eat pizza. So, silver lining!

  18. I had a pretty good day. Had lunch with a fun co-worker and am eating takeout for dinner right now. I’m going to take a short nap, go for a quick walk and then sit down and enjoy episode after episode of The C Word. I just discovered this series and downloaded season one. I saw the pilot and am intrigued.

  19. Good day, good week. I had hoped i would have more videogumtime this week since i am not at work, but sadly i have been super busy until too late and up and going too early. I did get to see Chicago from a Very Tall Building last night, that was awesome. I hope to come back someday when i can have more time for fun.

  20. Today, everything I touched turned to poop. Like King Midas’s cousin, Queen Excrementa.

    • This is awkward, I do not wish to pick at nits, but I believe your genealogy is erroneous. If memory serves, Queen Excrementa was the first-born daughter of King Olvin and Lady Liln, and the successor to the throne of Archenland. Records from that time are sparse indeed but I once possessed a copy of “Observing the Archenland Royals Through a Lens Warped by the Passage of Ages” by Archyvion Mefforio and I do not recall any mention of a King Midas.

      Oh. You were speaking in jest. Now I see what you did there.

  21. I’ve been sleeping terribly lately, but i have been getting a lot of work done and i have clarified my end date and covered all the stuff im going to do telecommuting wise from NY. I will be going to 2 beerfests and a coffeefest this weekend so that should be drunk fun. I am going to go get a grilled cheese in a minute for lunch so thats good. But yea being awake 21 hours each day is ruining me. OH but i did watch 2 seasons of Hart of Dixie and that show is super cute.

  22. I’m a little bit embarrassed to post this comment because I haven’t visited VG for awhile (I went back to school–yay for me!–and I’ve been busy), but can anyone tell me what happened to Gabe? I like Kelly just fine; I’m just curious.

  23. you guys i’m so hungry. you guys. uuuuugh. my shift at work got extended by four hours, which is nice, because i am SUPER broke and more hours equals more money, but i haven’t eaten all day, and i didn’t bring anything to eat and i literally have two dollars in my bank account, and I JUST WANT A BURRITO. r.i.p. father time, he died as he lived: constantly thinking about burritos.

  24. Does Damon know what an alcoholic is? They defs don’t know when not to walk into the bar

  25. My day was kind of crappy but I’m going to watch hockey and have a few pumpkin beers so don’t worry about me.

  26. Ahhhhhh you guys I am trying to do my homework (watch The Innkeepers) but I live in a creepy old house and my roommate is out of town and I have a scary murder basement and I am way too spooked!!!!

    • Just call the police now. There’s like a 70% chance there is a headless horseman in your barn.

    • Yeah, I would like to participate in Monster Family Time, but I don’t know if I can handle the scary movies unless they are very silly, because I will freak myself out.

    • I managed to get through it by turning the volume way down and watching the scary parts not-in-full-screen (in tiny screen? how would you put that?). Very good movie. So scary! Excited to talk about it with you guys tonight!!

  27. I’ve had about 2 weeks notice that we have to move our office on this coming Saturday and I am the office manager. I think you can imagine the world of stress it’s been for me lol. Not to mention I have school and I had a paper due that had several due dates. Today has been awful, this week has been awful and the rest of the week will be awful. Probably also a good chunk of next week will be as well.

  28. My day was pretty good!

    Work was fine, Orlando is still intact, nothing huge to report.

    I got dinner with my bffl at this nifty casual Italian place. It’s kind of like a Moe’s or Chipotle style thing, except with pasta! And we gossiped and hashed out some recent wedding/bridesmaid drama (someone we know was kicked out of a wedding!)

    Now I am digesting my pasta and regretting my decision not to get up early to exercise, because I really need to, but it’s getting so late and I’m still so full of pasta!

    Also, I’m about to start reading Greg Sestero’s book The Disaster Artist, about his time making The Room, and I am totes excited!

  29. My day was pretty good, I volunteered for a cool foundation all day, came home early, watched The Innkeepers, and made broccoli cheddar soup for the terrific mr. truck. This weekend I’m going to visit my family to go to a football game and celebrate my niece’s 1st birthday!!! Also the playoffs start tomorrow and I’m going to wear an El Oso Blanco shirt so we win!!!

  30. My mom took a ten foot fall about a month ago and landed on a sawhorse, leaving a two inch deep gash in her thigh. She hasn’t been feeling very well since then but yesterday it became infected, or its infection became severe (I don’t really know what the incubation period for infections is) and she had to go to the hospital, almost delirious with fever. They fed her eight bags of antibiotics intravenously in just a few hours. I tend to avoid situations that make me feel helpless (not always an admirable quality) so I went to see The Grandmaster in the theater, as I had been planning to before all this happened. Overall, I liked it, but I could tell that it had been kind of butchered for western audiences.

    So today I bought her the book that was featured on last night’s Daily Show, The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida, a thirteen year old autistic kid, translated into English by David Mitchell (author of Cloud Atlas and others) and his wife, because last night when I was talking to my mom on the phone I asked her if there were any books she’d like to read and she said whatever, any book, and that she’d really liked the last book I gave her, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet by David Mitchell. So when I turned on the Daily Show almost immediately after that and saw David Mitchell talking about this other book, it seemed like too great a synchronicity to not mean anything. I don’t know if I believe in synchronicity but it can’t hurt to remain open to the possibility.

    Then I sat on the balcony of my favourite pub while my laundry went round and round at the nearby laundromat and opened the book up to make sure it was a good gift and read it from cover to cover. Guys, it’s fucking amazing. Read it. It’ll only take you an hour or so.

    Then home to slam a couple cups of coffee so I wouldn’t appear obviously buzzed when I visited my mom in the hospital. My sister and one-year-old nephew were there and it was good to see them (my nephew and I sword-fought: he had a Get Well card on a plastic stick and I had a Get Well balloon) but then they left, and I could feel the old hospital dread crawling up my leg. I guess my mom could tell I was drifting into my own private universe of horror because she hid where the IV needle was stuck into her arm under her blanket and then pulled the blanket up to her chin to cover her heart monitor. The worst thing about hospitals is that they’re so fucking quiet. Like, if Death were actively stalking the halls with its scythe resting against its bony shoulder, that would almost be preferable. Instead, it’s quiet, shhh, so quiet, until far away you hear an alarming series of beeps. And then it’s quiet again, and you have no idea what the beeping meant, or if it meant anything.

    I don’t know what all this rambling means. I often worry that someone I know in real life will visit this site and realize who I am and wonder, “What’s up with the over-sharing?” Because, what is up with it? I don’t know. Sometimes it just makes it easier to throw this stuff out there for the amusement of people I don’t really know. Not so much to distance myself from it, so that I can view it from a detached perspective (although that’s probably in there), but because… I don’t know. There are some things you can’t say to the people who care about you without making them worry about you, and I already talk to myself too much.

    • Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she recovers quickly. Sending prayers your way.

      • Thanks. My mom believes in the power of prayer so hopefully that’ll help. Whereas praying for me would be so many White Coins of Onan misspent on my desert soul.

        I phrased that as a joke but I genuinely suspect that that’s how it works. So really, thank you. She’s doing a lot better than she was.

    • Oh man, people trying to hide that they’re sick because they don’t want to make other people feel bad, and people trying to hide that your sickness makes them feel bad so as not to make you feel bad, is such a depressing merry-go-round. Your parents live on Van Island right? Or am I remembering that wrong? I hope your mom gets better soon because it is way too pretty this time of year to spend it in a hospital bed!!

    • I hope your mom gets well soon. Hospitals are scary in that all the drama and emergencies are so quiet. I’ve been to many instances (not myself as a patient, but family members) and it fills you with quiet, almost primal dread that creeps like black mold up a wall. Hope you feel better as well.

  31. Yesterday was meh. I fell asleep at like 7Pm and awoke at 11PM to the sound of a mouse burrowing in my living room wall (ceiling). Then I went back to bed and had a really vivid dream that Helena Bonham Carter was a vampire and her husband was Dracula, and they both wanted to suck my blood, but he did it to a kid and killed her so I plead for mercy and won Helena’s sympathy and she bit me instead. It was such a scary dream because it felt so real. I felt the life slipping out of me as she was drinking my blood, like fading before passing out, and then Dracula was like “you’ve gotta stop, she’s fading” to vampire Helena Bonham Carter.
    Oh, I also saw a corgi tied up at the post office vestibule. I left and came back to take a picture, but I had to give it my all to not kidnap the beautiful creature.

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