• Do you forget what the cast of Game of Thrones looks like? Well, remember what they look like with these set pictures from the upcoming season! -ONTD
  • Norm Macdonald does not think that the end of Breaking Bad played out in reality — he thinks, instead, that it was all just Walter White’s fantasy about how he wanted his life to end. If it didn’t seem that everything should be taken at face value, based on how Vince Gilligan has been talking about the episode, it would be a pretty compelling theory, actually! -Uproxx
  • You can watch the blooper reel from This Is the End online, and you should, because blooper reels are the best part of movies. I haven’t been able to watch this particular one yet but I don’t have to. I know the truth! -/Film
  • Hey, Fox has ordered John Mulaney’s sitcom Mulaney to series! Proving again that Fox is our generation’s last couple years of NBC. -Splitsider
  • Mia Farrow says Frank Sinatra might be her son’s father. I say who cares about who your father is when Mia Farrow is your mother! -FilmDrunk
  • Rob Schneider won’t make any more movies unless you vote republican? I don’t know, you figure it out! -DeathAndTaxes
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  1. I’d be real mad if I had to spend my whole like around Woody Allen, when I could have been hanging out with the Rat Pack. Stay strong, Ronan!

  2. Republicans have a tough choice to make.

  3. Did Norm Macdonald steal this “dream theory” from Emily Nussbaum, or did Emily Nussbaum steal this dream theory from Norm Macdonald? Please say the first one.

  4. I actually kind of like Norm McDonald’s theory!*

    *This is a sentence I never thought I would type.

  5. rob schneider is (Record scratch) a douchy republican!
    rated PG-13

  6. If they’re filming GOT why can’t we see it yet!!! I want it NOW

  7. “It’s cool, Rob, we’re good.” -America

  8. Hooray for Mulaney! This means that Nasim Pedrad is going to leave SNL now, right? Miss you, Nasim.

  9. Can we talk about Rob Schneider’s stupid vitamin business and the supplement industry in general? Did you know that, unlike FDA regulated drugs, supplements are not tested at all by the FDA? That means that anyone can just get a bunch of random ingredient and sell them to the public without the authorization of any medical experts. Remember the whole ephedra thing, where people started dying because of the popularity of the supplement? The government had to wait for people to die in order to regulate it because of that stupid supplement law. Also, unless your doctor suggest or prescribes it, you don’t really need any supplements if you eat a balanced diet. Of course your stupid business should be regulated, you are a snake oil salesman! ANGRY.GIF!

  10. I have so much love for Norm MacDonald that it really pains me to see his Twitters. Why do people repost the same thing on Twitter 3 times with slightly different wording?! This is a common occurrence and I don’t get it!

    Plus, even ignoring the smaller inconsistencies with this theory, Walt didn’t know that Jesse was locked up in a dungeon as a meth slave, so there goes that stupid plan!

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