Hey, this might be fun! I don’t know about you, but I love to watch spooky movies during the month of October. There’s nothing like putting on a sweater, grabbing a pumpkin spice latte from your local cafe, jumping into a big pile of leaves, making a squash risotto, and putting on a good horror flick in the early autumn. So I thought we might do that last one together! (Sort of!) The deal would be that we’d decide, in this post, on some horror movies to watch — they can either be good spooky or silly spooky, but they have to be SPOOKY — and they can’t be HUMAN CENTIPEDEY — and I’d pick the four that seem to have the most support, and arrange them into a weekly schedule. (Which I will post this Friday. October 4.) Then we’d talk about them on Thursdays! You’re probably thinking, “Oh, but there are actually five Thursdays in this October? Eek, how embarrassing,” but UH-YEAH I KNOW THERE ARE FIVE THURSDAYS IN THIS OCTOBER. But I have taken the liberty of making our first choice, because I waited too long to ask for your input. Things can get away from all of us sometimes, I’M ONLY HUMAN! Our first choice is a movie that I have never seen before: The Inkeepers. It is on Netflix Instant, came out in 2011, and is about ghosts. The reviews are mixed. Sounds like the PERFECT start to the thing I waited a bit too long to initially bring up! We’ll discuss it tomorrow! So, what do you say? What movies do you want to watch and discuss? Are you excited about watching The Inkeepers if you didn’t have any other plans tonight? Haha? Tell me what movies you want to watch, let’s get the spooky ball rolling! (Scary movie image via Shutterstock.)

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  1. Dracula 3000

  2. You know what else is on Netflix Instant? I’ll give you a hint… They’re all buddies! SPOOKY BUDDIES!

  3. young frankenstein.

  4. I love this idea!

  5. Yes! I will mos def watch this while folding my laundry by myself in my darkened apartment with my back to the window. (I will watch 15 minutes, get too scared, and then not touch another scary movie until next October. I have a low threshold for spookiness.)

  6. The Craft. Everyone loves the Craft!

  7. For completely selfish reasons I’m going to throw Red Riding Hood into the ring because I am currently 14 pages into a recap of it and it is really a very stupid movie and I don’t want to have watched it in vain. Or one of the Twilights. I don’t like real scares but I do like laughing at the teens!

  8. i humbly suggest John Carpenter’s The Thing cuz it’s hands down the greatest

  9. House (Hausu).

  10. Good spooky: The Haunting (the 1963 version, not that abomination with Catherine Zeta-jones)

    Silly spooky: I was going to say Young Frankenstein, so my thunder has already been stolen. Hocus Pocus? Which I totally don’t still watch every year?

    OOH also: Paranorman! That was great.

  11. Have you guys watched The Bay? With the freaky mutant bugs in the water that infest a small seaside town? Holy crap it’s so scary! Mainly because it seems all too plausible that something like this could actually happen. It’s also one of the only shaky cam type horror movies that isn’t complete garbage. And it’s on Netflix!


  12. Cabin in the Woods is the only horror movie I actually have ever liked in my entire life, so I vote that one.

  13. Actually, MONSTER HOUSE is pretty great for an off-brand (i.e., non-Pixar) 3D animated movie. It’s not scary, obviously, but it has a very charming, Ray Bradbury sort of feel, and if we want something more family-friendly… that’s my rec!

  14. The Orphanage.

    • Is Orphan available? That movie is HILARIOUS.

    • Ohhh, yeah. This movie scared me so much that I just sat there in the theater thinking “I DON’T WANT TO BE WATCHING THIS MOVIE AHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO MAKE IT STOP!” but I couldn’t leave because I was working at the theater that night and still had to tear tickets for the late show. But even though it was very traumatizing for me I thought it was very good and spookily pretty!

    • I am so down for The Orphanage. artdork and I were planning on watching it this month anyway (as well as We Are What We Are and The Devil’s Backbone) (Right, artdork?! RIGHT?!) so a family viewing might be kinda the best.

  15. Let’s watch Rosemary’s Baby for the 50 millionth time cause it’s the best horror movie ever.

  16. Beware! Children at Play! is the best scary movie and I am willing to fight anyone who says otherwise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBx1XdRsKks

  17. Gravity, which conveniently comes out October 4, is supposedly terrifying, but I imagine not really in a Halloween type way, so just pretend like I didn’t type that (why didn’t I delete it? Mysteries all around us)

    Another one that might not fit really but this one definitely creeped me the fuck out more than most horror movies have is Alien.

    OK NOW MY ACTUAL SUGGESTION: I Know What You Did Last Summer. Which potentially fits both categories of actual spooky and silly spooky, since it scared the shit out of me when I first saw it at age 6, but I haven’t seen it since and my vague memory of some of the plot points make me think it would definitely be hilarious now as an adult.

  18. I am suggesting M, the silent German film. Or any silent film where people look right into the camera and their eyes kind of glow. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

  19. Can we watch a bunch of Treehouse of Horrors???

  20. I have seen this movie! SPOILER ALERT I liked it! END SPOILERS

  21. When I was younger, I though Pet Sematary was terrifying, so I vote for that.


  22. The 5 best horror movies not set in space of all time are:
    1) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original, obviously)
    2) Rosemary’s Baby
    3) The Exorcist
    4) It doesn’t matter what you put here. The other 3 are better and there’s approximately a 12-way tie for this spot anyway. Like Session 9, The Descent, Evil Dead 1 & 2, The Thing, Psycho, Nightmare on Elm Street, Possession, Let the Right One In, etc etc.
    5) Alien, which even makes the list of ones not set in space.

    I’m not voting and I would watch Innkeepers but probably I won’t. If any of you post a very dumb opinion about a movie I will alert you. That is all.

    • The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one I’ve “wanted” to see for a long time but it’s impossible to locate if you don’t want to buy it. Netflix DVD seems like the only option as no streaming services ever have it…and that means it’s probably not a good choice for VG family viewing, unfortunately.

      I like the Psycho recommendation because Hitchcock is almost never time wasted. Frenzy is also a good creepy one.

  23. I like this idea! I nominate Audition, but you all have to watch it the way I did: by falling asleep during the first 30 minutes, where it seem like a really boring romantic comedy, and then waking up towards the end and being completely bewildered by what is happening on your screen.

    • this is how big a baby I am: I helped a projectionist friend load Audition onto the platter (technical projection terms, LADIES) and later had nightmares about the print of the movie coming to torture me

  24. What about creepy movies? I vote:

    Black Moon
    Anything by Alejandro Jodorowsky
    Aguirre, Wrath of God
    Come and See

  25. Actually, now that I think about it, my vote goes to the spookiest movie of them all:

  26. I don’t really like horror movies, so I will probably only watch the silly ones. Unless we watch Hitchcock, cause those are the best movies.

    Creature from the Black Lagoon
    The Mummy (the original one and/or the Brendan Frasier)

  27. Troll 2 is pretty fun/not really scary.

  28. For silly, I adore Troll Hunter.
    For scary I like Session 9, The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, Let the Right One In, and Don’t Look Now (featuring hot, naked Donald Sutherland.)

  29. OH! I know! Rare Exports! It’s a Christmas movie, but a spooky one!

  30. What are people’s thoughts on Repo!: the Genetic Opera? It’s got people sing-speaking all their lines, a gritty dystopian future, and both Sarah Brightman (my mom loves her) AND Paris Hilton. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR??

  31. This is really gonna mess up my Netflix suggestions but I’ll do it because I want to be part of the family.

  32. Oh, I also very much enjoyed The Host (the 2006 Korean one) and Suspiria (the 70s Italian one)

  33. cluke  |   Posted on Oct 2nd, 2013 +4

    hocus pocus

  34. TEETH. I totally forgot Teeth! It is both funny AND horrifying.

    vaginas are scary, guys.

  35. Sleepaway Camp – you get 80 minutes of unintentionally homoerotic 80s teen B-slasher to lull you into a false sense of security, then HOLY FUCK WHAT IS THIS ENDING I AM SCARRED FOR LIFE

  36. Oh my god, I love this idea and I’m so excited! My biggest wish is that the posts would be at a time of day that I could participate in real time, so, you know, before 7am or after 7pm. NO BIG DEAL I’M SURE!

    But for real, what a great idea. I’ve always wanted to see Alice Sweet Alice (always=ever since I saw a list of scary movies with masks on flavorwire, about a month ago). But I don’t know if it’s easily available.

  37. Ok it’s not really Halloween but I was always SPOOKED out of my mind with Return to Oz. The Wheelies?! Come on you guys! This probably says a lot about my threshold for scary things…


    stuff that’s on netflix:
    -evil dead 1 & 2
    -the thing
    -rosemary’s baby
    -the frighteners
    -event horizon
    -tucker & dale vs. evil
    -cabin in the woods
    -troll hunter
    -pet sematary
    -killer klowns from outer space
    -the people under the stairs
    -mad monster party

    also, house (hausu) isn’t on netflix, but i think it’s on hulu?

  39. I love scary movies, but no one will every watch them with me :( . So i end up watching them alone and then being scared. The ring really scared me when it came out and i think its because you got cursed by watching tv and that is all i do. I love Friday the 13th and for some terrible reason the texas chainsaw massacre with Matthew Mcconaughey and Renee Zelwigger . I also liked devil ( M NIGHTTT).

  40. I dunno if it’s on Netflix, but Pontypool is a pretty interesting take on the whole zombie thing. Warning: it’s Canadian as fuck to the point of bilingualism being an important plot point.

  41. If we want to go with unsettling and disturbing in a way that really sticks with you rather than proper scary, may I suggest Night of the Hunter? It’s an old black and white movie about a creepy preacher with LOVE and HATE tattooed on his knuckles who terrorizes two children to try and get them to tell him where their dad hid the money he stole.

  42. 83 comments and no one has suggested Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge. SMH

  43. The Purge comes out next week. Let’s all #PURGE our local Redbox vendors for this instant classic.

  44. The House of the Devil, all the way! Same director as The Innkeepers but so much more interesting and creepy.

  45. Ones not to watch that are available on Netflix (I will watch a horror movie any day, even if they’re bad):

    The Tall Man
    Silent House
    The Pact
    Stake Land
    Don’t be Afraid of the Dark
    The Awakening

    I watched these and was not into ‘em. The Tall Man was just so bad.

    Movies I have been meaning to watch on Netflix:

    ParaNorman (Obv. silly spooky)
    Pet Sematary (Don’t know anything about this)
    Slither (I’m told this is scary-silly)

    The Innkeepers was a pretty good movie for its lack of budget. Ti West is all about low-budget horror flicks. V/H/S is a bit difficult to get into but the pay-off is great. The only other one of his I saw was not great despite a small cameo by Lena Dunham. It’s called The House of the Devil. No good.

  46. Sleepaway Camp! See why my avatar is so clever!

  47. If I miss the opening song in The Nightmare Before Christmas which I must sing along with (complete with monster voices), I can’t fully enjoy the movie.

    Trick ‘R Treat which I discovered early last year or late 2011 is scary, and I like to save that for Halloween week.

  48. I know it is late in the game but I also thought of a couple more: a slasher called Pieces, or maybe John Carpenter’s The Fog.

  49. I saw “Would You Rather?” for the first time a few weeks ago and would highly recommend it. It has a similar setup to Clue with the bunch of strangers invited to a dinner party thing, but over the evening they’re forced to compete in weird contests of “would you rather?” decision-making, which involve either inflicting pain on yourself or the others. Super creepy, super spooOoOOOoOoooOOoky.

  50. I recommend movie Tucked and Dale vs Evil as silly spooky

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