• Oops, a poster for Diana had to be removed from Princess Diana’s death site. :-/ Whoops whoops whoops! #mondays -FilmDrunk
  • “B*TCH” – Michael Cera -Stereogum
  • Musical comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates (Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci) are getting their own IFC series. The first season will debut in 2014 and consist of 10 episodes. -Splitsider
  • NextMovie spoke with Tony Danza (Don Jon‘s Tony Danza) about Don Jon, porn, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and privatization of schools. -NextMovie
  • Oh my god, Courtney Stodden. What will become of Courtney Stodden? Will anyone ever care about Courtney Stodden? Won’t someone help Courtney Stodden? -Dlisted
  • Did Walter White really [spoiler]?! This guy says no! I mean Vince Gilligan says yes, but what if it’s all a lie? What if the show comes back next season and it was a lie?! The greatest trick the devil ever played was [spoiler]! -TheAtlantic
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  1. This is about the Walter White thing – SPOILERS! DUH!

    I admit that wasn’t the most obviously fatal wound, but end-stage lung cancer probably made it so he didn’t have the strength to fight, right?

  2. Hey, could Joseph Gordon-Levitt get out of my face for five minutes? I feel like everywhere I turn there is a Don Jon ad and I am not cool with it.

    • Oh my god I know. I have been a JGL fan for a long time, like since 10 Things I Hate About You days, but can the internet chill out about Don Jon? It’s not even supposed to be good, like duh, it’s the first movie directed by an actor and while sometimes those are good (Whip It) I don’t think we need to collectively shit our pants and let JGL art-direct IMDB for a day or whatever the f that was.

      • I was into Jogo for a minute, but now I do not like him. My friend says it’s like Jogo is my exboyfriend who I hate but who I would make out with if we were drunk at a party. So this has been a very difficult time for me.

      • WHIP IT is so good! I need to own that on DVD right now.

        I love JGL to death, but Don Jon looks so terrible. I’m just going to ride the wave until his next project, since the Don Jon stuff should die down soon.

        But it’s really hard for me to be annoyed because I really like his face and dancing skills.

      • Ummm, what about Mr. Gosling’s upcoming directorial debut? Granted, I can’t say for sure, but witha synposis like “A single mother enters into a dark lifestyle, while her son uncovers a road leading to an underwater utopia,” how could it NOT be great?!

      • I really liked Don Jon (as did my boyfriend, who picked out the film for us to go see). I didn’t realize it was “not even supposed to be good”. I thought it was funny and had decent heart if a little flabby and repetitive before the final act. The flaws didn’t really distract from the story for me. Most of the characters could be seen as stereotypes, but I think the script did a decent job of giving them moments of humanity.

        I mean, if you hate JGL, why bother, but I don’t think the movie is “supposed” to be terrible by any means. Then again, for perspective, I like smaller films and have a high tolerance for sweet (this movie does have sweetness). I also basically had the reaction folks are describing here to the Don Jon trailer to the Pacific Rim one. Different tastes.

    • The trailer for Don Jon is the kind of aggressive that if you only saw it once it would haunt you for a year.

  3. Guys, don’t look at those pictures of Courtney Stodden unless you feel like getting really upset about the world we have to live in today.

  4. The interviewer in that Tony Danza link says a “not” joke and probably hated transcribing that part.

  5. A female comedy duo gets its own show? Well, oooookay, IFC — hope you like jokes about the three S’s: shopping, shoes, and salads, and the one P: periods, because that’s what you just bought a season of.

    Excuse me, two episodes of. No way this debacle lasts a season.

    • “Sup girlfriends! Wanna go shoe shopping with me? We could get lunch at that salad place nearby!!”
      “No thanks, I’m on my period!”

  6. The greatest trick the devil ever played was [spoiler]! Ha ha ha!!

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