I’m not sure which one we are, but we are definitely one of the elements of this video. (Via Gawker.)

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  1. bye bunny. come back soon say hi.

  2. (This cat is only sad because he wanted to eat the bunny. What a dick.)

  3. “Don’t just put my kid down in the middle of a field in broad daylight you jerks! How did you ever become the dominate species with such horrendous survival instincts?!” -Mrs Rabbit

  4. “Everything’s coming up Milhouse!” –the hawk, assuming his name is Milhouse

  5. Today I am the upside-down Little Tikes basketball hoop, but with pumpkin ale.

  6. learned this lesson TWICE when I was a kid. once just like this video, and once with a baby bird and a roadrunner (raptors be raptin’). for all its docile exterior, the country is a messed up place.

  7. When my childhood dog was a rambunctious puppy, he killed a baby bunny and brought it to us because rad gift. We were HORRIFIED. We didn’t really yell but we sat him down and told him not to kill bunnies because it was very mean. From that point on (almost 15 years!!) the rabbits and bunnies would hop past him on my parents’ lawn and Sailor would turn the other way — literally. He would turn his head so that he didn’t see the bunnies. Eventually they really started destroying my dad’s garden and he rued the day he taught his dog-son not to kill bunnies. But watching an 85 pound lab literally move his head to let the bunny or rabbit know that it could pass (or whatever the yard interspecies dynamics were at that time), was super entertaining. My dog was pretty indifferent to them too, but after we stopped visiting (because we moved across the continent), my mom said that all sorts of animals would show up, mostly foxes. The foxes also didn’t kill the bunnies. Now that I think about it, I’m kind of afraid of those bunnies.

  8. At least the bunny got some exercise before being taloned to death.

    • I just watched sifl and ollie for the first time, at the recommendation of a dog-park acquainance and the first clip I watched was chester talking about a squirrel. Oh man, your avatar and comment are so on point here, and I’m glad I now have the background knowledge to appreciate why.

  9. Um, Kelly? I love wild bunnies. Like you love Aaron Paul. Why would you break my heart on Friday afternoon? Why? I survived this week and now…this? Oh, Kelly. I am very disappointed in you.

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