• The ladies of Parks and Recreation spend a ton of money on clothes. Also can I borrow $3,000 or actually just have it, please? (For clothes?) -Jezebel
  • Junior Masterchef premieres on Fox tonight and it looks very silly. We’re going to talk about it on Monday, so be prepared! (If you want to!) (Or don’t, live your life!)  -JuniorMasterchef
  • Slate, masochist that it is, has put together a supercut of every bad thing that has ever happened to Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. OUR SWEET BABY! (There are lots of bad things that have happened to him.) -Slate
  • Robert Downey Jr. owns a six-foot flying RC Iron Man. -FilmDrunk
  • Apparently Game of Thrones‘s fourth season will have the biggest death count yet. I still haven’t gotten through the first season, do lots of people die on that show? (Jk.) (I know people die.) (No-JK about not having gotten through the first season though.) -/Film
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  1. That Jezebel article bugged me for many reasons. Costumers wouldn’t be able to use clothes that actually would make sense in Pawnee, especially not on a primetime show with beautiful actors. If you’re going to nitpick like that, why not bring up that no one in Pawnee seems to be morbidly obese, even though the jokes refer to it all the time? Oh because it’s American television on prime time used to sell ads, not some HBO or AMC show? Well, okay…

    Also now I know where to get that sweater I was eyeballing. And now I know it’s at J.Crew so it’s going to have a lifespan of 3 months so I’ll pass. (Sweater shopping is a pain in the ass.)

    Sometimes that site just complains to hear their own voice. And I’m saying that as a person who absolutely complains to hear my own voice for 80 percent of my day.

  2. Oh man, Kelly, season 3 of Game of Thrones is like the emotional equivalent of taking a box of puppies you hand raised, putting them in a cardboard box, and smashing it with a hammer. Keep watching though.


  4. Watching the RDJ thing led me back to the Iron Baby video. Man, that is a good Iron Baby video. 10/10 would watch an entire baby Avengers movie. If directed with the same care, abandon, cuteness and irreverence as this vid was, it would be amazing.


  5. I don’t know about this Junior Masterchef stuff, but for sure you guys should all be watching the Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri kids cooking show on Sundays. It’s a real roller coaster ride of charming and horrifying emotions.

    • My parents saw Guy Fieri yesterday! He has been in a different gas-guzzling tank car every time they have seen him, this time it was a black Ferari.

      • Do his cars have flame decals on them? Because I’m going to go ahead and assume that they do.

        • I second this assumption.

        • The first one was a golden yellow giant SUV truck, then a black corvette convertible with a racing stripe that was a convertible, which my mom has now seen him drive twice. She thought it was a ferari but my dad corrected her and said it was a corvette.

          His new vineyard of old vine pinot noir grapes (that is still being held in permittown because his additions will mess up an animal and wetland preserve/watershed) is not that far from where they live, so I have a feeling they’ll see him more and more. I hope that means that I get to see him too — or not. I like riding my bike on that beautiful rural street and now it will be filled with Fieri fans instead of the protected ecological wetland stuff and pretty old vineyards that made it so fun for bike riding.

          Also, I’m really worried about what he will do with those awesome grapes. He’ll probably add hot sauce and tequila for added kick.

      • Aaah, the old Fieri Ferari.

      • “Every time??? Are your parents stalking Guy Fieri?!

        • They moved to Flavortown in 2009 and have seen him 3 times — twice in the past two or three months. Usually he’s behind them in traffic, so I will assume he’s stalking them.

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