Parks and Recreation is back! Ugh, it’s so nice to see all of our beautiful friends with their perfect skin again, one of them now much thinner than he used to be. The hour-long premiere introduced a lot of new elements to the series: Ron is married now, with a baby on the way; Ann and Chris also have a baby on the way; Tom found out that his competitor is Jean-Ralphio and Mona Lisa’s dad; and Ron shared, I hope, a character-altering idea with Leslie — that she isn’t doing her job to be thought well of and thanked by everyone. Parks and Recreation, though it is wonderful, can feel stuck sometimes on the fact that its characters have changed since the first season. It’s always nice to see April, for example, exhibit some sweetness and heart, but that has now been a part of her character for a number of seasons. It’s not a big complaint, really, but it can sometimes feel like the show doesn’t necessarily know where it wants to take its characters. So, it will be nice if Ron’s words to Leslie do affect her outlook and the way she does her job, and do cause her character to grow. Get some fresh change blood pumping. Otherwise, all I have to say about the episode was that it was very enjoyable and I am happy that show is back! Did you watch The Michael J. Fox Show? I didn’t, but only because I didn’t have time to. I want to watch it. How was it? TELL ME! Let’s take a jump and then talk about other shows

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is still finding its footing, sort of. Honestly, it pretty much seems to have a good handle on its footing already. It’s kind of crazy how it’s already a good show? When’s the last time a sitcom was a good show pretty much right away? Friends? Was it Friends?! Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine the new Friends?!?! OMG. I liked this week’s New Girl. Even though we all, at this point, have a good handle on who “Schmidt” is and how he will act, Max Greenfield continues to play him in a way that is just so funny and somehow surprising. The love triangle plot continues, UNFORCH. Winston’s puzzle was a cat this week, which was great and the fact that it was another weird throw-away plotline hardly even made me upset. (“You smoke? I’m just kidding. But man, that’d be cute if you did.”) All good. Good ep. The Mindy Project was kind of enjoyable again, but we said goodbye to Dr. James Franco. Can The Mindy Project be kind of enjoyable without Dr. James Franco’s presence?! WE’LL SEE! It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was classic and very funny, and the references to their past video schemes at the end of their current video scheme was kind of oddly sweet. I was unable to watch The League, though I’m sure it, again, would have made me nervous. WHAT DID YOU THINK OF SHOWS?

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  1. Lord Covington and the corgis! Oh I squealed so loudly when I saw the corgis. I loved the whole Covington-Andy camaraderie.
    Michael J. Fox’s new show seems good, but I hope it gets better as it progresses.

    I saw Judge Judy presiding over a case last night of a parrot gone mad. That was also funny.

    • For the record, it’s about Michael J. Fox’s character (a journalist with Parkinson’s who used to work on the NBC 4 nightly news) coming back to old job, and the weird stories about his family. His wife is Marie from Breaking Bad and she has like a light Boston accent.

  2. I think this week’s The League might have made you more nervous that usual as it was about Rafi and Dirty Randy gallivanting in Los Angeles.

    I may be misremembering, but wasn’t it April who was supposed to go away at the tail end of last season? She was supposed to go to vet school in Bloomington, yes? This was more of a plot thing than an Aubrey Plaza in a Marvel space movie, I think.

    Did anyone watch the Crazy Ones? I watched the Crazy Ones. I love Sarah Michelle Gellar. She is great at comedy. However, it just felt like a long McDonald’s ad! And I am not sure they write dialogue for Robin Williams. I also prefer Bob Benson when there are conspiracy theories surrounding him rather than Bob Benson, sitcom ladies’ man.

    • I kept seeing ads for the craze ones and it took me 3 watches before realizing it was Bob Benson. how was it?

      • I feel like everything in the episode was already shown in the five minute teaser that CBS put online in the spring or early summer. So it is tough to judge. I think it’s going to take a few weeks of “Here’s Sarah and Robin and the gang!” before it gets any momentum going. It’s about an advertising agency which gives them all those Mad Men-esque opportunities for product placement. However, in the pilot, it is not handled with subtlety.

  3. I liked everything I watched this week. (New Girl, Mindy, Brooklyn nine-nine, Sunny, South Park, Parks & Rec) I wanted Mindy to get rid of James Franco because I think it’s better when they focus on the core cast, but then I liked his character a lot more this week than I did in the premiere. So, I guess I don’t know.

    Did anyone else watch South Park this week? I loved everything with Butters and the part with him talking about Jennifer Lawrence was great.

    Oh, I thought Modern Family was pretty good too. Better than usual.

    • I caught some of Modern Family, but last season I stopped watching it due to all the lazy/borderline mean gay jokes.

      • Yeah, it’s still pretty much the same. It’s a show that I still watch because it still gets recorded, but this week I found myself actually LOLing a few times.

        • When Manny and Jay were standing in line with all the gay people in line for their marriage licenses I LOL’d as well! “I paid for you and your mother signed off!” hahahaha that was clever and cute.

    • I LOVED South Park.

    • I LIKED South Park, the oversharing stuff yet being concerned about privacy joke didn’t do much for me or much of the Cartman plot, but I did enjoy everything with Butters and the abrupt dmv pedophile twist at the end was pretty funny

  4. Some one find a gif of the boys singing “I believe I can fly.” It amused me to no end.

    Brooklyn Ninety-Nine is winning over my heart, I am very excited to see where it goes.

    Others will be watched tonight.

  5. The story of this week in comedy is that this journalist made an appearance in what some are saying was quite a comedic turn. I was not aware there was a joke in my newscast, but some viewers appear to be reacting as if there was.

  6. I liked Brooklyn Nine-Nine again but can I just say that I could do without Joe Lo Truglio? Especially because I like Rosa and I don’t like the idea of her major storyline being that this dweeb is into her. Minor complaint though!

    New Girl was definitely better than last week. Drunk Jess yelling “SOMETIMES FIREMEN ARE WOMEN!” was pretty great. And it’s nice to see Hazel from Gossip Girl playing a mean girl again.

    Parks and Rec was nice and all but watching it I definitely thought at several points “This show is past its prime and it’s just going to slowly decline from here.” And that scene with Jerry and Ann and Chris was so gross oh my god when Jerry was pretending to be a baby??? Nearly vommed. Ron and Diane’s wedding was perfect though.

    • Oh that Jerry bit was straight up gross.

    • Parks and Rec really nails the wedding episodes. More so than most (all?) sitcoms in recent memory.

    • yeah that parks and rec episode kinda made me sad. even the much talked about throwaway joke about andys weight loss was boring. that could have been funny, youguys. but i blame the whole downer of the episode on london. i want petty local politics back, not them being succesfull at things and going places. april smiled the whole episode through and and and that crap about andy running an NGO?! wtf, parks? i miss when he was a shoeshiner and the biggest problem was what to do with lot 48. give me the pettines back!

      two things i did like: 1. leslies head at ron and dianes wedding. 2. silkeborg!

  7. More Roddy Piper on It’s Always Sunny! I would be so happy if he became a regular on the show. He fits in so well with the gang’s twisted dynamic.

    • OMG Rowdy Roddy Piper was on IASIP???? I have it on my DVR. OMG OMG. When I was 11 my best friend got caught at K-mart stealing a RRP doll for me.

  8. I watched the first episode of Broadchurch instead of comedy last night, because y’all are a bunch of murder mystery-loving enablers. But now I have catching up on them this weekend to look forward to!

  9. Really enjoyed Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl this week. I think part of what spoiled Nine-Nine for my last week was all the preview clips they aired prior to its showing. The plot also seems more comfortable now that all the characters have been established, but I suppose you can say that about any series.

    Didn’t have time to watch Parks and Rec. Will be catching up on that and Sleepy Hollow over the weekend.

  10. I know The Mindy Project isn’t an all-time Videogum fav, but every scene this week with the “Single Dudes Club” was golden. Golden with a Kris Humphries cherry on top.

    • Yes! When he dunked and Danny said “take it easy, Kris Humphries” (or something like that) I laughed a little but then when you see that it’s actually him I laughed a lot more.

      • Yeah, I didn’t realize it was the actual Kris Humphries until the next scene he was in! I thought Danny was just calling some tall guy who was good at basketball Kris Humphries as a joke!

  11. I liked Parks and Rec a lot because I am a major Anglophile and it made me very happy. (Elementary was also in London this week!)

    I laughed really hard at a lot of things and got teared up when April read her letter. (I loved how Leslie immediately started crying right after April said, “Dear Committee Members” or whatever. I thought that was a perfectly Leslie moment.)

  12. I wish they would move Brooklyn nine-nine and new girl to another day because I’m busy Tuesday! Other than that those shows are doing good jobs

  13. In a fortuitous coincidence, all my classes are scheduled on days where all my favorite shows aren’ton. Yay!

  14. No strong feelings to report on any of these. I was amused, and that’s all I ask. The flu that just kicked my and ladyGoose’s asses may have something to blame for my lack of response. However, I did (during a self-imposed long weeked) just binge all of season 1 Orange is the New Black, so if you all would kindly direct me to your Pennsatucky comments, I’m ready to upvote them now.

  15. Peter Serafinowicz was great!! If you haven’t seen his weird short films or Look Around You, I cannot suggest them enough.

    Also, I related to that lady with the slug problem. I related to her too well. Slugs are so gross, but I don’t want them to die because I love animals. But I also don’t want them to too happy either. I just really really wish they didn’t show up every night at exactly whey I let my dog out to pee before bed.

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