Dear You Guys,

So for the past 15 months I’ve gotten to help plan and launch a totally unique new website, working with a team made up entirely of people who were already my friends on an idea so crazy it just did work. I got to write about almost anything I wanted and share editorship of the site with a writer who makes me laugh out loud every day. And it was my full time job. Not a bad deal!

Now it’s time to move on to write for other sites, including my six year old blog, where they always have to take me back because they is just me. But I have a few people to thank first!

First, thank you to Scott Lapatine for dreaming up Videogum and thinking of me to write for it, and for being the coolest boss in the world, even though “boss” still sounds like such a weird word. Thanks to Amrit Singh for his constant support and for never making me feel like an idiot because of my inability to learn punctuation (I still haven’t totally mastered it.) Thank you to Jim Jazwiecki for his infinite patience in teaching me the most basic tech stuff and for always knowing the answer to every question, and to Angela Williams for her encouragement and ability to pull off a perfect party in a matter of days. And thanks to Stereogum’s Brandon Stosuy for his funny emails and impossibly cool true stories of crazy rock shows. You guys were all an absolute pleasure to work with.

And, obviously, Duh Aficionado Magazine Cover Story Of The Year: Thank you to Gabe Delahaye, my friend of over three years and a person whose enviable writing talent was evident from the moment I met him. Thanks to Gabe for putting up with me when I was a gigantic pain in the ass, for his generosity of spirit, time, and with funny tips (I still owe him big time for letting me have Mark Gormley), and for being a good friend to have with me in the blogging trenches. We made a great team, and I hope to work with Gabe again someday, like when he becomes the President Of Entertainment. To use a cliche that’s a cliche because it’s true: Videogum is like our baby, and it’s a huge relief to know it will go on in good hands and not be sold off to some terrible company that will turn it into a bot-written celebrity gossip zombie site. That would be The Worst.

Thank you to my friends, both bloggers and normals, for putting up with my constant complaining about “having to watch 30 Rock” and for listening to me agonize about the mean comments that one time I got Cookie Monster and Ernie mixed up. (“They called me shit for braaaains!”) You all know who you are and I love you.

And, finally, thank you, the readers, commenters, and tipsters. I want to tell you a secret: ever since you guys started showing up and commenting here, every time we’ve met up to talk about the site, Gabe and I have marveled, in hushed, conspiratorial tones, about how we got so lucky in getting the smartest, funniest, sharpest commenters of any blog we know of. Let’s face it: the comments sections on most blogs are too full of trolls and idiots to even glance at, but you guys have turned ours into an ongoing on-topic conversation full of one-liners and, like, almost no hate-speech at all, except the few times we got linked on those weird right wing sites. You guys are, literally, the best. Even our trolls have been mostly funny!

For anyone who’s read this far, I have lots of big plans in store but until then you can find me on the aforementioned personal blog, which will be much more frequently updated than it has been recently, and on which I’ll continue to do my thing, whatever my thing is. And also, while we’re at it, what the hell: on Twitter. This job has been the most creatively fulfilling project of my life so far, and the one I’m most proud of. Yay!

Now I will go and be like this hilarious little horse, running around wild and free, all over the entire internet:

K.I.T., and I’ll see you back here in the previously praised comments on Monday. GO you guys, and GO GABE!

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  1. Dear Lindsay, you are the best. All devoted Videogum readers know it. It’s just fact, and you know what they say about facts, they’re factual. You’re loved by your readers and we hope the best for you. To put it briefly, you were the Canadian to our little blog bacon.


    PS: You can always come write on my site

  2. Lindsay, you are the ultimate class act. Your talent, humor, and impeccable entertainment recommendations will be missed.

    You are The Best. Now go CRUSH IT all over the Internet (I even signed up finally just to make this OFFICIAL).

  3. Lindsay, I found Videogum last year during a pretty shitty time in my life. I remember that the post I stumbled on (or maybe StumbleUpon-ed) was written by you although I don’t remember the exact post. I was hooked. I have religiously read every post since that day. My friends have learned not to ask where I saw or read something I share with them because the answer is always Videogum. I frequently refer to VG as my favorite site.

    I love Gabe as much as the next cranky, syphilitic octogenarian, but your posts were usually the ones that left me with a smile instead of a smirk. On a couple occasions, when one of my tips was actually post-worthy, you took the time to email me for more information and to share your thoughts.

    I don’t really have a point or some sage truism. I just wanted to share that I think you’re great and you will be missed. I will definitely be reading Lindsayisms. If it’s not too bittersweet, I hope to see you in the comments section around here. Thanks for making my life a little brighter!

    Oh, and have fun at dinner.

  4. Lindsay, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that I hope your leaving the site as an editor does not mean leaving the site completely as a community member. Please continue to post here when you can, though it may be unfair to the rest of us for Monster’s Ball if you start consistently taking up the top spots every week!

    Also, officially e-stalking you in the twitblogosphere. Have a great summer!

  5. Lindsay, to quote on old Irish blessing: “May you always be poor in misfortunes, rich in blessings and have unlimited breakfast cereals with pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars and green clovers.”

  6. Dan  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +7

    I’ve followed for 14 months. Had never heard of Stereogum and still don’t know how I got tipped off to Videogum but you and Gabe are both terrific and I have no sarcasm to add to this post. I’ll miss you here but you can be certain I’ll be following your blog.

  7. I haven’t the foggiest how I found this place, but you’re departure deserves some sort of grand gesture.
    like taking up smoking, and then quitting, or replacing the addiction with something else, like coffee or CATS magazine.

  8. once upon a comments section, everyone agreed with each other. all the monsters, and all the children, and the hippos and the giraffes, and the box cat and the slow loris, and the christian fundamentalists and the bunny hoarders – they got together just to say: Lindsay is The Best.
    K.I.T, Lindsay – you got fans, girl!

  9. our reaction upon reading you were leaving. MISS YOU LINDSAY.

  10. This is terrible. Thank goodness I am drunk. :(

  11. lindsay: just wanted to add my voice to the throng. as someone who DOES work for a blog that is populated by bots and trolls, i can’t tell you how much your (key word here:) quality work improved my work day, every day. on days when living a the bottom of the barrel got un-barrel-able, you (and your devoted followers) reminded me that intelligent interaction with an internet community was possible. and sustainable! and for that, i am genuinely grateful.

    in honor of our mutual love (haters to the left) of HIMYM, and my complex emotions: [IMG][/IMG]

  12. Seriously, world:

  13. Thank you for being a funny, intelligent, talented female blogger. It’s been one giant leap for feminismkind just reading your posts. This is tearing me apahrt, Lindsay. You will be seriously missed.

  14. Lindsay, this site will never be the same. Thanks for the memories.

  15. jennafire  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +6

    so sad. i also lost my work lindsay today too – too many lindsays to lose in one day – lindsay i will follow….just like U2

  16. I’m sad that I had to wait until after work to say my goodbye. I’m probably too late :(
    I miss you already, Lindsay! I promise to stay dedicated to reading your blog/twitter posts. See if you can come back soon!

  17. Lindsay, I miss you so much I started a Friday Fight with mySELF. I was so skeptical of this site’s premise when it launched, but then you guys just tap-danced the crap out of it and brought untold joy to the Internet. Thank you for a job well done!

  18. I will always remember the good times. You will be missed here but we will all continue to follow you as long as you put yourself out there publicly for all the internet to see.

  19. If for nothing else, thank you for The Room. It was a life-changer.

  20. Lindsay, you are the reason i have a cute animals folder on my computer. I’m going to miss your post times a million.

    i’m sad now.

  21. I’m really late to the party (the sad sad sadface party) because of timezones, but farewell Lindsay! The heartwarming feeling I got reading all these great comments paying tribute to you is just one of the many many things you are leaving behind as your Videogum legacy! Good luck wherever you go! And thnks fr th mmrs.

  22. I know it’s very late, and I feel sorry that this probably won’t even be read now since it’s like the millionth post on this, but you will be missed, Lindsay. I feel like my eyes should be welling up, but I only cry when I’m happy because I’m fucking weird.
    Stay cool, don’t change! kick some ass in college!

  23. I also wanted to add that on Jimmy Fallon right now Cameron Diaz is setting a world record for most bunnies hoarded on a hammock. So many worlds be colliding. It’s a videogum miracle!

  24. In my trials and my tribulations, through our doubts and frustrations, in my violence, in my turbulence, through my fear and my confessions, in my anguish and my pain, through my joy and my sorrow, in the promise of another tomorrow I’ll never let you part, for you’re always in my heart.

    -Michael Jackson, “Will You Be There”

  25. Lindsay U R GR8! Videogum will be a little less cute ? okay, a lot less cute ? without you and your jerboa posts. Plus I could relate to you pretty well at times, on a came-from-religious-background-and-became-corrupted-by-the-internet level. I’ll miss you!

    The question, however, remains… will YOU became a frequent commenter on this blog? I hope so!

  26. goodnight you princes of youtube, you kings of movie trivia.

  27. Lindsay,

    You will be missed! Good luck!

  28. I don’t comment too much on Videogum, but I’ve been here since the very beginning, and I mean DAY ONE. I’ve checked this blog every day, and read probably 80% of the posts. I, as well as the 170 posters above me love this blog dearly. It truly is a gem amidst the Perez Hiltons, Ashton Kutchers, Femskins, and other Worsts of the Internets.

    Lindsay, you and Gabe are both absolutely amazing individuals and really do comprise the whole of Videogum as two halves. I’m honestly a little afraid for the future, I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about only Gabe posts :( It’s like Ernie and Bert without Bert, or Bonnie and Clyde without Bonnie. You will be missed, and I hope to see your comments to Gabe’s posts in the future! And I along with (hopefully) most of the Videogum readership will see you at Lindsayism and wherever else you go. Good luck, Lindsay, and know that we all love you dearly (sounds creepier than I mean it to be, Whoops)

  29. Dungeon Master's Guide  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2009 0

    Lindsay, you gave me boxcat, and for this I am forever thankful. Haven’t been this bummed since 10th grade when they shut down ANTM.

  30. Lindsay, you gave me boxcat, and for this I am forever thankful. Haven’t been this bummed since 10th grade when they shut down ANTM.

  31. I tried leaving a nice long, goodbye comment where I poured my little e-heart out for all to see and instead was given an error screen upon hitting “submit”.

    Oh well.

    G’bye Lindsay.

  32. merkinsocks  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2009 +4

    Boo, Lindsay!
    I’ve enjoyed this place for the last year, and it’s provided me with countless inside references/jokes for me and my friends (Femskins, Dan Quinn, Duh Aficionado, and cetera). Sigh. While the site won’t be going away (not right now, anyway), your presence here will be missed (obvs). I’ll be following on lindsayism–which is how I found out about Videogum in the first place–and will see you on Twitter.
    Best of luck!

  33. Sadface Lindsay. Sometimes I say things like “OH, today on Videogum, Lindsay (or Gabe) said…” and my roommate is all, “You are aware that you don’t actually know these people, right?” and I’m all, “You need to be quiet.” It’s like that. Anyway, you will be missed around here.

  34. Sadface Lindsay. Sometimes I say things like “OH, today on Videogum, Lindsay (or Gabe) said…” and my roommate is all, “You are aware that you don’t actually know these people, right?” and I’m all, “You need to be quiet.” It’s like that. Anyway, you will be missed around here.

  35. The internet is more than just a series of tubes and wires; it’s a BIG series of BIG tubes and BIG wires. It’s a scary place, and I’ve spent most of my adult life begrudging it. Stupid internet. PEOPLE DON’T READ BOOKS ANYMORE. WHAT ABOUT BBQ AND CO-REC SOFTBALL?
    I never set out to follow a blog or even to like or read a blog. But I found myself here long ago, and I’m still reading the damn thing. Every day. I didn’t know that bloggers could be smart, compassionate and principled, and what’s more — you guys do it on a daily basis. You got me watching 30 Rock! Thank you.
    Lindsay, as if cute animal videos weren’t enough, you seem like a genuinely nice person. On the internet! Is that why this is happening? ‘Cause you broke the first rule of Internet?
    Anyway, you’re a fantastic writer, and I am your fan. The silver lining of all of this is now I get to tell my friends that I like TWO websites. 21st century, here I come.

  36. Good luck with everything! You’ll be missed!

  37. In the words of Jemaine Clement: “There there….there there there there there there there there.”
    Best of luck!!!
    If only there were a Lindsay Stimulus Package…

  38. You are super great, Lindsay, and truly an inspiration! You are a role model for all young women like me who want to break the glass ceiling of comedic/witty women bloggers/writers. Thanks for obsessing over just about everything I was obsessed with too. Can’t wait to follow Lindayism. GO!

  39. lindsay, i will miss you so much at videogum. i’ll follow your writing, but i wish you were staying here. it was perfect.

    good luck, yo. :(

  40. Mike  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2009 +4

    Lindsays scare easily, but they’ll be back. And in greater numbers.

  41. Don’t go! Your boyfriend totally put you up to this didn’t he?

  42. I loved so many of your posts! I will miss you on this site, but glad to hear that you will continue writing on your other blog. Just subscribed! Good luck with your future writing endeavors!!

  43. :( :( :( Liiindsaaayy. so sad you’re leaving. thanks for the past year.

  44. eve  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2009 -1

    the second worst thing about this site (the first being lindsay’s departure of course) is the friday comments post. please replace that feature or else this site will go from being “the worst” to actually being The Worst.

  45. As a long time lurker first time commenter I must say that I will miss you greatly.

    But, I’m going to see the Room for the first time tonight in your honor, so thank you for bringing that into my life.

  46. Lindsay is the Ginger to Videogum’s Spice Girls. I’LL MISS YOU!

  47. Oh my God. This is totally worse than than Michael Jackson dying. Or, at least, this directly impacts my life so much more.

  48. Hmmm. Yeah, what they all said + 1.

  49. Oh, and btw. “Have a great summer and stay sweet” sounds like something you’d write on a yearbook after graduating from High School. Good times with the obscure reference.

  50. Have fun at dinner, Lindsay.

    Have fun at dinner forever.

    We’ll miss you a lot.

  51. Lindsay, this is so sad! Good luck in the future, and please make sure Gabe will post videos of cute animals in your absence…

  52. Lindsay is gone, Michael Jackson died, and now Billy Mayes has just croaked, it has been a sad sad week

  53. sad times, lindsay, and most everything’s been said and i’m out of ideas for witty youtube links / animated :( .gif’s / cute animal pictures, but i feel like the whole it’s-the-thought-that-counts idea is just as relevant here now as it was when i was just a little kid who gave shitty gifts. plus i guess it adds to the volume of comments and further shows you how much we’ll miss you as a collective whole.

  54. Forgot to say, I love the tags. A sort of greatest hits.
    Especially the last one.

  55. H.F.G.  |   Posted on Jun 28th, 2009 +2

    Lindsay wasn’t dicking around. Our pop culture figures are dropping one by one. Get that girl a job!

  56. Lindsay, I think you forgot the “Femskin” tag — (just kidding).

    Oh man, this is the saddest thing to me in months (yes, including all the shit that happened last week) — Videogum is the only blog where I read (almost) every post and as many (all) commenters before me noted: it was the mixture of your two personalities and styles that made this site so special.

    I wish you only the best and have no doubt that your talents will be consumable again somewhere else soon.

  57. H.F.G.  |   Posted on Jun 28th, 2009 +1

    Lindsay wasn’t dicking around. Our pop culture figures are dropping one by one. Get that girl a job!

  58. H.F.G  |   Posted on Jun 28th, 2009 +1

    Sorry about the double post, my internets is slow

  59. eric  |   Posted on Jun 28th, 2009 +2

    That makes me sad you’re leaving Videogum. Good luck and thanks for the mini horse video. That horse must be a relative of the horse Paul Revere rode. It was running around warning the other horses DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY MAKE JELLO OUT OF?!?!?

  60. Thank you, Lindsay, for making me feel endlessly guilty for not watching 30 Rock for the longest time. I finally began watching the first season this past week and I love it.

    Thank you, Lindsay, for making me fall in love with Paul Rudd almost as much as you did.

    Thank you, Lindsay, for balancing out Gabe’s occasional grumpygum/analyticalgum with your adorableanimalsgum.

    And thank you, Lindsay, most of all, for being the best.

    “Michael Jackson Dies of Heart Attack” – 166 Comments
    “Have A Great Summer and Stay Sweet, You Guys!” – 211 Comments

    I think we now know who is really more culturally significant.

  61. lolo  |   Posted on Jun 29th, 2009 +1

    about 5 years ago, lindsay liked my blog after i sent her an email and she linked to me and that was probably the best day of my blogging life.

    i had followed u before that, and ive continued to follow u on ur tumblr and videogum and u still crack me up every day. how the eff do you crack me up EVERY DAY??!! please keep doing the same thing youre doing, forever. otherwise you may relive the eminem song ‘stan’ with me. xx good luck.

  62. Lindsay, please don’t die :(

  63. You made me laugh this big < -------------------> You will be missed, and I can’t wait to see what you do next. Now walk away and freeze frame fist raised to the air.

  64. All of this kind of pisses me off. Why LINDSAY- WHY? Ugh. And what about all of those “500 FUCKING DAYS OF SUMMER” ads- were they for nothing? Thanks a lot videogum. I miss you Lindsay. I feel guilty for commenting that your last double dog was a “mini dare.” That looked truly humiliating. I started watching 30 Rock because of you. 30 Rock! Really, it’s quite the quality show. Let me shut up before I sound too much like GOOP. I wish you all the luck in the world and I am very sorry you’re not going to be here anymore. I will be looking out for you in the future!(Did that sound creepy?) Oh, I have to add that I loved that you found some old klonopin during your SAW marathon. And all of your posts were cheery and endearing and come on, you love Paul Rudd. You are the best.
    Just Jack

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