Dear You Guys,

So for the past 15 months I’ve gotten to help plan and launch a totally unique new website, working with a team made up entirely of people who were already my friends on an idea so crazy it just did work. I got to write about almost anything I wanted and share editorship of the site with a writer who makes me laugh out loud every day. And it was my full time job. Not a bad deal!

Now it’s time to move on to write for other sites, including my six year old blog, where they always have to take me back because they is just me. But I have a few people to thank first!

First, thank you to Scott Lapatine for dreaming up Videogum and thinking of me to write for it, and for being the coolest boss in the world, even though “boss” still sounds like such a weird word. Thanks to Amrit Singh for his constant support and for never making me feel like an idiot because of my inability to learn punctuation (I still haven’t totally mastered it.) Thank you to Jim Jazwiecki for his infinite patience in teaching me the most basic tech stuff and for always knowing the answer to every question, and to Angela Williams for her encouragement and ability to pull off a perfect party in a matter of days. And thanks to Stereogum’s Brandon Stosuy for his funny emails and impossibly cool true stories of crazy rock shows. You guys were all an absolute pleasure to work with.

And, obviously, Duh Aficionado Magazine Cover Story Of The Year: Thank you to Gabe Delahaye, my friend of over three years and a person whose enviable writing talent was evident from the moment I met him. Thanks to Gabe for putting up with me when I was a gigantic pain in the ass, for his generosity of spirit, time, and with funny tips (I still owe him big time for letting me have Mark Gormley), and for being a good friend to have with me in the blogging trenches. We made a great team, and I hope to work with Gabe again someday, like when he becomes the President Of Entertainment. To use a cliche that’s a cliche because it’s true: Videogum is like our baby, and it’s a huge relief to know it will go on in good hands and not be sold off to some terrible company that will turn it into a bot-written celebrity gossip zombie site. That would be The Worst.

Thank you to my friends, both bloggers and normals, for putting up with my constant complaining about “having to watch 30 Rock” and for listening to me agonize about the mean comments that one time I got Cookie Monster and Ernie mixed up. (“They called me shit for braaaains!”) You all know who you are and I love you.

And, finally, thank you, the readers, commenters, and tipsters. I want to tell you a secret: ever since you guys started showing up and commenting here, every time we’ve met up to talk about the site, Gabe and I have marveled, in hushed, conspiratorial tones, about how we got so lucky in getting the smartest, funniest, sharpest commenters of any blog we know of. Let’s face it: the comments sections on most blogs are too full of trolls and idiots to even glance at, but you guys have turned ours into an ongoing on-topic conversation full of one-liners and, like, almost no hate-speech at all, except the few times we got linked on those weird right wing sites. You guys are, literally, the best. Even our trolls have been mostly funny!

For anyone who’s read this far, I have lots of big plans in store but until then you can find me on the aforementioned personal blog, which will be much more frequently updated than it has been recently, and on which I’ll continue to do my thing, whatever my thing is. And also, while we’re at it, what the hell: on Twitter. This job has been the most creatively fulfilling project of my life so far, and the one I’m most proud of. Yay!

Now I will go and be like this hilarious little horse, running around wild and free, all over the entire internet:

K.I.T., and I’ll see you back here in the previously praised comments on Monday. GO you guys, and GO GABE!

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  1. Lindsay. You will be missed. Downers are so much rougher without the uppers. Good luck!

  2. Lindsay. You will BE MISSED, sorely and sadly. I feel like we’re all your BABY, and you’ve been forced to abandon us by the powers THAT BE. And my heart is torn! YOUR MEMORY WILL LIVE ON. And now that you gave us your blog SO TO WILL THAT.

    BUT ALL THINGS ASIDE, (and, let me point out, that I LOVE how you listed ALL YOUR FAVORITE TAGS) I wanted to let you KNOW one thing…


    Was that too personal? SHIT.

  3. You make my day, Lindsay. Good luck.

  4. You can tag this post with as many “toilets” and “vaginas” as you like (?) and I will still support you. Goodbye, Lindsay! See you on Monday over at your place. (And also on this place.)

  5. aaand Lindsay’s Twitter explodes with followers.
    Lindsay, help us say goodbye.
    we’ll miss you. may your LIFE be tagged as fantastically at this blog post (what?).

  6. Just subscribed to Lindsayism, looking forward to it! You will definitely be missed.

  7. no goodbye from me, i’m just going to happily follow you to your other sited.

    good work here, though.

  8. No, Lindsay: Thank you.

  9. Thanks Lindsay, I hope your travels allow you to meet Box Cat Maru in person (in cat?) some day.
    You’ll be missed.

  10. pouring out some liquor for the homie Lindsay.
    linsayism is going to explode all over the internet’s face.

  11. Good luck Lindsay! I enjoyed your writing!

  12. Oh Lindsay. Truly this is a :( to the WOOFth degree.

  13. Duh Aficionado Magazine just became Bummer Weekly. Congrats on a great run, Lindsay Lindsayism. May you never have to write about animals with Paul Rudd fetishes that are all hopped on salvia bouncing on trampolines ever again (that is, of course, unless you want to!). K.I.T., indeed!

  14. See ya later! & good luck. Now gimme that horse.

  15. I am so sad about this. I think I am going to have to do a marathon of Lindsay post’s like I watched MJ videos for hours to cheer me up yesterday.

  16. Consider yourself followed. Lovingly, and at a respectful distance of course.
    And it’s so hard not to toss out a “have fun at dinner” joke right about now.

  17. I look forward to the day I can say, “I ‘knew’ Lindsay when…”

  18. Lindsay the best! So hawt!!

  19. Lindsay, you are a tremendously talented writer, and I have no doubt that SO MANY great things lie in store for you. Duh! You are The Best! You are The Best!

  20. Better than all the rest.

  21. Phil  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +29

    I’ll speak for the witless and anonymous and say that I couldn’t give a shit about internet videos, but you guys are such fun and interesting writers that I came back every day. I’ll still read the site, but Lindsay you did a great job and I look forward to seeing your writing everywhere in the world (billboards? t-shirts? magazines?).

  22. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Great last post. Stay golden, Ponyboy.

  23. “There is no future/there is no past/ thank God this moment’s not the last.”
    -Rent. Yep, Rent.
    See ya in the future.

  24. So much of today was definitely The Worst, but Lindsay – you’re anything but. Thanks for all the great writing/sharing/commiserating!

  25. Jenn  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +20

    In honor of your departure, I am going to go out and get so embarrassingly shitfaced that the entire city of Baltimore will be regaling their coworkers with stories of my humilation on Monday morning. Sure, I do it every weekend but this time it MEANS something.

  26. To That’s Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend, the innumerable cute-animal videos, and all the wonderful curios of the internet that you brought to us, Lindsay. All of us here that followed Videogum will most certainly miss your presence, but it’s comforting to know that you’re just a single bookmark away.

  27. I’ve been bummed all week about you leaving the videogum…which says a lot about you and this board. i’ve never been emotionally attached to a board. emotions 2.0, i guess. anyway…thanks for starting this up and best of luck. keep on Lindsaying on. :)

  28. Lindsay, I hope there will be a day when you are sitting with your friends at a bar, speaking of your exciting new endeavors and glorious conquests. When you go to grab another round, you will look down and see all of the drinks already in front of you with the simple note: Thank You.

    That note will be from me. I would like to buy you all of the drinks. Thanks again, and I wish you nothing but the best. Whatever that might be.

  29. Good luck, Lindsay, though someone with your talent and charm certainly doesn’t need any.

  30. eric  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +1

    we’ll miss you!
    good luck!

  31. Aw I wish there was a bar I could go to tonight in Seattle that would play Lindsay videos and Mark Gormley.

  32. You’re such a good little champion. I love you.

  33. I am eagerly awaiting your “After VIDEOGUM.”

  34. :( ‘s all around. Won’t be the same around here.

  35. Is this where we sign Lindsay’s yearbook?

    So long, Lindsay! You are The Best! Remember all the good times! I kid, they weren’t the good times. They were The Best Times. Have fun at college!

    <3 you!
    Rex Manning Day

  36. Thanks for making me laugh a couple of hundred times. And that Survivor Audition tape for Double Dog. That was hilarious. Bye, Lindsay!

  37. Like a bunch of us, I came for Gabe’s snarkiness, but I stayed for the kitten feeds, movie trailers, Paul Rudd interjunks, and SNL and 30 Rock recaps that you made so much fun to read, and comment on with a bunch of terrific and funny people. I’d feel much less :( if I knew that you were leaving on your own terms but, like others have already said, I will follow you wherever you go. Not like a stalker or anything. Ah, you know what I mean.

  38. This is just wrong! BUT, I’ve been enjoying your blogging since, like, 2004 and I don’t intend to stop now! Thanks for everything, Lindsay!

  39. First of all, I just want to make it clear that I’m in no way crying, because, I mean come on….of course I’m not crying. So, now that’s covered. Definitely not crying. Didn’t start wanting to cry about halfway through and then, whence realizing how ridiculous that it was, actually start crying. So, that’s completely out of the question.

    If this were facebook, you’d probably be asking us to leave a favorite memory. Since we’re not facebook friends (but you could totally add me if you wanted…just sayin), I have to do it here. My favorite memory was when someone was bitching about the Paul Rudd coverage and I defended it and you commented me back “xoxo”. I felt like maybe if I happened to be in New York that day and I’d run into you, we might have gone out for cocktails and you’d get a little tipsy and we might start making out but I’d DEFINITELY not tell anybody (just sayin) because that’s where our friendship was.

    My mother has no idea how much she’s going to miss you, but she is. This past year was my first away from her, and she relied on weekly videos of cute baby animals and Paul Rudd outtakes. Now she’ll be screwed.

    I will conclude with a favorite quote, that I’m sure you’ll be familiar with:
    “If you love something, sometimes you have to let it go. And if it’s meant to be, you just….grab it”- Wheeler, Role Models.


    That’s your a capella group, Lindsay… Okay, you hate a capella, but the sentiment they put into a terrible music style puts into words what I, sadly, cannot…

    Stay cool, Lindsay…stay cool forever!

  41. I almost cried real tears reading this :( .Best of luck Lindsay! Hopefully you and Paul Rudd can run away together now and start the cat ranch of your dreamz.

    • Paul Rudd  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +77

      It’s a jerboa ranch. I caught all the jerboas, by smiling at them. Do you know why I did that? I did it for you, Lindsay. Because I am, and will always be, Your Boyfriend.

      These guys know.

      • I had a hard time upvoting you, Paul Rudd, because I was laughing and it was making my mouse-hand shake.
        Damn, he’s good.

        • Today, all the upvotes belong to Lindsay. It’s the only gift sad monsters can give.

          ps Dear Linz. Come back to the ranch soon. Alec Baldwin and I are making heart-shaped pancakes! Love, your boyfriend.

  42. I can’t wait to tell my grand kids that I started reading videogum in April ’08 when Lindsay Robertson was a contributor.

  43. I ? Lindsay as much as every other reader of this blog (I registered just to comment on this!) but I am more concerned about what my source of animal knowledge is going to be now. Lindsay’s careful selection of videos made the “Animals on Film” tag the Slow Loris of tags: it is mostly cute but sometimes sickening and deadly, and I’ve grown so accustomed to this ratio that I can’t go back to Animal Planet’s undiscerning eye.

    The torch has been passed, Gabriel. In the words of RuPaul: Don’t fuck it up.

  44. And, uh, sorry about the repeats.

    • Jenn  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +43

      Dude it’s totally cool…it just shows everyone that you really meant it.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s the most amount of repeats in the history of this website. That, or I’m drunker than I thought.

    • I like how none of these repeats are downvoted (yet?). It’s a nice tribute to Lindsay’s retirement. We as commenters and comment-voters have finally been able to put aside the snark and appreciate a good comment for what it is, no matter how many times it’s been posted. Or maybe it’s because everyone has been nicer since The Dude broke the news (An American Patriot is getting all the upvotes, whaaaaaaat?)? Anyways, sometimes I just love You Guys.

    • I enjoy that your comment score goes up around number 14 or 15. We were really buying what you were selling the more we saw it. Anyway, I agree; I learned about a million animals from Lindsay (that is NOT an exaggeration) and she only made me watch a shark eating a horse once. (I didn’t actually watch it–I’m sensitive.)

    • This must be some sort of alternate blogiverse when that many repeats actually gets UPvoted.

  45. If I could find the final scene from “Lucas,” I would post it. But alas, it is not to be.

    Break a leg, Lindsay.

  46. boo  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +7

    This reminds me of my 8th grade graduation party where I made fun of everyone who was crying, but then by the end of the night, I was bawling my eyes out.

    Don’t ever change, Lindsay. Promise me you won’t ever change!

  47. I wanna cry.
    I seriously felt like it when I read that dreaded comment this week.
    I felt so helpless, I felt like SOMETHING could’ve been done to stop this.
    But I guess we all must move on, move on to, and wherever you go. PLEASE keep us informed on where you go, because I’m pretty sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that I want to follow you wherever you will go (on the internet).
    Or even in print!

    But seriously, this blog actually was a huge bright spot in some dark times, and an augmenter of happiness in happy times. I’ve never felt so attached to a website before. :( ‘s
    I already followed you on twitter for months (found it by finding amrit somehow, and then finding one of his followers that seemed to be named lindsay (lindsayism). That sounds really creepy. But it’s just to show how much I cared!)

    Okay, almost done. But this is not (totally) goodbye. I will be @ your blog right away. Blog, and blog, and blog again.
    Oh, and even as a gay boy, you are super cute. My friend also said he totally wanted to be your friend when I showed him your survivor audition tape. So if you are ever running out of friends, just send me a…blog post?

  48. DANG GURL, that was ridiculous. normally, i would downvote every one of these, but today I will just say, DANG GURL. Miss you LINDSAY!

  49. You’ve been great, Lindsay. Thank you for everything and good luck.

  50. U R 2 Good 2 Be 4Gotten. (Sorry, that was the standard yearbook inscription at my school, along with “I never really knew you that well, but you seemed really nice” [Am I the only one who got that one?].) Anyway, your daily doses of humor (and of super-cute animals) will be sorely missed ’round these parts, but I’m really excited to see what you do next–I have a feeling it will be unbelievably awesome.

  51. Sad day :( But we’ll follow you wherever you go Lindsay.

  52. panda bear  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +9

    Lindsay, thank you for the many early morning surprises in bed over the past year…grabbing my laptop right when i woke up, reading your posts…best feeling ever.

  53. panda bear  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +7

    Lindsay, thank you for the many early morning surprises in bed over the past year…grabbing my laptop right when i woke up, reading your posts…best feeling ever.

  54. panda bear  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +9

    Lindsay, thank you for the many early morning surprises in bed over the past year…grabbing my laptop right when i woke up, reading your posts…best feeling ever.


  56. I would give up all my vote up comment points for Lindsay to stay… :(

  57. I will follow you to the ends of the internet.

  58. We had a wonderful blogger,
    One who never really grew old;
    Her posts was made of sunshine,
    And her humor was solid gold.

  59. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Is Lindsay’s goodbye pic from an episode of MASH? It’s driving me nuts. Somebody please say so if they know.

  60. You’re cool, and I will miss you. It’s been one hell of a depressing week. KIND of ridiculous how invested I’ve become in this blog, as others have noted. It is a special site somehow though. Would it be so so creepy if I friended you on Facebook? Oh my god nevermind, it would be so creepy. I still might do it, if I’m drunk enough one day. So many drunk people on this post! ANYWAY. Good luck and I am officially adding Lindsayism to my bookmarks bar. HAGS.

  61. Thanks for the time of my life.

    • Chuckles  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +13

      I’ll see your that and raise you a this.

      Lindsay, may nobody ever put you in a corner. Unless it’s a corner office because you are super rich and important. Or a corner booth when you’re on a really nice date and don’t want to be disturbed. But other than that, nobody.

  62. I really don’t know what to say. I admit I haven’t been here as long as some of you guys, but I can safely say that I’m going to miss Lindsay just as much as the regulars here. So all I can really think to say is good luck, God speed, and GET OUT THERE AND KICK SOME ASS!
    You will be sorely missed.

  63. Run free little one. Run free!

  64. innuendo  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +7

    this is just :( (((
    i feel like wearing my Just Jack tee and take a big walk and pretend i didn’t read this.

  65. Best of luck Linds! I hope you’re able to come back or move on to an even greater project, and thanks for all the laffs and good times.

  66. Adding my voice to the praise chorus, Lindsay — whenever I need a smile, I’ll imagine you in a Just Jack T-shirt, posing on a corner. I have gotten so many laughs out of reading your brilliant, funny writing.

  67. I just realised, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t haver known about The Room, so thank you for that!

  68. This was me when I read you were leaving =(
    David Archuletta lost American Idol style

    I feel like it all happened so fast. . .

    I think most everything has been said
    Hope you saw my photoshop present full of Paul Rudds, jerobas and lorises on your first post today. LINDSAY U R OUR PRINCESS

  69. Awww, Lindsay who loves all the same boys and Amy Poehlers and box cats as me! I feel so artificially close to you and will creepily follow your many endeavors to the best of my creepy abilities. It’s not goodbye, it’s just see you later, right? :(

  70. Sal  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +3

    I actually have tears in my eyes after reading that, corny but true. :( Your posts will be much missed Lindsay, I always looked forward to your fluffy animal YouTube videos and Paul Rudd updates and the Just Jack Double Dog was by far my favourite. But you’re a talented writer and seem like a great girl to boot, so I have no doubt you’ll have much success and cool things to look forward to. Good luck Lindsay, we’ll be following you on Lindsayism!

  71. Chuckles  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +2

    I’ll see your that and raise you a this.

    Lindsay, may nobody ever put you in a corner. Unless it’s a corner office. Or a corner booth when you’re on a really nice date and don’t want to be disturbed. But other than that, nobody.

  72. Goodbye, Lindsay.

  73. I don’t comment here enough, but I’ve been loving on this blog and making everyone I know read it since day one. I’m all broken up about you leaving, Lindsay! You are truly The Best and we’ll miss you!

  74. jordanbeard  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +2

    You rule! I’ll miss you so much! H.A.G.S. Stay awesome!

    • i just read EVERY comment to see if anyone already said HAGS. goddamn it. regardless,


      i have to admit, there were times when i was vocally a hater. but reading this, i realized that i can’t remember why at all.


  75. Wherever you go, I want to go to there.

  76. I realize this is a mile down the page now, but I will press on!

    Thanks for your time here Lindsay, you’ve drawn my attention to many a fine (or weird or creepy or disturbing) thing here during your tenure at Videogum, but for me, the finest would have to be The Room. I came across your posts about it last year, laughed myself silly watching the clips and immediately ordered the movie. I’ve had about ten viewing parties with my friends, a few of whom went on to purchase it themselves, go to their respective states and have even more viewing parties, selling more DVDs ad infinitum. Now we all yell “Oh hi Mark!” at our local TV weatherman who happens to be named Mark, who is getting annoyed, and it is really all your fault. :)

    In conclusion, you helped me help Tommy Wiseau make like 80+ bucks (minus Amazon fees). Thanks for that! (You should probably call him up and demand a percentage)

  77. I’m really bad at commenting on anything on the internet, but as a professional videogum lurker since day one, I will really, really miss your voice here! Sad day indeed. :( ((( Here’s hoping you land on your feet.

  78. Lindsay! Come get drunk in Philadelphia!

  79. the day is finally here. you will be missed

    the first internet meme I remember was back in ’98. I’ll quote it now:
    “Bye. Thanks for stopping by”
    :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

  80. Lindsay,
    you have made so many of my days, I sincerely wish I could make yours today, but it appears all these other lovely folks have already done it. Godspeed!

  81. sadder than the ALF finale.

  82. As bittersweet but moving goodbyes go we the Videogum faithful can be Max Cherry.
    You can be Jackie Brown..

    Slan Abhaile Lindsay

  83. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  84. I registered just to tell you that I’ve been reading this blog for a couple of months, and think you’re great.
    Thanks for making us :) and :( . Good luck!

  85. first Michael, and now lindsay, except she didn’t die…

    Damn this Economy! DAMN IT TO HELL!!!!! AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!

  86. Sure. Right after I finally decide to make the big step from lurker to OFFICIAL COMMENTER, Lindsay leaves. It’s ok, I still got to enjoy all your posts. May you continue to inspire others to step out of anonymity! You were always like a nice chaser of pina colada to Gabe’s shot of pickle juice (I don’t know, leave me alone, people keep dying and shit).

  87. I never truly appreciated the humor behind animal videos (Cat on a Roomba!) before reading your posts, Lindsay. Thanks forever.

  88. Scrabio  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +4

    I empathize with Sassy (I have an account reserved but I’m not using it yet) So I start posting and you leave… :`(

    Lindsay, thanks for being the bundle of slow loris awesomeness that you are.

  89. We’ll always have space Paris.

  90. I feel like pulling a Jessica Alba and posting picture of Lindsay all over building in DC.

    You will be missed. Please visit!

  91. brendan  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +1

    first michael now this?!?

  92. I’m not good with anything emotional and I use humor to distance myself from emotions (Psych 101) so I was going to make a joke about how you have more time now to scout out Will & Grace locations, but I think variants thereof have probably already been made. So instead I’ll just say thanks for the memories.

  93. brock  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 -39

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  94. Michael Jackson stole your thunder, Lindsay. Complete and utter underminer, that one.

    So, duh, pretty much everything that’s great about Lindsay + Videogum has been said/typed, but I just wanted to put my two cents in and say that I’ll miss your voice here. No snark or winking cleverness. It’ll be different, but still probably great, without you. That’s all. You’re awesome at what you do so you’ll more than likely have no problem getting another gig, I’m sure of it (what economic downturn?)

    Don’t be a stranger, never change, LYLAS, and best of luck to you!

  95. Lindsay, thank you for not jumping the shark. You > The Internet.

  96. Now I got teh sads. I’m just gonna try to think about all teh happys you brought us.

    (Here’s where I’d do teh Tin Man speech about knowing he has a heart ’cause he can feel it breaking :o […….)

    Bye, Lindsayism

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