Why do weeks during which we watch award shows always seem like the longest weeks in the history of the world? Is it because award shows are so draining and always take place on Sunday nights, so it kind of feels like work starts on Sunday? I guess that’s it. Let’s relive this long-ass #Emmy week with GIFS!

We all watched the Emmys, and they were so boring!

We watched the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad!

Idris Elba said “fuck that idiot” about Liam Gallagher!

Hostages wasn’t particularly good!

We started watching Sleepy Hollow together!

Olivia Newton-John exorcised her home of ghosts!

And, finally, we watched a bunch of comedy on TV!

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  1. More cartoony ghost gifs during this autumnal season, please.

  2. I love Videogum SO MUCH but I am consistently confused as to why these gifsets are almost constantly out of order. Why is Ben telling Andy that Hogwarts is fictional before Andy even says it’s Hogwarts? I mean, not that I’m putting it past Andy to have a conversation in that order, but.

  3. Ichabod Crane has a lot of thoughts about donut holes.

  4. I couldn’t find an appropriate gif to capture my love of Butters from this week’s South Park so here is a short clip:

  5. My favorite thing from the Emmy’s :

    Of course I had to use it again.

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