Now, there’s no reason to be worried. I’m sure we’re all perfectly healthy. It’s just that we haven’t had a checkup in a while, so I thought it would be good to sit down and check our blog pressure and weight, etc. You know, a checkup. Talk about how we should be flossing or exercising or recapping more, depending on what type of checkup it is, etc. Maybe take some x-rays of our teeth or our bodies (bloggies). You get it? So, let’s sit down and talk!

Things have changed in the past two months (for example, it has been pretty Kelly around here lately) but for the most part I feel like the Videogum ship is still on course. You guys are still here and are forever funny and wonderful, plus I positioned a mirror behind my computer to help with the loneliness, so that’s nice! We have some exciting things coming up in the future, and every day I wake up with a little bit of enthusiastic joy mixed in with my anxiety, but I wanted to ask you: What would you like to see in Videogum’s future? What do you think is missing? (Please don’t say Gabe Delahaye — I can bring him back, but I simply refuse to.) One thing that we’re trying to do is bring in more freelance voices, to help dilute the sound of my voice a bit: What do you want those voices to say? Would you like them to say reviews of movies? Would you like to say television recaps? If so, what shows do you think we should be covering? Would like you to see more humorous content that is neither a recap nor a movie review? Let us know! Would you like to see more of yourself on Videogum? Then submit something! Why don’t you just submit something then?! Of course there’s no guarantee that what you submit will work for the site, but as they say: you miss almost every shot that you do take, but not all of them, so that’s why you should keep shooting.

And while we’re here, why don’t you follow us on Facebook? We’re great on Facebook! I mean, we’re at the very least totally fine on Facebook. Oh, you should follow our Tumblr, too. It looks so nice now! And how about this, would you like to subscribe to a weekly or bi-monthly Videogum newsletter? Well, you can’t! Because we don’t have one! But is that something you would like? Let us know! And let us know whatever else you’d like to let us know, as long as it’s constructive and not mean-spirited! WE ARE SEMI-FRAGILE. WE = ME. ME ARE SEMI-FRAGILE. (Photo via Shutterstock.)

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  1. More Kelly.

  2. Less spiders/bugs in general, please.

  3. I, for one, would like to see more Packy around here.

  4. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I also think we should have LESS sand.

  5. Maybe less lies? Because ain’t no dentist coming at you with a nice, manual toothbrush like that. Their aim is to put as much electricity into the most moist part of your body as possible. Because dentists are the worst.

    • I think sometimes they’ll pull out a regular toothbrush for little kids to show them how it’s done. But, otherwise, yes. My dentist does a baking soda sandblaster thing that’s salty and painful. Do not like.

      • Has anyone else started to get the “you brush too hard, your gums are receding” speech from the dentist? I have at least one extended period of anxiety a day that I’ve already set myself up for early gum-loss and teeth-losing. This is followed by anger. Why am I just hearing about this now?! all my life it seemed the like the only thing I could do wrong was not brush enough! I would have been being more careful all along…

        And also, Kelly, love you, change nothing, unless you get inspired to, then, hey, I trust you. You’re awesome.

        • sorry i’m really late on this but yes!! I just learned about this last year and definitely could have benefited from it like, ten years ago, before my gums became polar ice caps in a global-warming environment. I don’t think children would quite interpret “brush less hard” the way you’d want them to, though.

    • I think that’s that little mirror and the pick. Maybe you should go to the optometrist and get your EYES checked. #burn

  6. I want there to be exactly the same amount of sand as there is now.

  7. The site makes me very happy. VERY excited about Sleepy Hollow coverage because it’s basically the greatest show in the history of network television. The fact that my TV husband is on the program does not affect my judgement whatsoever.

    Hmm… I’d like more ghost coverage, if possible. But I think that’s really more up to the other side, right?

    • I am trying to convince the paranormal research society that I joined that it would be a good idea for them to bring me along when they investigate things, but no dice so far. I think I blew my chances by showing my skeptical ace. Ghost hunters, for some bizarre reason, do not like skeptics. Anyway, if I ever do get them to let me come, or smuggle myself in a suitcase or something, I will FOR SURE do a full vgum recap of my experience.

      • Or we could all just dare each other to spend the night in an abandoned house and see who is still alive come morning?? Vgum everywhere challenge, Halloween edition!!

        • I would super love a thread about everyone’s real-life creepy experiences, if they’ve had them (or heard about a friend-of-a-friend’s, or have a local urban legend, etc). I am always here for the weird stuff.

          • Well, when 30 of us went into an old convent at noon on a paranormal research society ghost hunting mission (perfect time of day and ideal number of people to catch ghosts in action, for sure), lots of people got photos of orbs in the old, very very dusty cathedral! And the psychic felt the presence of a stern woman in black (in a convent??? I AM A BELIEVER.)! And one of the girls felt very cold in a room, in a drafty 300 year old building on a rainy, windy day!! SpoooooOOOoooOOOOOOooooOOOoooOOooOOooooookyyyyyyy!!

          • It’s a miracle you got out of there alive!

          • I have a very sad story that I know will turn into a ghost story in about 30-40 years. A horrible tragic ghost story. A girl I knew growing up died in a fire that absolutely destroyed an apartment complex. Literally everyone got out but her. She was known growing up for her remarkable beauty and apparently went on to become a sort of local celebrity who was famous for being very good at makeup and making other people beautiful. And literally every report started off talking about how stunning she was… and she left behind young kids. But the weirdness of how this happened and the kind of dramatic life stuff that always surrounded her when she was younger (and was alluded to up in news reports until the fire) is exactly the kind of back story that eventually becomes ghost lady hitchhiker or ghost lady at the lake looking for her kids, etc. Her kids were not there at the time and she lived by a lake. So… eventually she’ll be an urban legend. It’s super sad and terrible but will be definitely be spooky in 2-3 generations.

          • That’s what we should do for halloween week. Instead of a “how was your week” it could be “how scary has your life been!”

        • I went to Edgar Allan Poe’s house and couldn’t stop salivating from when I walked in and until I left the house. It was bugging me the whole time I was there. Some say he died of rabies and one of the signs is excess salivation, so probably it was the ghost of Poe or his cats toying with me.

    • There is a paranormal conference in Chicago in October…

  8. What if the Videogum Movie Club was about movies that are on Netflix/Hulu/etc, rather than or in addition to movies in theaters? Like, good movies that are older and we could watch together as a family without having to pay for a movie ticket and go out into the world?

    (Also you are doing great, Kelly!)

    • On a similar note, there was talk some time back of doing TV recaps of a show on Netflix instant. Can we think about that? I’d be down for weekly Twin Peaks discussions.

      • Once Upon a Time is fucking insane. LOST insane. That could be a fun show to discuss. Plus it’s got the two seasons on Netflix now and starts up on Sunday. It’s very campy. It’s not perfect like Sleepy Hollow but it’s very very fun.

    • This sounds great. I’m not always up for paying to see a movie I am almost definitely going to hate in a room full of poorly trained human puppies fingering blinky light/sound effect machines, but I am always up for watching silly stuff in my comfy apartment with beer and healthy-ish snacks.


      There are things I’m watching on Netflix that have been out for a while and I want to talk about with people, but like, they’re 5 years old and no one IRL wants to talk about them!

    • I also like this idea because I am a poor hermit!

  9. On 2nd thought, I’m fine with the overall amount of sand, I’m just tired of 99% of the sand being controlled by 1% of the commenters.

  10. “Please don’t say Gabe Delahaye — I can bring him back, but I simply refuse to.”

    This just confirms that Gabe is being kept in an underground bunker as a secret blog slave.

    • That’s why Kelly wants the feedback; to see if he’s earned the Peanut Butter Cup AND the Americone Dream.

    • In all seriousness, you’re doing a fantastic job, Kelly! I really have no complaints or suggestions. Well, I guess if I did, it would be about my personal distaste for internet-attention-baiting public marriage proposals, but I don’t need to look at those if I don’t want to! That’s a freedom that our founding fathers died on the cross for us to have. Some people really like those weird things, so that’s great! “Who am I to judge?” – Pope That One. Keep up the very very good work!

      Exclamation Points!!!

  11. More Steve Winwood.
    Kelly gets a cat.
    Kelly gets a time machine.
    More Pony Days.
    Kelly recaps the NFl, evenspecially if she does not understands the game.
    5% less gifs, 352% more cliparts.
    More Katherine Chloe Cahoon.
    Let me know what shows to watch. I don’t know current shows as I mostly watch tv when I’m supposed to be working.
    Kate should have a weekly post. (Possibly an old Star Trek recap?)
    More Patrick M.
    Kelly goes to more talk shows.
    Karate Thursdays.
    Casual Fridays.
    More explosions and curse words.
    Weirder Internet videos.
    Buffalo chicken.
    Monster Pet of the Week.

  12. Some of my favorite things are UFOs, mummies, trains, the Road Runner, muppets, Abbott, Costello, ice cream, Darth Vader, and blocks.* So more content based on those would be great.

    *This is the exact list I would have made when I was six and there is no need to revise it. Feel free to print it out and laminate it.

  13. I am excited for the new recaps, especially Sleepy Hollow. Carmen has been an awesome addition. Even the Newsroom which I don’t watch anymore, I enjoyed the hate.

    Most of my complaints are related to the commenting system. Yes, it works, but I think that is the end of the “pros” section. Things that I would like to see regarding commenting:
    1) The ability to be notified when someone replies to you – I know a lot of us are able to follow along during the day, but there are a lot of monsters that can’t. I’m sure some of them leave smart or funny replies to a comment on a day old story but most likely the person they are replying to will never know.
    2) The ability to see who has up or down voted a comment. Would probably put an end to people downvoting just because they disagree.
    3) Be able to switch your vote if you accidentally vote the wrong way. I sometimes have to use a terrible trackpad and it thinks I clicked when I didn’t and I accidentally downvote and there’s no going back.

    There is probably more but that’s what I got off the top of my head.

    You’re doing a great job Kelly! Keep it up.

    • I would second the idea of being able to see if someone’s responded to a comment you made. Now that I’m in class all the time, I can’t always follow along during the day. Also, I tend to catch up at night and usually just upvote because I assume no one will know if I responded to them!

    • 1) This is on the wishlist!
      2) This isn’t really possible w/ the current plugin!
      3) This also probably isn’t possible? Be careful how you vote! But I will talk to the product team about it.

    • Yes, I would also like a easier way to see if someone responsed/replied to my comments. Mostly because I’m a narcissist. I could go for #2, but my hearts not 100% into that one.

    • It would be really awesome to have notification of comment replies. I tend to post at odd times because I am across the Atlantic. Sometimes I go ahead and post on old things anyway even if I know it will be largely unseen, but there are times when that is frustrating because I feel I have relevant things to say! Like now!

      As for 2 and 3, I have to say that I strongly disagree. I am not a downvoter. I have maybe downvoted 1-2 comments in my years here. I also don’t upvote everything, and I don’t want someone worrying about why X commenter got an upvote and Y commenter didn’t. We don’t have a downvoting problem here in the first place and I am fine not knowing who upvotes or downvotes me. More than fine, I prefer it. I trust the opinions of this community enough to not need total transparency.

      • Oops, I only strongly disagree with 2. For 3 it’s just not a big deal, but it would be easier than having to make the “Oops I accidentally downvoted” reply on the rare occasions it happens. Maybe being able to edit comments would be nice (like now), but I enjoy seeing the reply “edits” almost as much if not moreso at times than the original comments.

      • I never thought about people getting upset about not getting an upvote! I think it’s just the passive-aggressive nature of 99% of the downvotes that bothers me so much. I think of the downvote as exclusively for spam/offensive comments, it bothers me a lot more than it should when people use it as a “disaggree” button. That’s what replies are for! But like you said, we don’t really have a downvote problem here.

  14. Snacks.

  15. Kelley and Kate Freaky Friday

  16. Oh and I have no idea if Kelly can fix this or tell her programmers to fix this but the functionality on the mobile site is super difficult and basically impossible to interact upon. Is there a way to ask the front end developers to fix it so that users can override the mobile WordPress default and have the option to read the site like a standard dynamic response page? It may be the bug of the WordPress style design, but it’s a relatively new to this year bug.

  17. Kelly, I think you’ve been doing a bang up job! You keep me up to date on all Benedict Cumberbatch news and you give us a fab place to talk about lunches. A+, would read this blog again.

  18. I would like to have BNPG happen on a more frequent basis. Not every day, but maybe give it a weekly slot?

    Also, we should have more links to celebrity crotch shots. The way I remember it, everyone was pretty into that.

  19. but seriously my real comment is the obvious observation that Gabe had a lot of “frachises” and guests which made the blog seem really varied, and it’s probably a good model to emulate. Just don’t bring back that Slaughterhouse 90210 shit.

    What I always want to see is posts that point me towards something awesome that I would want to check out. Awesome actors, awesome movies I’ve never heard of, awesome free content on the web. Just wicked awesome stuff all the time, that would be rad and gnarly.

    • yes, “frachises.” that is the word I meant to type.

      What if, and I’m just spitballing here, there were, like, an edit button, and so after you wrote something you could go back and change it? Because maybe you made a mistake or something?

  20. No more apples in the vending machine.

  21. …but the note was asking to…

  22. A previous item on the site I liked were the thirtysomething recaps. I know that recaps are tedious and kind of a nightmare to write due to time constraints and wanting to be relevant with everything, but it could be interesting to see a show tackled for which Kelly has an affinity, or perhaps a well-regarded show that Kelly has never seen.

    • Thirtysomething recaps were one of my favorite things back in videogum olden tymes. I used to hate-watch that show when i was a kid (well… teen?) so I looked forward to those all week (or at least starting the day before they posted), but I never felt like it caught on around here. I’m glad to see you mention them, Bookface, and I second your call for Kelly to watch a well-regarded show that she has never seen (and that is super dumb). (And that I have seen.)

      • Lord in heaven above I watched that show when Kelly was a baby.

        • Kelly is an authority figure around here so I’m going to keep thinking of her as older than me. But in reality I used to watch that show with my mom and I missed the episode where Peter Horton died despite the fact that he was one of two characters who made the show watchable. When I picked it back up I said to her, “Hey, where’ s he? This is like watching paint dry,” and I still hear her answering with the full force of dismay and contempt, “He died. This show is getting stupid.”

          The other character that I liked was “Ellyn” who I had a crush on that I refuse to answer for in 2013.

    • I love this idea! I would prefer to see her tackle an older show that is maybe out of her usual genre types, not that I know that they are, or just something fun. My show suggestions in no particular order:

      Twin Peaks (mentioned earlier)
      Picket Fences
      Eerie, Indiana
      Buck Rogers
      MASH (but that might take awhile…)
      The Prisoner
      Fresh Prince of Bel Air

  23. I know Gabe got Birdie in the divorce so I was wondering could we get a new puppy

  24. Can someone tell us what’s up with Topher Grace these days?

    • he’s gonna be in the next Christopher Nolan movie and of course That 70′s Show remains popular in syndication

  25. Before this afternoon, I probably would have been like, “Ooh, recaps of Nashville and Sleepy Hollow.” Dreams answered. Also, I’ve really really been liking the Tumblr lately. And actually one of my favorite posts is talking about lunch? More talking about lunch, I guess. And I like the idea of watching something on Netflix AS A FAMILY. Maybe murder mysteries, because I am watching them anyway. More PBS, I guess is what I’m saying. Ugggg, I’m a nerd.

    • Uhh, YES PLEASE Miss Marple!!

      • Evidently Icabod Crane has been in a bunch of mysteries which I have seen already, including a really good Poirot and an Inspector Lewis!! But I didn’t notice him, and now I have to go back and watch them all over again!

        • Whoa whoa whoa which Inspector Lewis? Did he interact with Hathaway? Because I’ll probably die if I watch that, but I’ll die happy.

          • Allegory of Love? IMDB says it’s the one about the fantasy novelist, which I remember vaguely. I dunno, I binged on those and all the plots blur together. UGG, HATHAWAY, YOU ARE PERFECT. Also, Morse is available on Hulu, and it’s way fun to watch baby Lewis on it.

          • I remember that one!! His character was a huge jerk, but he did take his shirt off, so.

            I just watched the Miss Marple where Hathaway plays a drunk ne’er-do-well who gets locked in a larder (it’s the one where Carey Mulligan is a ghost) and it was strange and delightful to see him act so un-Hathawayish.

          • Yes, yep, I know exactly the one you’re talking about. Such a good one! He’s so fun. And I love him and Kevin Whatley. There were so many interviews when the show ended when they just sat around and gushed about each other. So sweet.

          • Rainicorn, I just checked and Allegory of Love is behind a damn Hulu paywall now. It was free on Netflix until a couple of months ago. Booooo.

          • Why do they hurt us this way?

        • I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but Ichabod Crane was in Parade’s End with our boyfriend Benedict Cumberbatch…

          • WHAT???? OK. Now I’m on board.


          • I don’t know about any uh… legal means, but I watched it a while back through the magic of internet. TBH I didn’t like it all that much because the war stuff was boring and they purposely tried to make B.Cumbs ugly because the character was supposed to be ugly (I mean he still looks pretty good but like they put pads in his cheeks and shit, plus he’s blonde) and I found the central love story fairly insipid. BUT Rebecca Hall is in it and I love her and she is very good in it and there are pretty clothes and accents. Ichabod isn’t in it that much, as I recall, but I remember his character for sure.

          • WAIT WAIT WAIT, I SAW PARADE’S END AND DON’T REMEMBER THIS JOKER. Who was he?? Was he the guy Sylvia ran away with?

          • He was Sylvia’s wimpy mustachioed boy-toy Potty Perowne.

          • Ah!! Sad sack Potty! That’s what I suspected!

            But yeah, I agree that Parade’s End was disappointing as a whole. Just super dull! And Benny looked so weird! Rebecca Hall was very good though.

      • Oh man, I would TOTALLY volunteer to recap Miss Marple if I was good at recapping. I have seen them all, er, several times.

        • We should do a series, but most of my recaps will be, like, “Uuh, I missed the first two minutes while I was in the bathroom and now I have no idea what’s going on. Who is that? All these old-timey Brits look the same. I guess the old man did it? Where’s the cute guy? There he is. What a great show!”

          • If I tried to recap a show it would be like, “so there’s a dude and he has a weird face thing which is kinda hot but not really. The lady from before is back and she’s still the worst. Then I went to make a sandwich and it ended.”

          • I actually used to have a Tumblr where I recapped period pieces, and they went over pretty well, but they took me forever and I never had time to do them and I always felt guilty because people kept asking me when I was going to do Part 3 of Emma and finally I deleted the whole thing in shame.

          • ladyrainicorn, can we get a link up in here? I’d love to go read your back catalogue! Because I’m a little (a lot) into period pieces.

          • It’s all gone, I’m afraid. I tried leaving up what I’d already done after telling everyone I wasn’t going to do any more, but nobody listened and everyone kept bugging me about it, because: the internet.

    • Oh oh, flanny did you watch Broadchurch? Let’s watch that you guys. It made me a ghost.

      • YESSSSSS. Manners, artdork and I are sort of doing a viewing party thing once a week, but they’re super busy so it keeps getting rescheduled and I’m super into it and not as busy, so I might just cheat and watch it on my own. Very very good.

      • Ok, so, I hadn’t heard of that, googled, watched the first episode, and WHOA.


      • Oh my god yes Thankfully I have two friends who also watched it so I had people to talk about it with because I cried for like 85% of that last episode!!! But not sure how they’re going to do season 2?? (And it HAS been confirmed that they will). After we’ve all watched it, we can throw around theories as to how #2 will happen. Another child murder and they need to bring Tennant back and it plays out the exact same way only with a different killer, until we’ve gone through the entire suspect list, and also all the children?? Only time will tell…

  26. Basically all said already, but edit buttons for the comments and more of what you’re doing! Also, if I may be so bold, is it possible to get Sleepy Hollow recaps towards the end of the day and not on the day it airs? That way fatimas can share in the fun too? Because holy fuck you guys, that show… Also more meetups closer to where I live (where nobody else lives) and more videogum everywhere challenges that we can participate in as a family!

  27. I agree with everybody who said movie club for movies on Netflix! Or TV shows! I always want to throw The Vampire Diaries into the ring but it’s sort of past its prime at this point. But overall I don’t have a problem with anything that’s going on here so just keep up the good work! Or else!

  28. Videogum Book Club

  29. 1) bring back 30 rock
    2) recaps of Roots
    3) Kelly bakes us cakes on our birthdays

  30. Make it more like Stereogum, for example:

    1) More listicles
    2) Everyone in the comments says ‘”no no here’s how I would do it” referring to the listicle.
    3) 90% regular trolls
    4) the other 10% are people who created an account just to say the band the article is about sucks. Still trolls, but more like drive-by trolls.
    5) Abundance of misogyny and racism

  31. Can we have an upvote button for the post itself? Sometimes I love love love the post, but don’t have anything clever to say about it and you can only go “Great work, Kelly!” so many times before it gets tired… I would love to show my support for great writing that leaves nothing for me to say, though!

  32. I would like some kind of advance notice of upcoming stuff that’s a little out of the norm…for example I didn’t know about the Emmy watch and pizza party and didn’t check cause there usually aren’t weekend posts. Now that I know there will be sleepy hollow and Nashville recaps, I will make a point to watch those shows in time. Bringing back top chef (or some other ridiculous reality show) recaps would be fun because they’re ridiculous.
    Ditto on the movie club not requiring us to leave the house (couch).
    Great job, Kelly!

  33. Parody T-shirts like “Pussy Possy Members Only” and “Amy’s Half-Baked Company”

  34. It seems like in the past there were more youtube weirdos doing weird stuff curated here, and I don’t know if the Inter-well has just run dry on that sort of thing but that’s what initially attracted me to the site, FYI.

  35. all of this has already been said, but:

    -some sort of notification system for replies
    -ability to comment/upvote on the mobile site
    -ability to edit/delete comments

    i’m excited for more recaps; even though they’re all for shows i don’t watch, they’re still fun to read. i’d also second (or like, fifteenth) some sort of netflix movie/tv club feature, because i love watching things as a family but hate leaving my house. mostly i’d like for videogum to start later in the day, so certain west coast garbage vampires don’t end up sleeping through most of the day’s posts, but i realize that’s asking a bit much.

    • Everyone keeps saying comment-editing would be good. I disagree! I’d be here forever re-editing my posts, trying to hone my wisecrack about a squirrel on a bigwheel or whatever, it would be sheer hell. Also what if I reply to you and then you edit your post so my post makes no sense? Or you write “The Beatles suck” and I reply “Not true!” and then you change your initial post to “Six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust” and fuuuuUUUUuuuuUUUUccCKK that puts me officially on record as a Holocaust denier!!! AN EDIT BUTTON WOULD BE DANGEROUS.

      • Sorry! Accidental downvote! I think that is a good point, it takes me long enough to hone my comments as it is.

      • well, it would be nice to at least be able to delete or fix the dumb, typo-ridden comments i always leave whenever i try and stealth-comment on my phone at work. maybe there could be an option to view edit history, like when facebook rolled out the ability to edit comments? (not that facebook should ever be a model for how to run any website ever.)

      • Yes, I was trying to figure out how to say the same thing above, but then I gave up. But THIS! YES! I would go insane over thinking how to edit it to perfection. Also, it’d be so easy to just post “FIRST!” and then stay at the top of the comments while editing it into hopefully something mildly clever. Though I would never do that. I stopped aiming for mildly clever long ago.

  36. Oh, also, I just thought, what about interviews? I know that’s easier said than done, and I’m not asking for an interview with Brad Pitt or something. He’s too busy crying over his hair to give interviews right now, anyway. Maybe people who do podcasts we like, or bit players in stuff who don’t get a lot of publicity. I bet they’d have good stories. Easier said than done, but it’d be really cool to say, “I read an interview with so-and-so who does such-and-such on this website, Videogum. You should read it.” Because I feel like now when I direct people to the site they’re like, “That was something else!” And then look the other way.

  37. We all seem to enjoy podcasts, could we do a podcast open thread or review type thing? Right now the only place on the internet to really talk to other people about podcasts is the AV Club, which barf.

    More Aaron Paul.

    Also, Kelly is doing smashingly.

  38. How about 10 best comments? I think this works over at SG and there’s way more quality comments here at VG. I do not think the 5 lowest comment section works, though. My feeling is that it creates confrontation for the sake of confrontation. There’s ,like, 3 people who are good at it, but I personally prefer to just ignore trolling for the sake of trolling. In fact, I don’t think I would miss the Lowest Voted in VG at all. Not to say there should not be downvotes, but once the comment is hidden it’s done for. Gabe used to be good at putting the smack down on the LV but I get a feeling that Kellly just likes to ignore it? If that’s the case, I don’t see the point of keeping it. I understand the value of it when the community was being created but at this point I think the core community pretty much knows not to be racist/sexist/crazy/cool. (20 year old references, wazza!) Plus if Kellly really want to call someone out she can always do it in the MB intro, because she is the baws of these here web parts. I don’t know, maybe YOU think too much about blogs you read.

  39. Can we do a “What’s Gabe up to?” series? (like the Topher Grace)

  40. I’m happy with everything, but I’d really like a tv recap for American Horror Story: Coven (because that is some creepy, supernatural shit that needs to be shared and discussed).

    • Yes yes yes!! Or at the very least an open thread because man oh man, the last two seasons of that show, you guys!

      • One of my former co-workers used to watch it, and we’d discuss it the next day. I am very glad you watched it. At least we can talk about it to each other! :) Are you excited for the Salem-Bayou with drama this season?

    • I’m planning on watching this (I haven’t watched the first two seasons, but this one has my interest piqued), so, yes, agreed.

  41. Crap I am probably really late to this party but there are a couple of items that I wanted to recommend from the last time you and Gabe asked for user suggestions:

    1) Actually this could also apply to Sterogum – a FAQ page. I am sure there were others like myself that joined this site and wanted to know how to post an image, what HTML tags work, or site terminology, etc. It might take a little bit of magic away from the site , but I know many people will be less intimidated to participate if they had this knowledge

    2) A monthly post where commenters can only comment with gifs.

  42. I think this was done a few times before, but I’d love the Morning and Afternoon Links with links that open in new tabs/windows. Sometimes I visit a linked page but then forget to go back and read the rest of the post!

  43. Pretty late to the comment game, but regular Parenthood updates would be swell. It probably won’t be as intense this season, but I’ll bet you it’s still very good.

  44. I love TV recaps and movie recaps so so so so much, and I fell in love with videogum during the WMOAT days, and I became hooked by the recaps of the experiences gabe and lindsay went through after all their awful bets… those were just the best. honestly. i love a good recap of something that someone else did not enjoy, basically.

  45. Sooo late to be adding my 2 cents, but I really miss the double-dog dares, which sometimes included guest writers like Joe Mande. Those were some of my all-time favorite posts on VG. Also great work Kelly!

    • Did everyone’s profile get wiped? I just logged in and my avatar was gone, along with any comments I made pre-2013.

      • Egad, I hope not. My avatar is here but I don’t have time to page back through all my comments.

        ACTUALLY, that is for real something I’d like to see: in our profiles, a way to pick specifically which of someone’s 100+ pages of comments you want to see, instead of just clicking “more” 99 times if you want to see their very first post ever.

  46. Hello from way down here in the comments! I’ll keep it brief. Newsletter? Sure! How about doing interviews with some people who never get interviewed? (i.e. Law & Order extras)


  48. I’m so late, but saw that Kelly is going to go over these this weekend, so here goes:
    1. Kelly is the best.
    2. Someone please teach me how to post clip art on here.
    3. Stay sweet, Kelly. Don’t ever change.
    4. A way to correct our typos/misspellings, but it shows that we edited our comment maybe? Not good for obsessive thinkers like myself, so maybe ignore this one.
    5. More random open threads throughout the week.
    6. TLA, Kelly.
    7. A new Videogum segment that I can write so that I can work virtually and stay home with my son.
    8. Babies.

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