Last night, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiered on ABC and was followed by this preview of the first season. Did you watch the pilot? Are you okay with watching all of the suits that hang around superheroes without all the flashy superheroes in their superhero suits coming in and banging in to walls and crushing stuff? Are you okay with Clark Gregg not being dead anymore, when you JUST got over the fact that he was dead and were finally starting to move on with your life? Will you support the Weed Bros. (Whedon Brothers) with whatever adventure they’d like to take you on? So far it looks like viewers have been hesitantly supportive! Tell meeeee what you thiiiink if you want!

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  1. This is a show that I will watch in a few months when people say it’s good. (Which makes me part of the problem.)

  2. I did not watch it and probably won’t, but can somebody tell me how/why Clark Gregg is alive? Seems dumb.

  3. Nope it was all bout S.W.O.R.D.* last night.

    (*Sorry,Wife Opted Review of Dexter.)

  4. Nick Fury is seen here recruiting the newest Avenger, Spatenman.

  5. Are there scenes of agents cleaning the bathroom after the Hulk uses it?

  6. It was alright. I like Whedon things so I liked seeing some old friends pop up.

    My guess on Coulson is that he is a robot or a clone. I had originally thought he was going to be a robot that becomes Ultron, but since James “The Blacklist” Spader was cast as Ultron, my theories have gone out the window.

    I always like ragtag shows and this group seems pretty ragtag, so I am on board!

    • Ruth Negga is supposed to be joining the cast sometime in the future and I love her, so I think that will be a nice improvement.

  7. My favorite part was when the small woman took down the much larger man in hand to hand combat.*

    *I didn’t watch the show but it’s Joss Whedon so I’m sure this happened.

  8. I didn’t watch it. Instead I went to a geek yoga class where it was the end of Merlin classes. Next week we start Sherlock! Yoga Sherlock! There will be pictures of the Cumberbatch and otters! I am not sure why otters, but they are cute, so why not.

  9. Watching a show about agents of S.H.I.E.L.D seems very Rosecrantz and Guildenstern are Dead to me…is there some of that?

  10. I didn’t watch this, but I DID watch Sleepy Hollow a day late! Guys, that show is a lot scarier than I was bargaining for. Although I’m very glad that (SPOILER) is not actually (SPOILERED)…although he kind of is, but…well, you know what I mean if you watched. But I like him and am very interested in that character.

    “Were you betrooooothed???” Oh, Ichabod, you’re adorable.

    • Yes, I loved the betrooooothed part too!! I LOL’d!!!

      • Best show on network TV.

        • I watched it again last night because there were some jokes I missed on Monday. The little PostIts were GREAT. And the gun joke? Very good. And guns aren’t funny!! I could watch the fish out of water stuff forever… Which is good because that is my husband. My handsome handsome brilliant and funny and confused TV husband.

      • I really like how they’re having him discover stuff about the modern world mostly in small moments on his own, instead of the typical “fish-out-of-water does something stupid, everyone snarkily corrects him” thing. Like when he was poking at the fluorescent light–because yes, people from the past would be SUPER EXCITED about lights. And Abbie’s notes! Aw, I love them.

    • But…as much as I lurv (SPOILER) his neck, because of (SPOILER) kind of looks like a ballsack now, yeah?

      SO GROSS. But I still love him.

    • I loved the subtlety of him discovering donut holes! Most shows would have made a whole to-do about it, but he just sort of had one and then paused and raised his eyebrows and it was perfect. Also, the outrage over sales tax on baked goods! Bless whoever thought of that!

  11. Gunn was on and the story got progressively stupider to the point that I unsubscribed by :45. I have superhero fatigue and they wasted Gunn. I will also watch later if it is liked by three or more friends. Or they add my favorite nerdy guy from Dollhouse.

  12. I saw the last 5 minutes of this show where a corvette takes off a la the Delorian at the end of the first Back to the Future and I was like, “Nope! Moving on!”

  13. It has the potential to be a really interesting show, inasmuch as it could show us how normal people deal with the sudden appearance of superheroes. Probably won’t be, since it’s a network show. I was vaguely interested during the program and may give it a few more episodes before passing judgment. The trick will be to see if they can bring in any Marvel heroes or villains from the comics that are known but not so big that they’d require a huge star/budget, I think…

  14. I didn’t think it was a very good idea for a TV show when I first heard about it but I really liked this pilot. Resurrecting Clark Gregg was the right call, even if it sounds stupid, because he’s the best part. Pretty much everyone else is just a bit too physically perfect. That’s my only complaint. Also, it didn’t really get into whatever weird ideas are going to be driving the plot (or so I’m assuming, since this is a Whedon show) but since he got burned when he tried to say too much right off the bat with Dollhouse, his caution is understandable.

  15. The best part of this comment is that S.W.O.R.D. is actually another fictional organization in the Marvel universe (kind of like the MIB, actually) so my immediate thought was that they were actually pulling back the curtain on the Marvel cinematic universe even further.



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