Samuel L. Jackson attended Oktoberfest in Munich over the weekend, which makes me very jealous. It seems silly to be jealous about something that a celebrity like Samuel L. Jackson gets to do, but, hey, guess what? You can’t keep me from feeling my feelings. So shut up and shove it. What do you think he said when he got there, though? That’s your job, to caption it! Was it something like, “This is great!” “It’s so nice that I get to do things like this.” “Ugh, I’m having so much fuuuuuun.” Or like, “Man, what a life I’ve made for myself. I’m happy!” Or was it something else? That’s for you to be the judge and juror of and also decide! Good luck!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and one dream about going to Munich for Oktoberfest. (Via Uproxx.)

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  1. Ich habe es bis hier mit diesen verdammten Schlangen in diesem verdammten Biergarten!!!

  2. Hold on to your Buds.

  3. Hold on to your hintern.

  4. It’s just like that Chappelle’s Show sketch I’m Rick James Bitch

  5. “Hey! I said hold on to YOUR butt!”

  6. The L stands for Lederhosen.

  7. English motherfuck, do you speak it?

  8. “So you DO know what the fuck a quarter pounder is? I KNEW Travolta was full of shit!”

  9. Man, I want a beer. (That’s not a caption, just a statement of fact)


  11. Roll Out the Barrel, motherfucker, do you play it?

  12. Just don’t give him a Land Shark.

  13. They call me Mr. Glass….. of beer.

  14. Schraderbrau, motherfucker, do you serve it?

  15. Look at the big beer on Brett!

  16. MMMhm. This IS, a tasty Bitburger!


  18. You sending Herr Wolfenstein? Shit, kraut that’s all you had to say!

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