Wow, a public marriage proposal combined with skydiving combined with playing a prank on the woman who is being proposed to? What a terrible jackpot we’ve hit! Can we please return the jackpot? How many more jackpots do you have to hit before you can trade in the jackpots for a new jackpot? The video is a bit difficult to understand, so here’s the YouTube description to get you prepared:

One of a kind proposal. Skydiver drops engagement ring during proposal. After she believes the ring is gone forever; she is surprised by her sisters and best friend with the real engagement ring. (short version)

(short version). Obviously congratulations to the happy couple, but lady, please bring your face close to the screen and make sure your future husband doesn’t see, this message is private and just for you:


Click through for the video!

What if she had died?! If she had died her last thought would be, “Oh no, the ring!” (And also maybe, “Oh no, do I have to marry this person?! I can’t tell him no after we already lost the ring!”) (YOU NEVER KNOW, GUY!) Of course planning for sudden death isn’t something that most people take into account when figuring out their proposals, but also most people don’t propose before jumping out of an airplane. Terrible. Congratulations again, obviously, you both seem very happy, I’m very happy for you, I wish you all the best and more, but: TERRIBLE! (Thanks for the tip, badideajeans!)

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  1. I think it was on the Today Show that I saw a piece about how expensive proposals are now. And you can hire a proposal planner who will hire all the back-up dancers for you and stuff. And it can cost upwards of 10K. And I was like, “Let’s just stop then. This is out of control.”

    • I want to play a prank now where I set up a fake proposal planning business and help some d-bag plan an elaborate and expensive proposal but then go behind his back and tell his girlfriend that I’m sleeping with her boyfriend so when he does propose she slaps him across his face and then I upload the video to Youtube and become a hero to millions.

    • that’s so bonkers. It’s just another bullshit thing that makes people feel bad about themselves.
      Like the ring – people get obsessed with the size and all that other shit and it’s like, it doesn’t matter! just get married to the person you love, remember him? Isn’t he better than a piece of jewelry and an elaborate youtube video?

      • What’s really bonkers is that what you just said doesn’t go without saying.

        • yes and then it goes up x10 for the wedding shit.

          • I legitimately have wedding PTSD from my 6 years of bridesmaid activities, watching friends go actually insane and never getting to have an actual vacation in my adult life because I was always buying some ugly dress or flying around the country to be yelled at because my hair stays stick straight, regardless of how much shit you put in it… AND THEY WANTED WAVES. WAVES, THEY SAID. THIS IS THE BIGGEST DAY OF THEIR LIFE AND MY STRAIGHT HAIR IS RUINING IT. But the crap — the insane bullshit crap — that goes along with with wedding parties and bridal insanity makes my skin crawl. No one wants a “Team Bride” bracelet or track suit or some other polyester blend or plastic piece of shit for more than a couple hours and my friends legitimately filled a landfill in their quest to appreciate love.

            Someday, when I get married to the sea, and decide to just elope to sidestep this madness, I am going to be elated to tell my idiot friends from high school that I did this because modern American weddings are tacky… but they won’t care because I haven’t even taken my lack of vacation time to fly to suburban Milwaukee to see the baby. No, I have not. And I never will.

      • I almost think that weddings and wedding related ephemera will become so public and obtuse that some day many centuries from now, we could become a society of people that spends a large amount of time and money locating someone with our exact tackiness level with which to throw an engagement/wedding/whatever and then you immediately divorce them and go home to your live in partner to whom you have signed power of attorney.

    • Come on, everyone knows getting married is about getting attention, not, like, that “love” junk or whatever.

    • I just wish people would be a little more honest about this shit:
      “Will you marry/rack-up-an-enormous-amount-of-debt-planning-this-proposal-and-then-wedding-with me?”

    • I just threw up in my mouth and died a little inside… What’s up fellas.

  2. Not gonna watch. If you watch more taped proposals will come.

  3. I wish I had a time machine so I could go forward 10 years in time and see how many of these public proposal people are still married.

  4. Sometimes I worry that I’ll meet a great guy, we’ll fall in love, and then he’ll make a staged, public proposal and I’ll have to dump him out of principle.

  5. I’m actually planning to propose in a couple of weeks and I’m somewhat at a loss for how to do it. Like I’m not planning to do anything big like skydiving or embarrassingly public like an asshole, but I thought maybe surprising her by taking her out of town for the weekend and maybe doing it at a nice dinner. Thoughts?

  6. “Daddy can we see the video of your proposal to Mommy?”
    “Sorry honey, your mother dropped the F-bomb like 2 or 3 times, so no. Also, we’re divorced now, so it would be weird. Go to your room.”

  7. My friend just proposed to his boyfriend in what I think is the best way possible: they came home drunk after a night out. He proposed while they were waiting for a pizza. Perfect timing all around.

  8. Ohhhhhh, man, that pizza looks so so delicious. Posting this may be concerned a form of abuse, for a woman who ate salmon out of a little plastic pouch for lunch. With a plastic fork. With my head down. At my desk. Listening to an online presentation about native advertising. truly sad

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