• Scarlett Johansson is a very pretty alien in the extended Under the Skin trailer. I would trust her, even after watching it! She’s so pretty, how could you say no? TAKE ME 2 UR PLANET, JUST KEEP UR HUMAN SUIT ON! -FilmDrunk
  • WikiLeaks Wikileaked the WikiLeaks (The Fifth Estate) script! -NYPost
  • NBC has ordered a multi-camera sitcom called Dr. Ken about Ken Jeong’s life as a doctor, before becoming the Ken Jeong we all know and love definitely know, from film and television. -AVClub
  • I don’t know if it’s due to exhaustion or an undiagnosed illness or what, but I pretty much liked everybody’s dresses at the Emmys last night. (I am NOTORIOUSLY tough on dresses.) (JK.) (What do I know!) (LOTS.) (Not lots!) (Ahaha.) (I hope this never ends!) Whatever, ur all pretty. Here’s Lena Dunham’s. -Dlisted
  • Over at /Film, Joanna Robinson puts together a list of ten things we learn after each new episode of Breaking Bad. Want to head over there and read what she said about last night’s? You should! -/Film
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  1. I dunno, in that still she looks kind of like Debi Mazar in Empire Records. Which is a fine look, nothing against it. But she does.

  2. I need to stop thinking about Breaking Bad. It’s messing with my brain.

    • Breaking bad is breaking brain.

      (alternate joke: Breaking bad, more like breaking sad)

    • Is that even possible? It’s basically been on my mind non-stop all day.

      If you think about it, Todd is maybe the best character on any show ever, because even though we can speculate on Walt’s plan, I genuinely cannot even begin to guess what Todd’s going to do. But it’s driving me crazy trying to figure it out anyway. Fuckin’ Todd, you guys. The worst.

  3. Assange should be happy. Look what happened to Steve Job’s biopic….

  4. You know that ad where mom turns around to give the kids their lunch boxes and she has tons of black eye makeup on and the kids just stare at her? That’s what Lena Dunham’s eye makeup looked like last night. What the heck Lena Dunham?

  5. That Breaking Bad article nailed it with Marie. She’s GOT to be in the last episode, right?! I keep thinking that this can’t be the end of Marie on the show. But then, I’m also thinking about how much there still is to wrap up next week (SO MUCH) and how will they even find time to fit more Marie in there?!

  6. I thought every dress but JLd’s was god awful

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