I was a little– SHH! I was a little skepti– SHH! I was a little skeptical about this cover at first, because some– SHH! –sometimes things like this can be a little bit too on-purpose cute, if you know what I mean. Like a parent is just desp– SHH! –desperately trying to get their –SHH! To get their kid to be cute for YouTube, but this is actually just very enjoyable! A real day-brightener. Th–SHH! Thanks! (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. Can someone find me a crying/laughing reaction gif, please? Thanks.

  2. Very sweet! The best part was near the end when she kinda turned into Ethal Merman.

  3. is today just “how can we get the monsters to cry” day?

  4. Every year when the new phone books are out, my best friend and I call each other like “THE NEW PHONE BOOKS ARE OUT THE NEW PHONE BOOKS ARE OUT” and watch The Jerk together, but lately nobody gets phone books anymore so I guess this is our new phone books? In that I’m sending it to my best friend and we’re going to watch The Jerk together.

  5. i was really hoping there’d be more posts tagged “SHH!”

  6. I wish i had a husband and it was this guy

  7. I’m sick of kids, ukuleles, and cute Youtube videos, but this was dandy.

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