It would have been reasonable to guess that after last week’s episode, Breaking Bad might let us catch our breath before leaving us, and whomever else, lifeless at the final episode. Some tense setting up of dominos, of course, but ultimately a bit of respite while we wait for them all to fall. Right? That’s how this TV show has got to work, yeah? Otherwise we’ll all be too wound-up at work on Monday, and we can’t use our September 30th excuse (“migraine”) on September 23rd, because then what will we say after the finale airs? Right?! Ha-ha, nope! NOOOPE! Ugh, how stupid we were to think that we might get an almost-break. So, so stupid. Not Todd-level stupid but definitely Walt-level naive. Ugh, LET’S JUST GET ON WITH IT, THIS SHOW CERTAINLY DOES.

We begin with handsome Saul and his vacuum cleaner salesman/disappearer (hi, Robert Forster!) working to get him started on his new life in Nebraska. (“What’s in Nebraska?” he asks. Uh, hey Saul, ever heard of a little thing called SADDLE CREEK RECORDS?) He’ll have to stay at the vacuum store for a few nights before he leaves, and he’ll have a bunkmate. Ooh, is it a pretty lady?!

Ah, no, it’s just Walt. (And he is not doing so good.)

Elsewhere, Marie’s house has been broken into and the nazis have stolen Jesse’s confession tapes. They sit in their disgusting nazi den and laugh as he cries when describing murdering Gale. It’s kind of perfect, actually. Their entire role in this season has been to, fairly easily, dismantle and belittle what each character had been working for. Sitting and laughing at what, essentially, the viewers have been working for — meaning, a case for Jesse, the one we see as having something left inside worth saving — really rounds out their role as Breaking Bad Breakers. Those god damn jerks. When Jesse names Todd, Jack storms out to, once again, end Jesse’s life. One again, Todd stops him, saying that he still needs him to help him cook. Jack points out what we’ve all been thinking — they already have millions of dollars and disgusting dirty clothes and a shitty meth den, why do they even need to stay in the meth game? Todd says, uh, because why not have more money. Oh, right. Jesse is saved once again, and Todd is teased about having a crush on Lydia. WHATEVER WORKS.

Underground, Jesse begins his almost successful but ultimately incredibly depressing escape.

Back at the vacuum shop, Walt tries to get Saul to make a list of hitmen in order to, eventually, murder all the nazis. Oh, Walt. You sad, stupid murder idiot. Saul tells him that if Walt really wants to save his wife and kids, he won’t leave. The phone call was a good move and will help eventually, but until then, if they don’t have him they’re going to go after her. They’ll take her house, her money, and she won’t be able to appropriate defend herself or find work. “She knows nothing.” “Well too bad for her, then — she’s got nothing to trade.” Walt repeats the plan to Saul — he’s doing this for his family, he’s going to murder Jack and get his children all of his money, and only then will he be through. Oh, you stupid dummy I hate you so much!

Robert Forster comes in and tells Saul it’s time to go. Walt, the sad, pathetic idiot that he is, tries to teethface Heisenberg strong-arm Saul into going with him, but collapses into a fit of coughs. What is Saul even going to do with you, you dummy? “You have to come with me so we can think of hitmen together.” Saul, in perhaps both his best and final scene of the series, tells him that it’s over. He grabs his bags, and leaves.

Elsewhere, Skyler is in the exact situation Saul described to Walt. Everything is being taken away from her, and she doesn’t have enough knowledge of Walt’s plan to save herself and her kids. “Wrack your brain,” said the tough police guy. “WRACK YOUR OWN BRAIN, JERK” we shout in response.

What follows is one of the most terrifying, heart-stopping scenes in television. This god damn show! GIVE US A GOD DAMN BREAK! Skyler sits smoking and drinking in her house, while we see members of the police watching over it from outside. She goes to check on Holly, and:


TODD AND HIS FUCKING GOONS! They stand around Holly’s cradle, like they’re god damn witches or Goblin Kings, while Todd threatens Skyler into not mentioning Lydia to the police, as if she ever even would have in the first place. They leave without doing anything to Holly, THANK GOD, JESUS CHRIST, and we all breathe a sigh of pained relief. This show!

Speaking of Lydia, hey, she’s here. She and Todd meet at a cafe and he plays along with her speak-with-backs-turned-to-each-other shit that Mike refused to, way back when. (R.I.P. Mike.) Todd tells her that Skyler’s a nice lady who just wants to protect her kids. Lydia is like, “Ugh, you can’t do anything, why can’t you do anything JUST MURDER HER SHE SAW MY DUMB FACE,” but Todd interrupts her with a sweet kiss mention of how he’s gotten his meth levels up. ALL FOR YOU, MY SWEET LOVE! He picks link off of her suit jacket as we fade to black. The End.

Just kidding! Lots of nightmares up ahead!

Robert Forster takes Walt to his new secret cabin home. It looks pretty nice! He’s got a fireplace, lots of alone time, some food, a chemo IV drip, and two copies of Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. What else could a guy want?! He gets a little cranky when Robert Forster tells him that he obviously cannot have a cell phone or internet access, you idiot, but cheers up a bit when he’s told that he can easily walk out of the gate and into town, if he wants to make the whole point of traveling to this stupid cabin worthless. Great, he says. “I just need to find my stupid Heisenberg hat, and I’m outta here!” “Tomorrow.”

God, do we even have to talk about this next part? What a heartbreaking, awful, wonderful, really great, shitty, terrible show this is. Jesse, his face completely mangled, manages to gymnast-escape his ice cream dungeon and is caught just as he tries to climb the fence and escape. The nazis don’t kill him, though. They — as they threatened to with the photograph that helped him escape — take him to Andrea’s house and murder her on her porch. “This is nothing personal,” says Todd, before shooting her in the back of the head. Jack comfort-threats Jesse, telling him that Brock is still alive. Jesus christ. Fun recap!

Walt’s tomorrow comes and, whoops, no it doesn’t, time has jumped ahead! Walt has hair now. That mother fucking coward! He’s still in his Magorium cabin and has Robert Forster bringing him newspapers, to piece together what’s happening with his family back at home. He pays Forster $10,000 to spend an hour with him. (Who is Forster, Kristen Stewart?!) (Because remember that thing with that prince?) (I’M JUST TRYING TO LIGHTEN THE MOOD.) That night his wedding ring falls off of his skinny finger, which explains why his wedding ring was not on his finger in the time-jump we saw so long ago. He puts money in a box and wraps the box very nicely, and can barely even get out of his gate:

But he does get out! And he goes to a bar and has a bar lady pretend to be Marie so Flynn is taken out of class, to speak with him on the phone! WALT! Walt tries to get him to agree to take money, but instead of agreeing Flynn flips out and screams about how he murdered Hank, and yells at him for not just dying already. Boy oh boy. How many loved ones have to tell you to die before you die, Walt?! When he gets off of the phone with Flynn, he calls the DEA to turn himself in. It is heartbreaking (the Flynn part, not the turning-himself-in part) (HE SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT SO LONG AGO, MR. HAIR!) and so insane and I am rushing over it because we both watched it and you don’t need me to tell you and also I want to get to this:

The founders of Grey Matter Technologies are on The Charlie Rose Show. They deny that Walt had anything to do with the company outside of the company name (“Black + White = Grey”) (“Uh-doyyy Charlie Rose doooyyy”) and attempt to completely distance themselves from him. This does not make him happy! Some are speculating that the gun and ricin might be for these bozos, as Walt decides to not get caught by the DEA after he watches their interview, but what I think those people are missing is the fact that Walt’s face gets the teethface-maddest when Rose mentions the fact that his signature blue meth is still circulating — even reaching Europe. He knows that Todd and his uncles can’t recreate his product. He must know that Jesse — our beautiful Jesse — is still alive, and working with them.


What a heartbreaking, awful, very good episode. This fucking show! One more left! Will we even make it ’til next week?!

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  2. A couple thoughts:
    The ricin is definitely for Elliot & Gretchen Schwartz (maybe only one).
    Todd’s face when Jesse was describing his killing Drew Sharp? Perfect.
    Walt Jr. wearing all orange? Also did you know ‘Flynn’ means red (complexion)? So does Holly (in a way – it’s just the berries, plant)…they’re not gonna make it.
    When they were playing cards: “a king!” “another king!”
    Great great great episode! I can’t wait til next week!!!!!

    • I also want to comment on Todd’s face when Jesse talks about Drew. It was PERFECTION.

    • 99% certain we won’t see the Schwartz’s again. It was classic BB to bring back an almost forgotten loose end like that and have them (again) provide needed incentive for Walt to be self-destructive.

      But Kelly is right that the biggest takeaway was Walt learning “his” meth is still being produced. He may hate Elliot and Gretchen for downplaying his involvement, but I don’t think his revenge/return is to kill them: it’s to prove them wrong by going out loudly in a way nobody will be able to ignore or dismiss. And that would be by following through with the entire arc of season 5 with the Nazis. It would be a strange change of focus to make the last hour at all about the Schwartz’s, in my opinion.

      Also, the ricin is for Walt. A way to guarantee he will die if he gets taken into custody following whatever it is he plans to do with those guns.

      • Agree with this completely.

      • This entire thing started with the Schwartzs….we’ll just have to wait and see what actually happens, but they are the endgame.

      • if he can get that crazy giant gun from a guy, he can get a cyanide capsule or other “quick suicide” for killing himself in custody. Ricin is slow and painful, he wouldn’t do that to himself when he already has cancer.

        • I don’t think Walt is afraid of pain at this point. If anything, he always sees himself as a martyr. Killing Nazis, “avenging Hank”, maybe having the time to tell authorities where the bodies are buried and then succumbing to poison he created himself…in his mind it would be a heroic way to go.

          • I don’t think he’s afraid of the pain, either. It’s the speed (or lack thereof) he would hypothetically be trying to avoid.
            But still. I just don’t think there’s any way Walt kills himself. He wants to win and there’s no way that turning himself in to the cops and then killing himself counts as winning in his giant, ego-brain. That’s just my opinion/prediction.

          • That also plays into Walt Gustavo-Fring-vs-the-Mexican-Cartel-ing whoever he wants to poison. He can kill them because they’ll take it because they see Walt take it, and then regarding the suicide-but-looks-like-natural-causes angle, Walt will die too.

            I’m not saying Walt is going to go all Gus Fring/Dread Pirate Roberts on someone with the ricin, I’m just saying it makes more sense for him to use it on someone than not, even if he takes it too.

        • i think it’d be a way to kill himself and have no one know that he killed himself. like, “oh it must’ve been that darn cancer!” and not “coward killed himself”

      • I didn’t think about the ricin being for him. As to why he didn’t make ricin when it’s so easy to make – well he didn’t have the supplies in NH.

    • Also pale sickly Walt in a pale, sickly yellow sweat shirt as compared to his former bright yellow meth-making suit… man.

    • I don’t know. It may be that what upset Walt about Gretchen’s interview was that Charlie Rose suggested that the Heisenberg brand was still in circulation, and Walt guesses that Jesse is still cookin’.

      On the other hand, never underestimate Walt’s ego, or the degree to which he think the wold owes him credit for his smarts!

  3. FINE. It was the kids who did the graffiti. FIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!

    Still, my point stands, fuck the Neo Nazis.

    OK guys, here we go. HERE WE GO.

    Walt’s going back to kill the Neo Nazis. He’s gonna fuck their shit up. And Jesse better kill Todd in some kind of “The Wire: Cheese being killed Slim Charles” kind of shit. I need some “That was for Joe.” business. I NEED THAT.

    Heisenberg is going to fuck their shit up. He’s gonna go Unforgiven on their ass. Then he’s going to turn himself in, confess to all of it and implicate those Nazi fuck heads AND the Gray Matter dudes (MAYBE?!) so that he can free up Skylar and his kids completely… and he’s going to take the risin before doing it, so he won’t even see a trial.

    Calling it. I might be COMPLETELY wrong, because this show zigs whenever I think it’s going to zag, but I think I like this theory.

    • I’m with Kelly and Truck in saying the ricin is for Elliott and/or Gretchen. Ricin is not a good choice for suicide, and Walt is probably going to die either from the cancer or in a shootout with Uncle Jack and Psycho Todd.

      • How is he going to even get anywhere near Elliott or Gretchen though? Like, I just don’t foresee that as being his goal, because he can’t show his face anywhere, let alone drive to Santa Fe to ricin those guys. I dunno, seems possible, but like a long shot. I thought it might be for Lydia, at one point, but then I don’t know why he would give a shit about killing her. So.

        • I don’t know, give a barista $10k to put it in their coffee? Or give a hitman $100k to give a barista $10k to put it in their coffee?

        • Yea, I can’t really believe he’s going to kill Gretchen and Elliot, no matter how angry and bitter he is at them.

          He’s going back to kill the Nazis, take the ricin, turn himself in and confess, and then die on his own terms via ricin-assisted suicide. Who knows what happens to the money.

          I can’t imagine Jesse being in great shape even if he survives, dude will have severe PTSD forever.

          • I think I just don’t really see Walt committing suicide.
            I think he may go after Elliott & Gretchen because in his mind what they did is the same as what the Nazis have done: They took a method/product that he created and they’re using it to make millions without him getting any credit. Walt loves credit. And money. I could be 100% wrong though. We’ll find out in less than a week though!

          • I knew they were coming back. I knew it. My mom owes me wine because I bet her they’d come back.

            Walt spent … 15? years hiding his pride to be the dad and husband, swallowing his rage, while his college friends took his idea and got rich from it. It killed him inside, hell it could have manifested as cancer… because isn’t swallowing rage as much of a carcinogen as smoking? He didn’t agree to really make meth (at least more than once or at the Heisenberg level) until they stopped by and super condescendingly offered to pay for his treatments. He started all of this because of them. In a roundabout way, he lost his life and his humanity because of them. And seeing them on TV? Seeing him not get ANY credit for ANYTHING? He snapped back to him and angry him and holy shit… Ross’ wife’s wife is not going to make it. And I’ve been waiting for them to die since they visited in the first season. He’s going to actually kill the Nazi assholes in a scary barrage of bullets and awful, but he’s definitely going to take out those two — or force them to give them his long-owed money and name.

            What does he have? He has nothing — his son rejects him, he can’t use his money — but his pride and those people stole that from him 15+ years ago and damn hell if they are going to steal it from him again. Everyone’s going to die, maybe except Jesse. And Saul and Marie (if she hooks up with Saul in Omaha) and maybe that baby (only if Marie steals her first).

            Holy shit this show. Holy shit.

          • totally, badideajeans

          • No chance the ricin is for Walt. Like, 0.00% chance. He could easily kill himself in any number of ways, but risking being seen at his old house just to get the ricin, knowing that could interfere with his plans for the gun? The ricin is for someone else, almost certainly Gretchen and Elliot.

        • Walt could shoot Lydia if he wants her to die.
          I think the ricin is for G&E because he wants them to die a slow, painful death that would go undetected (from outsiders). He wants to remind them that he’s the king and they wouldn’t have Grey Matters without him. I think he’ll give it to them personally, but, like you say, this show zigs when I expect it to zag so I kinda don’t wanna predict.
          Or – he uses the ricin on one of them so the other won’t know why it happened? That seems less likely cause he hates both of them.

          • Eh, I have to agree with stu up there, that it would be weird to focus on G&E suddenly.

          • Nope, they were the catalyst that got him into this meth business for good. He would have accepted death until he saw them and realized what he didn’t do and can’t give to his family (but they could). They are literally why he started. They are going to pay and I’m going to laugh because fuck those condescending rich asshole fictional characters.

            I hate you Ross’ wife’s wife and your husband. I hate you for what you did and didn’t even care to realize.

          • I can see this happening.

      • There was a theory I saw some where that Grey Matter owns part of Lydia’s company or maybe vice versa. I don’t know how economically realistic that is, but it would be a real boot in Walter’s ass.

    • “Joe” and “Drew” even sound similar! Yes. Yes, all for that.

    • Slim Charles shooting Cheese is like, top 3 best moments of The Wire. But I kind of hope Todd gets a worse ending than that.

      I don’t think Walt is gonna try and implicate Gretchen and Elliot. I think you are right on with almost everything else, except I think the ricin is for Lydia. I’m betting he kills all the nazis and tries to tell Lydia that he is now in charge again and there will be no more speed bumps, then slips the ricin in Lydia’s tea or something.

      • Interesting. Agh, I love how this show, literally, makes almost anything possible. Like… this could go a dozen different, amazing ways.

        Bless it.

    • Told ya. Only no-good teens would make graffiti with a lower-case i. And there’s no way he’s going to implicate the Nazis. He’s going to murder them with a giant machine gun just like God intended.

  4. Please let their be some out-take video of Aaron Paul actually trying to do some gymnastic thing to try and get out of that cage

  5. They should throw out the script for Better Call Saul. Instead of a prequel, Saul should move to Omaha to work and exploit the booming music scene.

  6. Also, Dave Porter does not get nearly enough credit. The music on this show is so good and different and terrifying and great. I wanted to live in that last Credit Theme/ Heisenberg Theme cue.

    • The music and sound design in this episode were particularly good. Like way better than anything that is normally ever on TV good.

  7. It seemed pretty implausible to me that two business partners with the last name Black and White would found a pharmaceutical company and NOT a black & white cookie company. Other than that, great ep.

  8. One of my favorite parts about Last Seasons are when characters say things like Saul: “It’s over.”

    “What’s over? I still have to get my money back!” ~Walt

    “No, you doofus. This show is over. Next week. You got one episode left so… later.” ~Saul

    • The ‘damsel in distress to motivate the hero’ trope is apt, but really, one could argue that any character that the protagonists have classified as an ‘innocent’ on this show have been used as motivations for them. Anything Walt touches, and by proxy Jesse, has gone to shit because of their actions. Andrea was no different.

      • Jesse originally got involved with Andrea in order to harm her (to get her back into meth addiction) back when he thought he could play the role of hardened criminal….

  9. Andrea reeeally needs to get better at the “Don’t open your doors for terrifying monsters who look like regular people” thing.

  10. If Vince Gilligan really wants to give us all a big “Fuck You”, the finale will just be Saul managing a Cinnabon in Omaha and then a 30 second news clip comes on his TV that explains how all the Walt/Jesse/Nazi/Skyler/Lydia stuff ends.

  11. What if this is the show where the bad guy wins? What if they last dude standing is Todd? WHAT IF.

  12. Saul’s exit was perfect. “It’s over.”

  13. I’m pretty sure Todd is going to gentle psycho slasher film murder Lydia. Like he loves her too much to let her live or something. I get the vibe like this season(s) Todd represents pure evil in criminals (and to a lesser degree, all the Nazis), Jesse represents pure repentance (not in that he is a good person, just in that he seems to be feeling all the possible guilt for everything) so Walt is somewhere in between. I can’t really see “love” for Todd ending another way.

    Also, the DEA without Hank and Gomi is pure garbage, yeah? Saul could just disappear with no tail on him? The guy your chasing’s lawyer disappears and instead you’re asking his wife who he just stole their kid from where he is? And the other known associate is also missing? And nazis, maybe the most indelicate of bad guys, are just sneaking into a house you’re watchign undetected?

    • And the twist is that the Nazis were Ninjas the whole time!

    • I think it is really interesting that Todd can seem so nice (ice cream! creepily covering Lydia’s eyes in the nazi murder scene (I am using nice loosely here, fuck them both obviously)(unless you like Lydia? I am not a Lydia fan. I think she is the worst, after nazis. Gotta have some standards)) but he is the worst! Fuck the nazis!

      • Oh, I am not a Lydia fan by any means. If you’re going to be evil and kill like twenty people, have the guts to look at them, you know? I could also see Walt trying to get Todd to ricin Lydia’s tea to tie up loose ends, and then Todd trying to/maybe succeeding at killing him.

        • that was my other ricin thought last night. especially after she was like “i’m gonna need more stevia.” oh, are you? i think walt has some stevia for you.

        • What bothered me was that she was eager to have Skyler knocked off, despite the fact that she (Lydia) begged for her own life for the sake of her daughter or whatever. Lydia = Bizarro Mike

          • Wait, maybe she is Mike because both of them have someone talk them out of killing a woman. This does not make me hate her any less.

        • The Lydia actress played Door in the BBC production of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere which makes my brain short-circuit a bit whenever she’s on screen because I had kind of a crush on Door, but Lydia is terrible.

  14. Also in Nebraska: 311. “Next time, on the season premiere of Better Call Saul:”

  15. but what I think those people are missing is the fact that Walt’s face gets the teethface-maddest when Rose mentions the fact that his signature blue meth is still circulating — even reaching Europe. He knows that Todd and his uncles can’t recreate his product. He must know that Jesse — our beautiful Jesse — is still alive, and working with them.

    I DID NOT NOTICE THAT KELLYYYYY You get an A+ in observing and telling me because I totally thought he was pissed about Grey Matter only, and that he was going to go murder happy on them which would have been a much different ending (not that I don’t think they will feature still but I was assuming the last episode would be all about Walt’s hubris, when now I hope it will feature nazi killing. Boo nazis!)

  16. Regarding Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, I hate when the collector’s edition comes just a few months after the director’s cut.

    • Mr. Heisenberg-orium’s Meth Cabin Emporium

      • “You asked me if I was in the meth business or the money business. Neither. I’m in the emporium business” – New Hampshire Walt

    • I remember watching that movie a while back, and I’m pretty sure it was actually a kids movie about death. LIke (SPOILERS) the Magorium character was dying and they were trying to make his last days really special or something?

      What I’m saying is that Vince Gilligan showed his hand and that BB has been one big retelling of the Mr. Magorium myth.

  17. On the left, the pilot. On the right, last night’s ep.

    • Dang you, Breaking Bad, your science is just too tight.

    • What if all the repeat stuff we give them tons of credit for is just the way Vince Gilligan’s Sorkinisms manifest themselves?

      • Yeah, a lot of it could be accidental. Like the way Walt laid on the ground after Hank died. It looked just like when Gus was on the ground by the pool when his business partner was killed by Hector. According to Rian Johnson (director of last weeks episode) the similarity is just a coincidence and he was just as surprised as the rest of us to see the similarity.

    • I knew that was familiar. Jesus Christ this show.

  18. This show is so freaking perfect. The way the theme music kicked in during that last scene…ugh I can’t wait till next Sunday.

    My heart leapt as Jesse was running for his life, but quickly sank as I realized there is NO WAY he was getting out :( .
    DId anyone else cry major tears when Todd killed Andrea?? OY WITH THIS SHOW!!!

  19. How do you guys feel about predictions? Is it okay or too much like a spoiler if I’m right?

  20. Someone’s dream of a Breaking Bad/Northern Exposure crossover almost came true last night.

  21. We’ve seen a couple of fake-out endings so far this season:

    - the “Walt wins” in “Gliding Over All” where he almost gets out cleanly except for Hank finding Gale’s inscription
    - the “Hank wins” where he arrests Walt prior to being brutally murdered
    - the “Nazis win” in “Granite State” where everyone is alone or dead and the Nazis are running a meth empire

    So who’s left to really “win” – Jesse? What does a “Jesse wins” scenario look like, he suffers from severe PTSD and his parents take him back in? No, I think we’re going to get a “nobody wins’ scenario where both Walt & Jesse die while taking out the Nazis or soon thereafter (both of them take the ricin and confess, then die on their own terms).

  22. Oh man, when Todd offered Jesse a bowful of Ben & Jerry’s as a reward for making top shelf cook, I didn’t know what to think besides, “Good job, Todd, on the choicest of iced creams.”

    • Interesting that he gave him Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream right as the Colbert Report was winning for best Variety show, finally beating the Daily Show for the first time in like 11 years. Coincidence???? You be the judge. #illuminati

      • Ben & Jerry’s is HQed in Vermont, Walt’s hiding in New Hampshire. Very sly New England theme this week, Breaking Bad.

        • Vermont was the home of Newhart, which ended like Breaking Bad… with the lead telling his wife from the previous show that he had a weird dream. Beetlejuice took place in Connecticut, and Otho delivered a line, “Deliver me from L.L. Bean” upon visiting Alec Baldwin’s (a rival to Bryan Cranston in Emmy contests) home. Otho OBVIOUSLY works for Saul. Bryan Cranston was wearing a shit ton of L.L. Bean (corporate headquarters = Maine) last night (I know because my dad has every single one of those shirts and jackets). Blair Waldorf was supposed to go to school in Connecticut (Yale, where Skull and Bones exists)… Serena VanDerWoodsen was supposed to go to Brown (in Rhode Island, where Taylor Swift bought a house), but did not because she needed to be a PR rep for idiots because fuck off Serena, THIS ISN’T ABOUT YOU. Serena’s brother, Erik, left to go to Sarah Lawrence the HamptonsSarah Lawrence, which is in Westchester County… NOT THAT FAR FROM SLEEPY HOLLOW. Sleepy Hollow is on tonight and that man is very VERY handsome and the actor is against fracking and seems to be a Green Party member in the UK. I would like dual citizenship and that man seems okay…


  23. You know what’s terrifying? Watching the scene where the Neo-Nazis are standing over Holly’s crib in your dark apartment where you live alone. THANKS FOR A MILLION NIGHTMARES VINCE GILLIGAN

    At this point, I feel like death would be a relief for poor Jesse. His life is just a complete and utter nightmare wasteland of pain and death. Even if he survives, he can’t have any sort of happy ending, just maybe a not horrifying ending?

    • He could show up on Kelly’s doorstep, and she could nurse him back to health. That’s the “Kelly-wins” scenario curveball Vince Gilligan is throwing next week and which Kelly has been hinting at all season in her recaps.

  24. Here’s the thing, though, and I’m totally ready to be downvoted for this. I’m sort of glad this show is ending, because I can’t take any more. I’m kind of depressed today, and it’s because of this show. It’s brilliant, but so dismal, and it bums me out that I’m not at my best for my kid this morning because I’m replaying the images of fictional Todd killing fictional Andrea and of Todd et al. in black masks standing over Holly’s crib. That image was REALLY upsetting for me. All of the stuff is upsetting, but Holly in particular for me. LEAVE HOLLY ALONE!!!! It’s so brilliant and I’ve enjoyed the ride, but it’s like I ate too much before I got on the ride and didn’t realize it was going to be so long and definitely didn’t think it was going to get stuck and leave me in the air for 7 more days.

    • No, I agree. I could not take the next level of tension/darkness that would come after this if we kept going.

    • I’ve never been so stressed out from a TV show in my entire life. And that no one I cared about died (oops, Andrea, but she died from far away and keeled over and it was like a death in 6 Feet Under compared to what I was waiting to go down…) And then it ends with an implied revenge on the original nemeses? This show is too much. Too much. I am watching next week from a treadmill because my blood pressure cannot handle any more.

    • I’m happy the show is ending for similar reasons, and because it’s driven me to the point that I actively want Jesse to die. His life is completely fucked, he has nothing going for him and no one he cares about (save for Brock?). I wanted him to “win” and be okay (therapy!) but if this went one more episode more than next week, I’d be praying for a swift end to poor baby Jesse.

      • Yeah, we’re now into week two of Jesse Pinkman: Torture Porn and I can’t take anymore. He needs to die or fake his death and move to Brooklyn…

  25. So these past few episodes have proven how well planned the series is, which is pretty awesome considering how sloppy the loose ends seem right now, but more importantly, WHAT DOES THIS MAEAN?!

    I’ve karaoke’d with the girl wearing orange! Am I in breaking Bad? Does this mean I’m about to get Gale’d?! Who is the one who knocks? I’m scared.

  26. Question… when Walt ordered his drink at the bar, did he order Hank’s drink? Just curious, I couldn’t remember what Hank tended to drink or in what style.

    • If you go by the end of the first half of season 5, he’s drinking knob creek, I believe neat. Walt is drinking dimple pinch, which is a blended scotch. So they’re both whiskeys, but one’s a bourbon and one’s a scotch.

  27. If we had five more episodes (like, instead of splitting up the final season into two eight episode parts, it was two seasons), I would have loved the “Saul and Walt Road Trip To Anonymity Comedy Hour.”

  28. Seriously, does anyone know the official timeline to Breaking bad? The show debuted January 2008 and Mr Magorium was released on home video on March 4th, which makes me think Robert Foster bought the Blu-ray version the day it came out, took it to the cabin, realized he only had a DVD player, drove 60 miles back to the store, realized he forgot the disc back at the cabin, bought the DVD version, drove back, made smores, opened up a bottle of wine, and watched Mr Magorium’s DVD just for the bonus features. But that;s just my theory, how do you think Breaking Bad will end?

    • Here’s what I think will happen:

      Henry is not deterred as he knows Molly made the cube fly and though she does not believe she can do magical and wonderful things, he believes in her. Henry realizes Mahoney is the Congreve Cube. The block of wood that can be anything she desires if she can somehow believe in herself. Henry’s whole hearted belief in Mahoney ignites a tiny spark in her and for a second she believes. The store responds to her spark of belief and continues to respond as her confidence builds until the entire store magnificently transforms. The magic and color return as Mahoney’s symphony comes into existence.

      • So, if what Stu says is true, Molly is Jesse, Henry is Saul and blue meth is the Congreve Cube? Does this mean Jesse and Saul team up in the end? Jesse would end up being the new Heisenberg, with his last spark of humanity destroyed he is free to light up the meth empire just like Molly lit up the store.

  29. So, a lot of this show has references to chemistry (duh), but doesn’t Walter mention something at the beginning of the series when he’s teaching about the changing of states? It might be too on the nose, but when Walter literally changed states he also changed “states.” By that I mean he can no longer be the take-action guy who always has the answers. He’s now in a state of hiding, waiting for death and vainly searching for a solution of how to get his family his money. It’s only by going back to where he came from that he’s attempting to become more of an agent of change, instead of a passive solid.

  30. at lunch yesterday a friend of mine was talking about a friend of hers who had gone to belize and i made a joke about her being murdered and nobody got it because those friends don’t watch breaking bad and they all looked at me extra weird while i tried to explain it.

  31. The one thing I do think is slightly off about this show is the addition of Andrea and Brock as characters, specifically a kid, that Jesse cares so much about, when they already had Jesse’s little brother. I feel like we aren’t going to get a resolution with Jesse’s family and I’m slightly bummed about that. However, I totally trust this show to have a satisfying ending, so I’m not too worried.

    • I was mentioning yesterday after the show that the only season 1 characters who haven’t made a reappearance are Jesse’s parents. So maybe he moves back in with them and they take him back as a prodigal son?

      Somehow I doubt that, and we sort of had a conclusion to their subplot when they told him they wanted nothing further to do with him, and he bought the house out from under them.

      • I’d be okay with this, I mean if a certain blogger in Brooklyn wasn’t nursing him back to health.

      • mmmm yeah. but for one more week i can pretend that there will be a scene with jesse sitting in the back of an ambulance, and a firefighter puts a blanket over him, and his parents come up and tell them they are here for him.

    • Man, really? I’m fully prepared for a very unsatisfying ending.

    • At this point, the actor that played Jesse’s little brother is probably as tall as Jesse now. It’s been almost 2 in-show-years, but 6 real time. WAAAAALT

  32. Am I the only one that didn’t feel “sorry” for Andrea? I mean I did but come on. Some random guy comes by to tell you your ex-bf who is a meth dealer is in a sketchy van outside – so you step outside of the house? With your kid inside?

    I suppose it’s because the actress is so pretty. She doesn’t look like an idiot. I feel that was a bad casting job. Perhaps the only really unbelievable one on the show.

    • No, I forgot she died. I mean literally forgot because I was bracing myself for an hour for people I cared about that are not actually real people to die. I don’t care about her and I don’t care about her stupid son. They’re the only people that still seem fictional to me at this point.

      • Girlfriend in a refrigerator, which is disappointing for this show since it has proven it’s capable of having three dimensional female characters. “We need to make Jesse feel an emotion or have a reason to be real mad at somebody” is the entire reason the character exists so that when she dies, we don’t feel sad for her or her son, but for Jesse.

  33. I thought a lot of things were going to happen this season in Breaking Bad, but a cameo from Charlie fucking Rose was pretty far down on the list.

    Also, “What a heartbreaking, awful, wonderful, really great, shitty, terrible show this is.” is the most perfect thing ever written about Breaking Bad.

  34. I have one bottle left of my special (aka hard-to-find) beer that I’ve been saving for a special occasion. The series finale of Breaking Bad will be that special occason

  35. You know, for a second, I thought Jack was angry at Todd for killing Drew Sharp as opposed to Jesse talking to Hank. Shows what I know.

    Anyway, just chiming in to say that I think Walt’s going after the Nazis.

  36. I lovehate how this show fucks with my emotions so goddamn much. Vince Gilligan has spent 5 seasons making me hate Walter White, and yet one scene with the douchebags from his former life, and I am TEAM HEISENBERG. I actually threw my phone across the room and clenched my fist seconds before Walt clenched HIS fist and made teethface. I was probably making teethface too, but I can’t be sure about that.

  37. (“What’s in Nebraska?” he asks. Uh, hey Saul, ever heard of a little thing called SADDLE CREEK RECORDS?)

    Favorite line I’ve ever read on the internet.

  38. Robert Forster is my spirit animal, and the fact that he now joins the ranks of Breaking Bad’s ‘Fringe Pantheon of Mysterious Shady-Types’ is a joy to behold.

    Lawson is in good company.


    Even though everyone has ben calling this episode ‘Granite STate,’ its actually title is ‘Granite SLate.’

    I wonder where the disconnect happened, or if they changed one letter at the last instant or something.

    • Where are you getting that from? I’ve only ever seen it called Granite State anywhere, which makes sense, as that’s New Hampshire’s nickname.

      • WHOOPS! Haha, nevermind. My iTunes season pass listed it as Granite Slate when it downloaded the ep last night, but I just rechecked and they corrected it to Granite State. TYPO TIME!

  40. So when the Nazis were making fun of Todd for liking Lydia, and made the symbol with his hand, was I the only one who thought he was going to make the tween / Taylor Swift heart symbol!? I seriously thought that was where it was headed. You guys, I’m beginning to think I don’t know Nazis at all!

  41. So last week at a work dinner a co-worker of mine was giving an update on her mother. I didn’t know, but apparently she has stage 4 lung cancer. She was saying how great her mother was doing and that she’s living so much longer than they thought and she was just really happy. Because I am socially awkward I said ‘oh hey that’s great – did she start making meth and just have really a ton of cash laying around?’

    You guys, NO ONE at that table watches Breaking Bad. NO ONE. They all looked at me like I was just the WORST. I have to stress this was an up beat convo, I didn’t just break out a joke mid her sobbing or anything, but man try to explain this to someone ‘no, so there’s a TV show, and this guy gets lung cancer so he starts making meth. No, he’s a chemistry teacher. No, so he originally does it for his family, but then… eh forget it, I’m just a horrible human being…’

  42. Chatting with Mr. Grinth tonight, we came to some conclusions I feel hold some real water. What the end of this episode illustrates with Walt seeing the Schwartzes on tv is all about what Walt is really about: his legacy. Yes, he cares about his family. He says he did everything for his family. But did he really? He did it because he is in the ‘empire-making’ business. And now that he has witnessed his legacy crumbling before him— they are saying he DIDN’T contribute to gray matter. They are saying that his signature Blue Sky is still on the streets but he is not. They are saying that he is gone, and what he did in his life was negligible, to be remembered as a misguided soul who never quite made anything of himself.

    Walt doesn’t care about Uncle Jack and the neo-nazis. Walt doesn’t care about Jesse. Walt doesn’t care about the Schwartzes. Walt cares about his family but they don’t care about him (in so many words). But what did this episode illustrate? That even when Walt is ready to turn himself in— finally ready to follow Saul’s last bit of legal advice— what makes him change his mind? The reminder that his legacy is at stake. Ego.

    The gun in the trunk is for show. Walt is not going to use that gun in the traditional sense. He will not literally become Scarface, nor will he take out all the neo-nazis and save Jesse. It’s more than likely a prop. Airing on the side of the instructions he asked from Lawson on how to operate the gun shows he is going to use it, he will not be using it for revenge/rescue/retribution. Walt is going back to Albuquerque to cement his legacy before he is dead and gone and his legacy will be all that remains, and any tools he is acquiring have been selected to accomplish that goal, ricin tablet included.

    He needs a soap box. If Walt is going after Uncle Jack and the neo-nazis, it will only be because it will somehow help establish said soapbox. The last time Walt cared about Uncle Jack & Co was in the basement at the beginning of this episode, trying to figure out how to put hits out on them; a long-abandoned plan once he was settled in NH.

    At the end of this episode it was made entirely clear that Walt has ZERO enemies. If he takes anyone out in the series finale it will be solely because it helps him concrete his reputation. It will be personal, but it will moreso be business. Fuck the neo-nazis, fuck Lydia, fuck Jesse, fuck the Schwartzes. Walt is coming back 100% for his legacy. His legacy is what he will be rescuing.

    • To an extent I agree but he’s also made it clear that the money the Nazis stole is part of his legacy. So he may or may not care about them still selling the blue meth (though he clearly has to know they still have Jesse alive, which may anger him as well), but he wants the money back, and to prove to the world that his legacy is not just one barrel of cash.

      • This episode showed that money is worthless without family to give it to, or people to pay off with. What is Walt going to do with more of it? The money is secondary. If it will help cement his legacy, he will go and get it. But it’s not his number one priority.

        Maybe he’ll get the millions and donate it to the Schwartzes rehab charity.

    • That is the worst theory I’ve ever heard since I started watching Breaking Bad. Chekov would rise up out of his grave if that gun did not get fired. You do not reveal a giant gun on July 15, 2012 and then never shoot it after letting that image linger for 15 months. The gun is for the Nazis, and I cannot wait to see them all get shot the fuck up.

      • Well, we will find out together.

        • Besides, I already said I am the worst at predicting anything on this show. Scroll up four comments.

        • After everything this show has done, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if they did something totally different than what I suggested, as they love to do the opposite of what you think will happen (as Jesse pointed out to Hank). But there is no chance the gun doesn’t get shot in the final episode. That’d be worse blue balls than the fade-out in the shoot-out, where I literally yelled “OH COME ON!” at the tv as though it could hear me and be like “I know, right?”

          • I didn’t say the gun wouldn’t be fired. I continue on to say Walt may very well use it, but not in a revenge sense. He will use it in a manner that furthers whatever he has concocted to secure his legacy.

  43. One good thing about this whole Todd storyline is that season two of Friday Night Lights makes a little more sense.

  44. Walt finds leverage to negotiate a deal with Gray Matter that will pay Skyler, Walt Jr and Holly in perpetuity

    Walt kills the nazis and blows up the lab, but he saves Jesse first, cause he feels a little guilty now, and after losing Walt Jr, its the closest he has to a son. Maybe Jesse gets some cash for his troubles, but I doubt it, and if he does, it goes into a college fund for Brock.

    Walt turns himself into the cops, to absolve his family, but also to take credit for his empire and never be forgotten. Walt dies in jail from cancer, alone and penniless, but feeling like Heisenberg’s name will live forever.

    Hank comes back from the dead, his skin is discolored…its almost…purple. Marie didn’t realize she could love him anymore, they have a good laugh about he blends in with the furniture. End scene. End Show. Wow.

  45. Do we really want to count out Hank’s partner, Gomie?

  46. Some misc stuff:

    Werner Heisenberg was developing the atomic bomb for the Nazis.

    The first nuclear detonation was in New Mexico and is considered to be the beginning of the Atomic Age.

    Atomic element #52 is tellurium which is (among other things) used for blasting caps; coloring glass & ceramics; semiconductors; solar panels and CDRW -Blue Ray – DVD media layers.
    Tellurium is silver/grey
    (FWIW: I first thought the bacon “52″ was a mushroom cloud -but then again, I’d forgot the whole bacon/numbers thing.

    Ehrmantraut: Max Ehrmann wrote the poem “Desiderata”
    Schrader = tailor
    Skyler = scholar
    Jesse = biblical name meaning “gift” or “g-d’s gift”

    Live Free or Die – NH State Motto
    Live Free (stay in NH) or Die (go back to AZ)

    Walt gave Jesse that Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph watch. That model is the famous “Steve McQueen” watch.
    A chronograph is a watch that has a stopwatch.

    In the aftermath of the break-in at Hank and Marie’s house, you see the DVD (Walt’s confession?) lying amidst the rubble, left behind. Also that broken piece of Native American pottery.

  47. Also, I forgot about Gomie having been killed. So forget that one comment.

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