Lindsay here. As you might have seen in the comments Monday, I’m leaving Videogum, and today is my last day of school. But this isn’t my last post, this is just the post where I explain that I’ll be completely not following any sort of normal news cycle today (EVEN THOUGH MICHAEL JACKSON TOTALLY DIED, WHAT THE HELL?), and will instead be posting whatever the heck I want! Including some favorite videos from the past year and even at least one new thing that’s really super gross! So if you’re like “WTF?”, that’s why. Gabe will be normal, though, so don’t be scared!

Also, your Gen X celebrities will continue to die until I get a new job. You heard me! Let’s see who might be next.

Oh no, keep this guy away from Alyssa Milano and her classic Teen Steam fitness video!:

It’s going to be a fun, weird, creepy, cute day! (Thanks for the tip, Callum!)

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  1. *single tear* I do enjoy weird, creepy, cute though – go out with an bang Lindsay!

    In post related things – Alyssa Milano seems to capture all the coo coo bananas stalkers, even the creepy “time-traveling I’ll meet you on the spiritual plane” Tiffany fan from I Think We’re Alone Now (the creepiest documentary) gave her up for Alyssa.

  2. aaron  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +9

    No! I think Gabe is funny and all but we need some balance. Is he going to continue to post kitten videos and romcom trailers?

  3. There’s not a big enough :( to express how I feel about this.

  4. Matt  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +37

    Fuck this economy.

  5. LINDSEY NOOOOO. I’m going to MISS THE HELL out of you. I know we all gave you SHIT CONSTANTLY for your posts, but I hope you understand THAT WAS ALL FUN AND GAMES, right? RIGHT?!? Yeah you got overbearing with your POLITICAL AGENDA, but I’ll be damned if those cute VIDEOS didn’t WARM MY OLD MAN HEART FULL OF OLD. Seriously. Ugh. I’m not going to stop FIGHTING FOR YOU, Lindsey.



  6. It feels like Tito died today.

  7. this sucks. thanks for all the posts…you’re very funny and i imagine you’ll be popping up again somewhere soon. good luck. :)

  8. (sob) good luck in the real world. I hear that you have to wear pants out there (lights self on fire).

  9. wherever you go next, i hope you bring with you the religious crazies, adorable baby animals, paul rudd updates, unheard-of tv shows and cult movies, etc. because they are +10 internets. thank you for the room, party down & poison elbows loris.

  10. I really hope we see a Lindsay’s Celebrity Death List post (Kill Bill style) before this day is over.

  11. jimmy j  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +9

    i hope all goes well with you, and best wishes.

    p.s. you’re really pretty.

  12. gonna miss ya linsdey!!! i wanna take you around the back of the middle school and get it pregnant

  13. *Climbs back up on her little hill. Hulls boom box over her head and plays Shakespeare’s Sister.* (The “me” in the song is replaced with gummy though. Because I’m nonsensical and adorable like that.)

  14. words fail me. you’ll be dearly missed, Lindsay.

  15. Now that’s a Michael Jackson tribute. I mean, unintentionally but the influence is still obvious. (I’ll fawn over you later, Lindsay. Too early for sadness.)

  16. Man, this is totes my favorite website. Boo to no more Lindsay. I looked forward to your SNL posts so! I looked forward to all your posts so! This recession sucks.

  17. laura  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +18

    I hope today never ends.

  18. Worst. Week. Ever.

    • The Infinite Sadness  |   Posted on Jun 28th, 2009 +1

      Given that Blly Mays died, this week isn’t getting off to a good start either :(

  19. Having only become an avid videogum reader relatively recently and a member even more recently, I feel like I was only just beginning to lift the lid on the wondrousness of your posts Lindsay. And now you’ve been cruelly snatched away from us by the claws of the R word.What will become of Friday Fight and Double Dog? Who will keep Gabe in his place? (I heart you Gabe) Lots of :(

  20. Somebody needs to put in a call to President Obama. “FIX THIS!”

  21. Thank you for being a friend, Lindsay. Your disturbing posts followed by kitten chasers will be missed.

  22. Oh My God! Have also just realised no more Paul Rudd adoration or Sonya the Slow Lorris! Double :( s

  23. This is the saddest news of the past 24 hours!! How will we know what you think of Love Happens in September?

  24. i’ve suggested this before, but I insist that you inject yourself into the Stereogum mainframe computer and become pure energy.
    it seems the only correct course of action.

    and I’ll be writing the President of the Internet today, though I hear he’s stuck in hearings with Congress about an Internet Stimulus package. STILL, he owes his constituents an explanation!

  25. When God closes a door, he opens a window. But you don’t even care, because you are in The Room, and it is awesome anyway.

  26. i love you lindsay please have a good last day

    also, i would give some thought to seeking out another job instead of just retiring if i were you. it seems like you might run out of money or something.

  27. on Lindsay’s blog tombstone:

    Lindsay Robertson
    [whenever Vgum started] – 2009
    “fun, weird, creepy, cute”

    i feel like we are all signing Lindsay’s yearbook.

  28. Holy crap, what the hell was that?
    We’ll miss you, Lindsay.

  29. Lo  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +37

    If only we’d all gone to see (500) days of summer, all of this would never have to happen.

  30. Lindsay, you are everything that’s good about funny stuff on the internet. Whatever your next project is, SUBSCRIBE ME.

  31. Welcome to the ranks of the unemployed, Lindsay….soon you’ll be surfing the internet all day for mildly amusing but ultimately meaningless video clips, and devoting way too much energy to composing pithy comments about them. oh wait, you’ve already been doing that. but now you’ll be doing it for free.
    best of luck and we’ll miss you!

  32. Wow, I thought I was going to have more time to prepare. Worry not Lindsay, by the end of the day I will have created an opus to your memory (it might just be a really cute lolcat that I find).

    Ugh… is without hyperbole that I say YOU’RE TEARING ME APART!

  33. Not cool, internets. NOT. COOL.

  34. This is unacceptable. First Fawcet, then Michael, and now Lindsay!?! That’s too many important women in my life gone with one grand sweep.

  35. This is the suckiest suck that ever sucked.

  36. Let me just pause to hijack this thread regarding the actual content if this post…

    Holy shit! Thank you, internets! I currently reside in the Nirvana of Interweb. Yeah, it fake as hell (please tell me it’s fake as hell), but damn it’s good. And, is he lusting after 12 yr old Alyssa Milano in Commando?!?!? Is it just me or does he sounds just like MJ. Creepy good. Only someone with a great understanding of the internet could have made this. The Force is strong with this one.

  37. wherewillIseekittyvideos?  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 0

    Which one of the Golden Girls was Lindsay? Where will I find cute videos of kitties and baby zoo animals? Will she be able to keep up with her needlepoint with her arthritis? What assisted living community will she be moving to? Do I HAVTA go to the wake? She smelled like mothballs and mildew. I’m afraid her dead body will haunt me.

  38. All I can say, besides the biggest :’(, is thank you for bringing The Room and Tiptoes into my life, and all the really cute baby animals

  39. Sal  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +4

    Good luck Lindsay. I’ll miss your posts a lot. :(

  40. mindy  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +15

    i’ve been a lurker here since the site started, but i decided to break my silence to let you know how much i’ve really loved your posts every day, lindsay. the best part about this site has always been the stark contrast between you and gabe, and without that, it just won’t be the same. get a kick ass job writing somewhere else, and make gabe tell our asses about it when it happens!

  41. I LOVE YOU LINDSAY AND I’LL MISS YOU! You were always the sugar to Gabe’s spice, and I’ll never forget that you said you liked me. Good luck on any future endeavors, I’m sure you’ll be great.

  42. Thank you for being a friend!

  43. RIP Lindsay’s job. The next one will be less work and more $$$. I guarantee it.

  44. While it’s true that YOU ARE TEARING [US] APART, LI[NDSAY]!, I don’t doubt that you’ll have great things to share with us from beyond the Videogum veil. Keep us in the loop!

  45. Lindsay, I’ve admired your curation of the internets from afar, and regret that only now, at the last second (and after Gabe did me a solid yesterday), did I have the courage to break the fourth wall and tell you so. Like Krishna said to Arjuna on the field of battle, not “farewell,” but “fare FORWARD” and good luck!

  46. what  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +3

    We’ll all miss you very much. You and your posts were cute as balls and a highlight of my internet time every day.

  47. What’s going to happen to Friday Fights? Is Gabe going to argue with himself?

  48. I recently started becoming an avid reader of videogum because of a very funny post of lindsay’s. Even though I can only read gabe’s posts from now on, thanks for getting me started. We’re all sad to see you go.

  49. please don’t go.

  50. You will be missed Lindsay. Give ‘em hell!

  51. I’m tempted to play Boyz II Men’s seminal classic “End of the Road” in your honor, Lindsay — 90s high school style.

    Stupid economy… stupid Stereogum (hey, Stereogum, Grizzly Bear SUCKS).

  52. No fair! We didn’t have enough time to get our Save Lindsay group together! I’ll miss you. U R 2 COOL 2 B 4GOTTEN

  53. (500) Days of Bummer. I thought that after the sponsorship SURELY the Gum Media Network was expanding… Stereogum, Videogum, maybe Politiogum, Technogum, et al.
    but alas… that is not the case.

    either way, I’m going to keep wasting my time here and wherever you find yourself, Lindsay.

  54. You guys  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 -49

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  55. Chris  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +7

    So upset. Bad idea jeans, Buzz Media.

  56. This is exactly how I feel about Lindsay leaving:–Fc

  57. :( What if we start a petition? Keep Lindsay Forever and Ever. I’ll get to work on it straight away!

  58. xochitl  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +4

    this is so much more :( than i was prepared for. it’s the little things, the pop culture blog you read every day, that you rely on without even knowing it. before i started checking videogum every day, i had never heard of The Room, and i was weeks behind everyone else on the latest cute baby animals born in the world. so, for my sake as much as lindsay’s i want to see her back at work entertaining us. keep us posted, videogum, you owe us that much!

  59. Come now, we must rally around.
    For young Gabriel’s sake..

  60. rhp  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +6

    NOOOOOOO. the only thing stopping me from crying at this news is the fact that i didn’t watch the parrot and cat video until just now, so i am filled with confused awe instead of tragedy.

    since this is lindsay’s last day, i will use the opportunity to ‘fess up to the giant crush i have on her. sadly, i am not paul rudd so my crush is of little use. i am not even a guy, or a lady who likes the ladies, so i continue to not be of use. but lindsay’s hilarity, right-on-ness, and all-around awesomeness are equal to infinite paul rudds.

  61. Bye Lindsay. I will miss your presence here on VG. This *was* the best website ever with you working here. It won’t be the same with you gone.
    I will be checking your tumblr for updates on your future endeavors.

  62. Sara  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +5

    Awwww, I hate this. You two were such a great team. I will catch up with you wherever you land, which I’m sure will be someplace awesome. You are funny and a sweetheart and there is not a better combination than that.

  63. You’ll always have this.

  64. And where is Da Cake Eatur on this day of all days??

  65. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. As I always say, you can’t outrun an explosion. Still though: :(

  66. Lindsay, you’re an exceptional writer, a lovely woman, and will no doubt succeed. Thanks for all the posts and the LOLz. High five. But srsly Videogum owners get your fucking revenue stream together peeps, cus the people need this site. Loris hug. Lots of Love!

  67. Jason  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +4


    VideoGum is my favorite site on the interweb and it’s definitely because of the hard work that you and gabe put into it. That’s for being hilarious and teaching me how to snark!!

    You’re a great writer and I will miss your posts greatly.

  68. img src=””

  69. Will you at least be making guest appearances in the future?

  70. Just wanted to say thanks for making me laugh every day. I never bothered to comment on how great you are (were) and now it’s pretty much too late. Your double dog dares were the best. :(

  71. I’m going to see The Room this weekend in tribute to Lindsay. Who’s with me?

  72. a. I’m sad about your departure. You’ll land on your feet though. Talented people are licks cats that way.

    b. I love the Commando clips in that video. “Let off some steam, Bennett!”

  73. I think you have a lot more fans than you’ll ever know, Lindsay. You were truly a delight to read. But can’t you just stay anyway?

  74. Getting laid off from Videogum is a good thing. It’ll give Lindsay a chance to pursue her other great love cat dancing….

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Lots of luck to you Lindsay and don’t take up bunny hoarding.

  75. I feel like this is the end of Harry and the Hendersons, but there’s NO LESSON. Where will I get my Paul Rudd news from now? I would never have watched the interview where he and Jason Segel make fart noises without you, Lindsey. You will certainly be missed.

  76. Get drunk tonight. And know that we will be reading Videogum on Monday going, why does this all seem like Gabe, where is Lindsay? And we will be sad all over again.

    You will be missed.

  77. We all love you Lindsay :(

    Good luck wherever you go and know that we’ll all be following !

  78. sandy sicko  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +10

    When I first read about this, I was fuming- so much resistance and angst! I was all, Gabe, did you even fight for her?? Lindsay, did you even try to make things work??? I just don’t understand! Don’t you love us? You are tearing this family apart!!!

    I’m gonna miss you so hard, Lindsay, real talk. Can we have a Golden Girls themed going away party? I’ll bring the mahjong set!

  79. Paul  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +3

    Good-bye Lindsay! This was my favorite thing that you ever posted:

    Before that post, I didn’t even know who Maria Bamford was. Now I know she’s the best. Thanks.

  80. erika  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 +3

    lindsay, you’re going to be missed so much! do you know how long it’ll take for me to find more videos of kittens inspired by kittens during my workday? good luck with whatever you do after this. i’m sure it’ll be great. but in the meantime…SADFACEGUM.

  81. Today is a sad day for the intergum. Sad to see you go and good luck

  82. “Is….is this real life? (…) I feel funny. Why is this HAPPENING to me? IS THIS GOING TO BE FOREVER?”

    David poses some interesting questions that deserve answers! (you were always tops, lindsay robertson. i’m going to miss you and your posts, and i can only hope that one day the ECONOMY learns that not everything is about money.)

  83. without you I’d never have heard of Party Down, for which I am eternally grateful. Best of luck in your future endeavors. You will be sorely missed.

  84. Lindsay, you are a good 50 percent of what makes this site my favorite ever. Thanks for brightening my weekdays and for just being really great. Best of luck on whatever you do next!


  86. O captain! our captain!

  87. chip  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 -29

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • hey DOUCHEDICK, listen, okay? this has NOTHING TO DO with politics. I STRONGLY DISAGREE with her fuckin politics, man, but I can tell her goodbye WITHOUT BEING A MEGA CUNTTRON, got it?

      Now shut the FUCK up, and see yourself OFF the internet.

      • rachel  |   Posted on Jun 28th, 2009 -11

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  88. alaska  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2009 0

    uhhhh, she was kinda right about our Gen X celebrities. Carrot Top, Burt Reynolds, and Chan Marshall need to watch their asses right now.

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