“Oh, I don’t know. I love The Walking Dead, but it’s just like — what is there to dress up as if you love The Walking Dead and still want to be sexy I mean sassy? Sexy zombie? Oh, please, I was a sexy zombie last year! That’s why I’m glad SpiritHalloween.com created this sassy Grimes costume specifically for girls like me. Girls who want sexy I mean sassy, but don’t want to sacrifice referencing one of their favorite AMC dramas. Best costume contests, here I come!” -You, hopes SpiritHalloween.com! Full costume after the jump.

Yup, that’s you all right! (Via i09.)

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  1. where is the man’s sassy rick grimes costume?

    men can be just as sexy as women, i’ve been irreverent to authority figures on multiple occassions

  2. Sexy Rick Grimes, Sexy Zombie, and Tina Belcher because if there’s a sexy zombie you know TIna Belcher’s gonna be there

  3. [spoiler!]

    I was thinking how great this could be, and mr. truck could be Lori and just walk around yelling “where’s carl?” and “you should kill that guy” but I think we have other good ideas!

  4. Hahaha I google “sassy zombie” and after Jeff Bridges, this is the best of the google image results.

  5. Sassy Frank Grimes

  6. Ug, if I have to chase down zombies I am NOT wearing heels.

  7. I’m still waiting for Sassy Richard Harrow. I’m a sick, sick man.


  9. I need a good Halloween idea. The best one i have is probably going to cost me $500, and I’d rather not.

  10. Sassy used to be cool.

  11. If you attend a Halloween party in that costume, be prepared for a whole lot of arguing, annoying guests, and the end of the party will feel pretty much like nothing happened the whole time.

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