I had a dream last night that Pee-wee Herman had a new show that was basically Brooklyn Nine-Nine except he was the chief, and his office was decorated with a bunch of stuff from Pee-wee’s Playhouse. I can tell you that I liked a bunch of the shows this week, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but I did not like any of them NEARLY as much as I liked this Pee-wee Herman cop comedy dream show. (I even dreamt about writing this blog post and raving about how much I enjoyed it, which is kind of sad, but also it was a dream about watching a TV show which is even sadder, LOL.) Anyway, hey, shows are back! Pretty genius how TV timed the return of the shows to the return of early nighttime darkness and cold weather. How do they do it?! Brooklyn Nine-Nine had its premiere, and I enjoyed it. It’s always difficult to judge a comedy from its pilot, and that held true with this pilot, as this pilot was almost exclusively just people explaining characters to other people, but it was promising! I liked all of the characters! And there are so many people involved that we trust to provide us with smiles and laughs! I don’t know about you, but I marked it as a Will Watch And Root For. This week’s Mindy Project was actually pretty good, I thought. I was not a fan of it last season, but there were a few good laughs in this ep. (“Who’s going to explain Colbert to me? I mean, is he a real guy?”) New Girl, unfortunately, was okay but not great. I read an interview with Elizabeth Meriwether who said, when asked about Winston’s role in the upcoming season, that they were going to explore more of Winston’s “weirdness,” which I hope will not continue to mean just giving him C plots where he fixates on something strange. He is so funny and I kind of getting a little sick of the failings of the other people! It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was great, Charlie’s first song was very funny. The League mostly just made me nervous. And Comedy Bang Bang‘s musical episode was a delight. WHAT DID YOU THINK? What other comedy is on that I missed? Should I watch that comedy? Tell me!

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  1. Ok, I kind of loved the Winston puzzle story this week, it made me laugh a little too much. I do hope that he doesn’t get too weird, because Winston is awesome, but really the puzzle thing made me laugh. As did the wearing-a-sweatshirt-as-pants thing. I do agree New Girl didn’t have the most laughs, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty soon.

    I did not enjoy Mindy, they need to stop adding characters. The show works best when they focus on just the core cast, which I think was for maybe 2 episodes last season. Also, the pixie cut is not a good look for her. I love short hair, but Mindy looks so much better with long hair. /end superficial judgement

    Brooklyn Ninety-Nine was the best of the three, hopefully the rest of the cast can reign in Samberg, who can be obnoxious sometimes.

  2. I went and saw Linda Ronstadt speak yesterday (she’s amazing), and because I am a single woman, I at first sat by myself, but then the theater got crowded so I scooted over and sat next to a fellow single woman, probably in her 50s. Linda has Parkinsons, so the lady and I talked about Michael J Fox and how excited we both were for his new show. And then we got talking about tv comedies in general. I said Bob’s Burgers was my favorite and said something like, ‘I know it’s crammed in there with all the Seth MacFarlane stuff, but it’s really funny.” And then she was like, “I like Seth MacFarlane. He does South Park, right?” I was like, phew, no! And in my mind I was like, ‘We can continue this conversation. She is normal.” And then she was like, “You know what really makes me laugh? Big Bang Theory.” END OF CONVERSATION. It’s very difficult to explain to a complete stranger how horrible some tv shows are without insulting said stranger!!!
    tl;dr I’m glad I’m here on a mostly-anonymous blog among my people. Also Linda Ronstandt continues to be wonderful and beautiful.

    • And so, guys, I’m worried about Schmidt! He’s not a real person, and so I don’t like us digging into his psyche so much. Part of the reason he’s so funny to me is that he comes out of left field and his thoughts don’t necessarily make sense. But if we know the reasons behind why he’s such a jackass, I worry it’ll just be sad. Less Schmidt, more Winston, plz!

    • I am known to be a bit nerdy, like comics and sci fi and all those wonderful things. I can’t even count how many acquaintances (usually older relatives) have said to me “You know what show you’d love? Big Bang Theory.” I try not to get angry every time they say this. Ugh.

      • Yup. I am not interested, thank you very much. Oh, it’s laughing with the geeks? Sure. You continue to think that.

      • People (family members) think I’ll like it because I work at MIT. And I say, “That’s exactly why I wouldn’t like it.”

      • My reaction of turning red and forcing my face to explode has taught people not to mention that show to me. Or Girls. Unless they are family or friends who LIKE my angry pop culture diatribes. (Some do!) I spoiled that show for my jackass brother by breaking down all the ways it is terrible. Previous shows I have ruined for him include Family Guy (though South Park did it first) and Entourage.

    • Brooklyn Nine-Nine gave us more than a few good laughs so I’m very hopeful. Also because of the excitement here about Sleepy Hollow we watched that on demand and it was great! It’s programmed in to record (as is Brooklyn)–a very high honor in this house.

    • What!? Twice this week Linda shows up on my radar?! I just found out we are neighbors(!), but i haven’t bumped into her yet. I’ll tell her flanny said hi if i see her though.

      Also, i bowled IN a movie theater last night before watching The Big Lebowski, that was my week in comedy.

    • My whole family loves the Big Bang Theory. They are very lucky I still love them.

      (I originally typed Big Band Theory, which would be a much better show.)

  3. Aw, Kelly’s Pee-wee Herman story reminded me that he was on a few episodes of Pushing Daisies and now I wish there were more episodes of that show.
    I agree with just about everything Kelly said, except I didn’t think Mindy was very good. I did LOL at Morgan’s Bane voice though.
    Not a comedy(although I laughed several times), and I know I’ve already mentioned it in like half my comments this week, but for real Sleepy Hollow is a show that people should try out.

  4. I liked that Winston episode when it was his birthday and he was so in the background and expecting the other characters were planning something and it was really funny. It felt a little aware/reflective of his role on the show and it was super funny.

    I liked Brooklyn Nine-Nine! It has a lot of places to go! I liked New Girl even if it wasn’t the funniest episode ever. I also liked The Mindy Project for a couple of reasons. But I’m very excited for the return of HIMYM, Parks & Rec.

    Also Shark Tank returns tonight and that show is great!

  5. Also last night I had a dream that it was my birthday party and P Diddy was there and he signed my head (?!) and then I said to my friends “Sean Puffy Combs just signed my head” and he was standing right there and was annoyed that I called him Sean Puffy Combs.

  6. The story of this week in comedy is that this journalist did not make an appearance, leaving many disappointed and outraged.

  7. New Girl was kind of weird this week, I think because Jess was kind of saying and doing nothing for most of the episode and just like, standing there with Nick and agreeing with whatever he said. They need to give us a break with the Schmidt story because it is not an interesting love triangle and we all know how it’s going to end and right now he’s just acting like a jerk and I don’t like it!

    I stopped watching The Mindy Project midway through last season but I watched the premiere and I think it has improved! It’s still not my favorite, but I LOLed a few times.

    I liked Brooklyn Nine-Nine quite a lot, for a pilot! Andy Samberg can be a bit much, but I think he’s good in an ensemble like this. I have high hopes for it.

  8. I really hope Brooklyn Nine-Nine takes off. The ensemble seems really strong, and even the seeming one-note characters have some refreshing complexities (the hard-edged Latina cop also likes classic art-house movies, the new commander is gay but in a way that seems real and honest). It seems like the writers are just going to let Chelsea Peretti play herself, but that is A-OKAY. She’s going to be the breakout star of this show, just like Aubrey Plaza in Parks n Rec. That fart-sound thumbs-up-turned-thumbs-down-turned-atom-bomb-explosion gesture killed me.

  9. When’s The Office coming back?

  10. Fine, internet, I can take a hint. I’ll watch Brooklyn-Nine-Nine.

  11. Anybody else think that The League was just awkwardly Kroll-less this week? It was just a very noticeable gap.

  12. I really like Brooklyn Nine-Nine because I adore Andy Samberg and it seems like a cop version of Hot Rod, but with President Camacho in it… and maybe a little of The Other Guys. (Plus Hot Rod, The Other Guys and Idiocracy are three of my favorite movies). And while I know this actor has always been rad in many other movies, he will always be my favorite U.S. President, so I will call him Mr. President probably forever. And I will probably spend much of the afternoon reliving Idiocracy in my head because that is what I do because I work from home.

  13. I watched a few minutes of each of these shows and didn’t find much to write home about. My poor mother loves my letters, too. Sad. The collateral damage from lousy t.v. is difficult to quantify, but it’s far-reaching.

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