Girl, you’re all over the web and you look great. (Via Gawker.)

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  1. I’m not sure why she’s so happy about something that makes peeing so difficult.

  2. Isn’t it actually not a pantsuit?

  3. I have a very similar thing but it’s shorts so I guess it’s more a romper than a pantsuit? I’ve only worn it out of the house once.

  4. those are coolotz my frien​​d an​d every chil​​d in the 90zzz had them

  5. Man, I wore the crap out of those in middle school. Not sure why the boys weren’t beating down my door.

  6. Wow she really loves her “pantsuit”. Did she just find out they are a thing?

  7. This is pretty much my reaction when I discover that a new dress has pockets in it. Pockets in dresses are the shit.

    • Hell yes. I put so much stuff in them! Phone! Tissues! Sweets! I am going to really enjoy being an old lady, and I am getting in all the practice now.

  8. I’m going to wear that to my career as an important Business Lady.

  9. File Under: People I Would Never Want To Hang Out With In Real Life

  10. It’s nice to see someone happy once in a while.

  11. While we’re on the subject, I saw the Prancercise Lady in a pistachio commercial this morning.

  12. That’s my girlfriend. I am not a lesbian, but I am in love with this woman. This woman and Amy Sedaris, that’s it!

  13. Good pantsuit video.

  14. If that’s how you use pantsuits I’ve been doing it ALL wrong. I haven’t ricocheted off a single tree.

  15. Something about the way she puts her legs akimbo seems non-human, maybe it’s just the pant-suit.

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