You may remember (how could you forget?!) that last month someone broke into Famke Janssen’s house and left a book called The Lonely Doll standing on a shelf in her bedroom. There were no signs of forced entry and no one was seen on security footage, leading some to believe that she had been visited by a spooky book ghost. (!) In an odd new twist, detectives think that the book wasn’t a ghost book at all. In fact, they believe it had been there all along! From the New York Post:

Detectives are now convinced the children’s book left mysteriously at Famke Janssen’s Soho penthouse last month actually belonged to the “X-Men” actress — because there was a to-do list stuffed inside with her name on it, a law-enforcement source told The Post.

Investigators discovered a few sheets of paper listing errands within the pages of “The Lonely Child,” the source said, adding that Janssen’s name was on at least one note.

“They [detectives] believe that the book belongs to Famke,” the source said. “The book has some connection to her home.”

Uh, yeah, I’m sure the book as a lot of connection to her home, THAT’S WHY THE GHOST CHOSE IT SPECIFICALLY. Also, who writes their name on their to-do lists? Other than ghosts trying to impersonate still-living humans, I mean? Don’t take it from me, though — you can judge the authenticity of the to-do list yourself, as Videogum has obtained an EXCLUSIVE copy:

I don’t know you guys, I think the detectives still have some work to do!

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  1. But how did the To-Do List get inside the book???!?!?!?

    • “It was there all along” — M Night Shyamalan

    • THEORETICALLY the ghost haunting Famke could have used a To Do List from her garbage to mark its place in the book it brought with it. I know it’s rude to not provide your own bookmarks for your reading material when haunting a star, but apparently ghost etiquette is on the decline.

  2. I hope that ghost remembered to sync the to-do list with Booooogle calendar so that they didn’t lose these tasks when they left the list in the book…

  3. I guess they could use Any.BOO! or Astral. But if they’re really committed to haunting Famke exclusively, they could share tasks with ABOO!cado…

  4. I want to believe.

  5. Guys! Halloween is almost here!
    I don’t even have a costume idea yet!

  6. You definitely don’t want to piss off book ghosts.

    • There’s got to be one ghost in every library that haunts all the terrible books. However this ghost may be in an ghostistential crisis due to Goodreads and Amazon reviews.

  7. “The book has some connection to the home” is EXACTLY what ghosthunters say. You need an item with a connection to the place in order to make the ghosts come to you! Have these detectives never seen Celebrity Paranormal Project, currently available for free on Hulu?????


  9. Her name was probably on the note because writing “Famke Janssen” never gets old.

  10. Between this and the haunted finger incident of a few minutes ago, I am really creeped out.

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