• Idris Elba is on the cover of GQ this month. HI, IDRIS! -GQ
  • Lizzy Caplan appeared on Conan last night to talk a bit about her upcoming series Masters of Sex. She wore a red dress and looked very nice. -TeamCoco
  • Dean Norris is featured in a segment on NPR’s “Morning Edition” today. I haven’t listened to it yet because what am I, made of time to devote to the promotional appearances of the actors from Breaking Bad?, but I’m going to listen to it later! Because actually I am, kind of! -NPR
  • Speaking of Breaking Bad (so much lately, I know) the final episodes are going to be 75 minutes long! Oh, good! I wish nightmares could last forever and that my whole life was nightmares! -PeterGould
  • Billie Joe Armstrong will play Leighton Meester’s boyfriend in an upcoming film called Like Sunday, Like Rain from Frank Whaley. One time I met a guy at a bar who told me that Billie Joe stole his girlfriend away from him years ago and he was still so mad about it, but he seemed a little crazy, the end. -Deadline
  • Want to rent the apartment from Drinking Buddies? -Craigslist
  • Disney says they aren’t pursuing legal action against Escape From Tomorrow because they don’t want to give the film attention and a bigger box office. -/Film
  • Hahah, Simon McCoy of BBC News held a bunch of paper on TV instead of an iPad because he thought the paper was an iPad. Classic Simon McCoy. -Dlisted
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  1. Speaking of Dean Norris, NBA guy Chris Andersen’s lawyer was on GMA and looks a heck of a lot like him, but with more hair. There was an identity-theft situation, and it made me miss Hank.

  2. I loved Drinking Buddies. It’s like Scenes from a Marriage for Midwestern hipsters, but in a way that’s actually great. (That apartment is just up the block from my old place back in Chicago — love to Humboldt Park/Logan Square!)

    The film holds the camera on its aimless characters like a magnifying glass over ants — it’s squirm-inducing and hilarious at the same time. I’ve never seen duplicity, obliviousness and love depicted like that. I think the closest we’ve gotten to something like this is Nights and Weekends or Like Crazy — both of which are rather dull on paper and vibrant in execution.

    Anyway, of course we have no shortage of stories about white person ennui, but I felt this movie was seriously funny and beautiful.

  3. God, the best thing is that it IS classic Simon McCoy! He fell asleep reading the news once!

  4. Idris Elba looks so uncomfortable in that shot; a little bit concerned and very confused.

  5. If I rent that apartment, can I get money off my rent for the hideous shade of green in the kitchen?

  6. 75 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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