How was your day today? Was it your wedding day at the Stoke Park Hotel in Buckinghamshire, the very same hotel where Brad Pitt had a meeting while on location for his upcoming movie Fury? And did your friends run up to you and tell you that Brad Pitt was at the bar? And did you say, as retold to E! Online:

“I said to him, ‘Yeah right, and he said, ‘No really, he is in the bar!’ We went through to the private bar…I couldn’t see anything, but could hear our friend who had a camera ask if the newlyweds could have a picture,” she says. “I heard an American accent say, ‘Sure’…I walked through into another part if the bar and came face to face with Brad!”

“I actually gasped and said to myself, ‘Oh my god, it really is you!’ He congratulated us on our wedding said I looked great in my dress, shook our hands and said to pose for a picture. He was very accommodating,” she gushes before adding:

“Unfortunately I didn’t get a kiss from him!”

Hahahah. At the very least, no matter how your day is going, you can be grateful that you are not the groom at a wedding at which Brad Pitt shows up. Sure, your wife will be joking when she says she wishes she had gotten a kiss from him, but will she really be? REALLY? You could never be sure. But, how is your day going, though? Bad? Brad? Tell meeee!

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  1. I discovered a new mouthwash, so obviously that’s been the highlight of my September. It has no alcohol and no flavoring. It actually has NEGATIVE flavor. That stuff is remarkable at leaving your mouth completely devoid of any scent or taste. I’m thinking of filling tomorrow morning with coffee, cigarettes, and Funyuns, just to test the limits.

  2. I worked from home today so it was pretty great. I even re-watched Sleepy Hollow because I didn’t pay attention when I watched it Monday. That show really is nuts but so far it’s nuts in a good way. It would be a good show to recap I think, if anyone knows of anywhere that has recaps and maybe has a void to fill because a terrible dome show doesn’t need to be recapped anymore.

  3. Pretty boring day, but I’m going to Station to Station tonight, and which should be fun!

  4. So there’s this guy who works in my office who more and more frequently gets really, really stoned in the middle of the day. It’s really obvious and aggravating, and he turns into a mumbling halfwit* every afternoon. He had this ridiculous black wool cap on today and between that and his half-closed bloodshot eyes, he looked like the guy in a bank heist who falls asleep in the getaway car. I hate that guy.

    *he’s always an idiot who mumbles a lot, but it reaches truly amazing levels when he’s high

  5. There was a big meeting at work today with people from another office. I was not part of this meeting, but that is not important. However, due to the length of the meeting and the history of meetings with this other office, some of my office was getting psyched up for after work beers as a team-building thing, aka free beers. Around 4:30, the meeting broke – too early for ending work for beers, decided the meeters.

    Today, there will be no beers.

  6. It’s whatever, It’s almost the weekend at least. Brad Pitt now looks like you friends kinda cute uncle, he ain’t what he used to be.

  7. It has been a pretty ordinary day except that my company gave everybody in my department chocolate and t-shirts to try to make up for not being a great place to work. But as they say too many times on Breaking Bad, “free is good.” Also earlier my coworker and I were playing with this and making ourselves/each other LOL:

    I have learned from it that I tweet about ghosts a lot. My best result was “I turned on shows what color Lauryn Hill’s bedroom was! Oh, this one. A ghost is SO INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS!”

    • Oh and flanny’s comment in Afternoon Links has made me paranoid so if anybody asks, I work for We Murder Kittens, Inc.

    • I was just talking about Lauryn Hill today! On the way to work! About how I don’t really care for her music, but I am certainly able to recognize and respect her immense talent. It was a stimulating conversation*

      *I am qualified to say this because I was talking to myself, so I was the one being stimulated.

  8. It was terrible. I have a ton of work and I’m falling behind. I had to cancel a face-to-face because the drive would make me really late so I had to do a meeting remotely. There’s a deadline that I’m not sure if I’ll reach, so I need to work after hours for maybe the next couple weeks. I planned to meet friends for bar trivia and I told my wife I’d cook. I’m not sure what I’m doing on Videogum.

    White people problems.

  9. It was my birthday on Monday and my girlfriend bought me a pound of chocolate from See’s Candy* and I am disturbed by how much of it I’ve already eaten.

    *I don’t even usually like chocolate or sweets in general, but I love Butterscotch Squares and Scotch Kisses from See’s, so it was 1/2 pound of each.

  10. So, I just got the newest version of Logic and so far I like it a lot! One of my biggest gripes about the previous version is that the timecode divided seconds into 10ths of a second. That seems normal, but when you’re scoring to picture, the people using avid and final cut have the seconds divided into 24 (as in the frames), and it makes it really annoying to sync exactly when there’s no common divider of seconds. There was no option on the previous version of Logic to switch to fps, but now there is! I literally said “woo!” out loud. In my office. By myself.

    I guess what I’m saying is, sometimes it’s the littlest things that get you excited.

  11. Work was a little bit of a bummer today. I am in a long period of feeling like nothing I say (email) is heard and nothing I do is noticed. I’m frequently reminding my boss of stuff I’ve emailed him about and stuff I’ve told him about. Big stuff too, stuff he should remember. But it’s okay.
    Today was that meeting that has the candy. I had two tootsie pops. Banana & orange. #blessed #YOLO
    Also I got to have lunch with a friend who lives elsewhere cause she was passing through!

  12. I think my coworkers are catching onto me pooping in the work bathroom before everyone else gets here.

  13. So I had to go to an “executive dinner” last night and I sat next to a guy who runs a Major Division in a sort of Major Company, and he was going on and on about how hard his people have to work, how he makes them crash on projects all the time and how much innovation happens because they stay at work, for days on end! And to salute his total creative awesomeness, he told me he had an “apology party” for all the spouses, to “make up” for all the nights they were at home alone with the kids! And THEN he was LAUGHING because the spouses didn’t seem all the appreciative! Some took the opportunity to complain? What?!!!! Doesn’t a couple of nice scallop-wrapped-in-bacon appetizers and a glass of chardonnay make up for weeks of stress and pressure? I had to restrain myself from from taking my over-large steak and pounding him on the head.

    On a sweeter note, my husband said he went to buy a bottle of wine to welcome me home, but he was so stressed because I was gone, he dropped the bottle in the store aisle. But never fear, he thought that was God’s way of telling him to buy a more expensive bottle

  14. Work was fairly stressful because my boss had to go to the hospital (he’s ok, but will probably be out for a few days) and the manager and I had to muddle through some stuff that we don’t normally do and were therefore never taught HOW to do, because Boss is weirdly secretive about certain things. We managed, though. And then I ruined the butternut squash sauce that I was making for my monthly pasta splurge (I’m on what is basically the paleo diet for health reasons, but I’ll be damned before I give up pasta completely), so I just had it with olive oil and garlic–which was still super tasty, so that worked out ok. I just wish I hadn’t wasted the squash. And now I’m watching old Poirot episodes!

  15. I am bingeing on Kettle Corn and New Girl so I don’t know if my day is good or bad.

  16. My day was kinda blah until I saw the picture that my sister in law posted on facebook of their older black lab (about five) and their new black lab puppy. Since then my data has been pretty good.

  17. I just finished my four day apartment cleaning project. I cleaned things I hadn’t cleaned in years, and things that I’d never cleaned before, and things that looked they’d never been cleaned since the place was built. The air was filled with the squealing of dust bunnies burning in a chemical fire. Here’s a picture of a bunny to aid your visual imagination:

    You’ll have to add the fire and the rictus of unimaginable torment yourselves because I don’t have Photoshop. Now I’m gonna have a shower and then a sandwich and a beer.

  18. I started a new assignment at work, which is a complete pain in the ass. I’m basically doing quasi-tech support. The client and the vendor are contractually prohibited from contacting each other, so I have to act as a middle man, sending the clients’ issues to the vendor, relaying their solutions back, and all the communication in between. I’ve basically become Tom Smykowski. I am the messenger, and I’m being shot at. On top of that, the hours are not standard work hours. This has totally screwed with my routine, and have not been to the gym in ages. This means I will soon look like Tom Smykowski, too.

  19. I had to call child services on a family today, which is never fun. Their meth face mom (who is behind on their tuition but just got gigantic fake boobs on the weekend) brought them in caked with dirt today. I could have chipped it off. The girls both had rashes from sitting in their diapers for too long (and are 4 and not potty trained yet, and the size of 2 year olds, and always hungry). They’re always the last ones picked up, and since I close I spend a ton of time with them. They’re sweet as pie and love reading and drawing and doing mini science experiments, but scream and run and hide and turn into horrible children when anyone comes to pick them up (which is usually some random man their mom called us about and who we never see again). I honestly considered just offering her 200$ for legal guardianship of them instead of calling… I want these girls to have the tiniest sliver of a shot at being well adjusted adults. What do you guys reckon, if I just brought them home one day do you think she’d let me keep them?? Probably, right?? I was an hour late at work on Monday because they forgot about them and it took that long for someone to notice. I kept calling, but no answer. She’d probably sell them to me, right??

  20. I just got home from work and am eating a veg. chili cheese burger and broccoli, drinking a tall beer, and catching up on some V.gum. #nocomplaints #greasykeyboard

  21. Hi everybody! I had to have blood drawn today, and now my arm really hurts. No bruising, but still hurts! :(

  22. I can’t stay long because hotel internet in French Polynesia is uh, yikes expensive! But gentlemansteph and I got married this weekend, and it was great! amy wins again represented the monsters!

    Anyway, I remember posting about our engagement last June and saying something like “Uhhh I’m a new monster but I really like you guys so I’m telling you about my life.” And now I have no qualms about posting self-centered updates about my day to day, so look how far we’ve come. Love you guys, and it looks like I start working again after the honeymoon, so see you every hour of every day again soon!

  23. i kept putting off taking my break at work because one of my coworkers who is very nice but VERY talkative showed up like three hours early for his shift and is camped out in the breakroom loudly munching on popcorn, and it’s been very busy all day and i just want fifteen damn minutes to myself, so now i’m sitting in an empty classroom listening to magazine and getting caught up on all the vgum/twitter i’ve missed. i haven’t eaten a day because i forgot to grab something on my way out the door this morning, but i only have like fifty dollars in my checking account, so i have to wait til i get home.

    my friends’ band that i’m doing design stuff for aren’t answering my emails about it, so i’m no longer concerned about the (soft) deadline they’ve set for it. you’ll get it when you get it, ding dongs.

  24. Today was ok! I taught my second set of classes, and the kids were pretty nice to me! (except for that third class. Those kids are ingrates. I hope they fail (no, not really) ). And manners and flanny came over to celebrate the season finale of Under the Dome. Together. Like a Family.

    This semester is going to kick my ass and I have a cold this week. Boo.

  25. I bought a Powerball ticket this afternoon, because I am officially my mother. But I told cassie and gnidrah that if I won I would fly cassie and myself out to London and buy the three of us VIP tix to the 1D show at Wembley in June. (Also other boring, practical stuff.) Wish me luck!!!

    In the ongoing Flanny saga, the job in Cleveland got posted yesterday and my former boss forwarded it to me and said they at least want to give me a phone interview but that I still need to apply as a formality. So I’m going to craft a baller cover letter Friday and apply for real on Sunday. Oh man! Sometimes I’m like, “Uuh, Cleveland, for real???” And then two seconds later I’m like, “YEAH, CLEVELAND!!!” #itscomplicated #coats

    • Don’t leave me!!!

    • I love this gif because left and middle did the same finale move and I bet they were really embarrassed about it later, and the handsome one was going to do something spectacular I bet but then chickened out and just did a thumbs up at the end and every night lays awake thinking to himself “UGH, why didn’t I just go for it??!” because that’s the biggest wasted opportunity of his young, charmed life thus far…

  26. Today was my company’s state of the union/outing, where we’re all supposed to bond and such. Except I ended up feeling miserable. Then I the waiter at the restaurant refilled our glasses too quickly, so I got too drunk. I ended up being sad drunk at my table for like 45 minutes because it was raining outside and the only way to escape was past the CEO, which meant I couldn’t leave.

    So I got home and ate a burrito, which made me feel betterish. I’m just going to pass out and pretend I was totally fine when I go to work tomorrow.

    Who’s excited for the weekend?

  27. I have posted another “How Did My Day Go, and Why?” update on my journal. It can be accessed by clicking here: There. See?

    If you do not wish to click on the link, I can summarize my day: it could have gone better. As is the case with all days. But I was not struck by a flying stone spit from the interstellar void! So it could have gone worse.

  28. Yesterday and today are okay.
    I found a new placed to eat my lunch. I really don’t like Manhattan because I can’t find a place a) with trees and water outside of Central Park that is b) not full of people or tourists. However I found a secluded spot with a fountain and trees so I am happy. Yesterday I spent like half an hour watching the starlings and sparrows bathe while I had my afternoon coffee. The loud water noises helped to at least temporarily calm my body as I’ve been plagued with a thousand thoughts concerning my immediate and distant future.
    I went for a walk at dusk with my mom which was nice and later had pizza. I didn’t see any rabbits or bats in the park which was a killjoy, but I haven’t been there all summer which is a welcome change of pace. People from many outside neighborhoods come to the park every summer and trash it. Once we found a huge dead turtle someone fished out of the lake and left in the running track to die. This year I knew I would get angry at humanity yet again so I stayed away from the park the whole summer.
    I love that autumn is coming. :) I love the cool weather and autumn activities.

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