“Aw, come on, winter danger?” you think. “Sure, you don’t want to slip on sidewalk ice on your way to work, but otherwise there’s a lot of fun to be had during the wintertime!” you say, strolling onto a frozen lake. “Like jumping into snow piles. What’s dangerous about that? Just a fun, fluffy snow pile that you can’t see the bottom of and that might be icy or just normal not-soft, because snow isn’t really that soft, especially when it’s in a big pile,” you shout as you pick up your sledgehammer and wave your other friend onto the ice with you. “And this game we play, where we stand on a frozen lake with our friend and take turns hitting the area in which they’re standing with a sledgehammer, to see who’s ice area will break first so they fall into the lake? It is just classic! Classic fun. You can’t have fun like this in the summer, winter, or fall. This is all winter, baby. Winter fun. Falling into a frozen lake,” you say, right before YOU FALL INTO A FROZEN LAKE.


Think once. Think twice. Think BE CAREFUL IN THE WINTERTIME, A LOT OF DANGER AWAITS YOU! (Via Cheezburger.)

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  1. Between bugs in warm weather and ice in the winter, I don’t know how Kelly manages to operate.

  2. Did these people not see Little Women or It’s A Wonderful Life? Falling into frozen water is no joke! Although it is recommended if you want your older sibling to prove how much they love you, I guess.

  3. “Winter is coming.” -Kelly Conaboy

  4. I once fell through ice as a child (no sledgehammers involved) and it was the most surprised feeling I think I could ever have.

  5. This feels like it could have been a video game from the early 80s – one that came free with something.

  6. GUYS you can play this game and not have to maybe get hypothermia

  7. *sigh* how did I just KNOW those accents would be British…? I’m sorry about my people, guys.

  8. “Alright, now this time, whoever falls through the ice and gets wet also has to climb out of the lake and take off their pants and underwear.”

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